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I look forward to it.
Email Martin Logan, they should give you new ones.
Yeah I agree. They sound great as a whole and would be made perfect with just a little more bass extension.
Stop modding them! They're basically all machine at this point .
Yeah, dont get the momentums, too uncomfortable.  I'd go for the B&O H6, or NAD Viso HP50.  Comfortable, portable, and stylish.
Just curious.
Which Firmware are you running?
Yea, that's gotta change.  I found that you miss a ton of sound quality by the bitrate of your mp3s, the quality of your recordings (a HUGE factor) and your source and amp. Hip hop isn't going to give you great recordings so... try to get all of your files to 320 kbps (quite fine, no need for FLAC), buy a good source (I'd get a Fiio X1 or Fiio X3, or Fiio X5), and if you have extra money ($150-200 extra), then buy headphones.
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