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I have a problem with my amplifier. I bought this here (http://www.amazon.com/Pyle-PTAU45-Stereo-Amplifier-Inputs/dp/B003OELGGG/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top) to power my subwoofer and it was working wonderfully. Except the 2nd time I started the entire system up it refuses to work. Without any inputs connected it will play a scratchy throaty (almost grinding) sound and the display makes it look like it is trying to output max power regardless of the volume settings. If there...
I have a Fiio E7 and was thinking of buying the L7 (a$10) attachment which would give me line-out  
Yeah I am, and I am searching but am not having much luck. BUT would that work? One of the major issues is am not 100% sure on how all the audio gear works   Edit: A lot of the receivers on there are still out of my budget or won't take line 3.5mm. Remember I already have the Fiio E7 so it costs like $10 to get the L7 to give it line-out 3.5mm
Ok so I have never built any type of home theater system before. Right now I am looking to get a basic 2.1 setup going. I think I know which parts I want but am not exactly sure how everything works. For instance, not really sure how to use this amp/crossover.   http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-803   I am assuming that I would have 2 RCA jacks carrying all the data for my music plugged into the RCA inputs for L/R, I set the crossover to...
Hey all I am currently trying to figure out what I should do to get my speakers working- it seems that so much equipment is very specific about what it is compatible with. I am looking to get something similar to this   USB DAC > Amp/cross over for my sub (at least 250w RMS into the sub) > Amp for speakers (at least 75w RMS) > Bookshelf speakers                                                                                        Any suggestions on potential...
I was wondering if the Fiio E7 would be suitable as DAC/PreAmp for a desktop setup with more powerful amps. If so I would be running the output from the headphone jacks into the input of the amp that would drive my speakers.
Also what is wrong with a 250watt amp? From what I've read it is advised do have a amp that can provide 10-20% MORE power than what the speaker's MAX power is.  
So I would need something LIKE this http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-773? except with an output between 40-75 watts and another for between 120-240 watts?   Or a plate amp that is between 120-240watts that feeds a low level output into a smaller amp to power the bookshelf speakers?
So will I need to perform a cross over and THEN have 2 more amplifiers? (One for the bookshelf speakers, one for the subwoofer)  
I have been doing a bit of research and I think I have found a setup that will work but I just wanted to check with some other people to make sure I wasn't missing/overlooking anything.   I have a lap top without any line out so I will be using a Fiio E7 that I already have (http://www.fiio.com.cn/product/index.aspx?ID=28&MenuID=020301) as my DAC/Preamp (its plugs into the laptop via usb). Now for what I haven't bought. I will take the output from my E7 and run it...
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