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I love the HD650 sound; however, really want to Experience the HD800s.  I think I will keep my HD650s.......
I can't wait to get the HD800s!  I'm just very curious how synergy will be with my source/amp setup in my signature.....
Gotcha.  I have considered the Woo Audio WA3 for my amplifier to replace the M-Stage (trying to keep the same footprint to fit on my desk).    Though, some say that solid state amps seem to synergize better with the HD800s...?   I've wanted to give Tubes a try, though. . . 
Getting HD800s within the next couple of months, and am curious as to what to expect with my current source/amp setup in my signature.   Also, to any HD800 owners who also have (or had HD650s): In your opinion, do you think I'll end up keeping the HD650s for certain music, or will the HD800s be the "do-it-all"?   Thanks, -I3
Time to Upgrade!!!   Looking for a nice Amplifier to synergize nicely with my Sennheiser HD650s, and soon to be HD800s.   Suggestions?   Budget......let's say....$500?   -I3
Highly recommend the M6s.  Great workout headphones, and not too shabby sound, either!!   Thanks again for the recommendation! 
Ordered the MEElectronics M6, great reviews on them.  Thanks for the advice!
Home setup in sig.    I have a set of Klipsch S4s lying around that I have been using at the gym.   Two things get on my nerves about them:   When I'm running or even jogging for that matter, they:      1) Fall out, or lose seal, no matter which tips I use      2) I can hear my strides as *thud* *thud* *thud* every time my feet hit the ground   SQ wise, these are fine for the purpose of working out.   I've HONESTLY (and never thought I would say...
Hi!   I have a Matrix M-Stage amplifier (black version) with a Musical Fidelity V-Link (black version) and Musical Fidelity V-DAC (black version).     Would be a great way to completely revamp your computer as source listening setup; I know it revolutionized mine.   If interested in any of these components, let me know!  (PM preferred)
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