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From brief listenings between the AD900x, MA900, and DT880 (250ohm) (have had for 2 days): Comfort: MA900 >= DT880 > AD900X The MA900 feels like nothing is on your head, the DT880 feels about as comfortable, and you can shake your head without the headphones shaking. They can just get a little warm. The AD900x is overall comfortable, but the fit feels just a tad weird. Open headphones are generally comfortable though (besides Grados and K701). Sound Takes a lot longer...
Alrighty then. For the record, I'll be using the Fiio E10K to power them.I will say for now that soound-wise, the AD900X is my favorite.
Got some DT880s and some AD900x's here if anyone's interested in a comparison.
Youre crazy people.
Have any of you guys heard One OK Rock's new album?!
How do they sound?
If anyone wants a patch on the connector issue, I put rubber grommets around the connector and no long have connection problems.
Whoa that looks damn good!
Id say small upgrade. The Ad900x is much closer to the Ma900 as opposed to the a900x.
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