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wtf the DT770's (250 ohm) are $165 new from trusted seller on amazon.. and DT880 250 ohm is $240 new with free shipping
I might just get the M50's and upgrade later in the future when my ears are more trained to sound because i've never heard headphones over $10.   what u think ppl?
  yes sir
  dont have any CD's all i have is my phone with 320kbps MP3's
  I do... I'm just saying because you mentioned haggling..
  even if i haggle it will still be cheaper on amazon
    omg never knew there was a audio technica in westfield!! next time i go to a westfield ill audition the M50's if they let me just to see how they sound.   that castle hill store is expensive as **** $650 for D2000's.
  a 50 hour drive will cost as much in petrol as the actual headphones... Perth is about 3900 KM from where i live. My car uses on average 10 Liters of petrol every 100Km's and petrol is around $1.35 a liter in Australia. figure out the cost of that...
  lol thats not my point. My point is that Perth is a 50 hour drive from where i live.
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