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Dat MA900 fever!
I rarely ever have problems with my Fiio X3.  It might freeze once in a while but the reset button works, and with these updates, we have a great product.  I come to this thread and all I see are people complaining.  
Yea they sound better but the comfort is almost unbearable.
Perhaps the material.
The sound is very good... tempted to re buy them again (the 3rd time) to replace my Mikros.  The Mikros is just too uncomfortable.  Lookin for IEMs though.
Different sounds, though not a huge upgrade. I prefer the FC300 but the dt770 is more comfortable and built better. If you have a good amp and only use them for home, then go with the DT770. If you want to use something portable, go with the FC300.
All I listen to is J-Rock/Pop.  Anime OST kind of stuff.  I'd personally go with the X1 or MDR MA900, but the others aren't far behind.  The X1 is the more bassy of the two.  (currently, like right now)
Sounds good to me.  Finally the art isn't cut off!
Xie xie!
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