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...It sounds the same as 3.2...
Yea my MA900 goes very loud. Wats ur source?
They simply are.
+1  More of my artwork is showing up too.
Har Har
I personally would just stick with the MA750i and get something for home use (since portable cans can be a little large), but my recommendations go in this order:ES FC300: very enjoyable sound signature, very well suited for any genre of music, boosted bass, bright soundingV-Moda M100: like the ATH WS99, just a little less balancedATH WS99: ton of bass, dark sounding (not the best isolation)Sennheiser Momentum: Built very well isolate well look great, sound nice (but...
You should review the ES FC300.  I prefer them the most.  
But do they sound as good?
Interesting.  The Mikros sounded better to me by a small margin.  The Mikros' detail is ridiculous, but I don't think I've enjoyed a headphone as much as I've enjoyed the FC300.  Well, outside of the house.  The MA900 isn't going anywhere.
What cans are you using?
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