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I store them in other players. Keep one in my Clip Zip, one in my phone, one in my X3.
I'd look into:   UE6000 Martin Logan Mikros 90 (fantastic sound!) QC15
Definitely extremely easy.  No loading time really.
Looks great! I'd be interested in these. These lower priced portables coming out are stealing the show.
I haven't heard the MK2. I'd recommend the ES FC300. They're easily better than the ATH M50 in all aspects. The WS99 is good, but it is discontinued. Not as good as the FC300 IMO. Under $300, I have pretty standard recommendations: Martin Logan Mikros 90: great audiophile can, more accurate than anything I've heard. Great isolation. Best closed can I've heard. Pretty neutral. ES FC300: Great can with a U shaped signature. KEF M500: somewhat neutral can, also a...
DO NOT get the SR225i if comfort is a concern. I'd point you towards: Sony MDR MA900 Fidelio X1 DT880 250 ohm w/fiio e11 or e12 HD598 with e11 or e12 They're all great. They're all pretty much equally comfortable, but in different ways.
I have no idea how I forgot the UE6000.
I wouldn't get the HD280 if you had a problem with the M30. I recommend: Creative Aurvana Live! ES FC300 Martin Logan Mikros 90 Haven't heard the CAL! but people sure do like them. The Mikros and FC300 are in another league compared to cans under $200.
I'd recommend the ES FC300. My second favorite closed can under $350. Nice bass, good balance, nice treble balance, good detail. They isolate slightly better than the 1r.
Ill add that the Solos sound...more ambient. Slightly larger soundstage
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