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 That looks pretty good, I'll definitely check that out. Thanks for the suggestion!
Budget: $85 or so.   Source: PC, powered by Onkyo AVR   Isolation: I'd like some isolation. Doesn't have to be total but tones down the ambient noise.   Preferred type: Full size/over ear.   Tonal balance: I tend to lean towards balanced/neutral but something a little more fun wouldn't be unwelcome.   Past headphones: HD 598s (loved them), HD600 (a bit bass light and had a small sounding soundstage but amazing mids and tonality), DT770s (recessed mids but amazing...
I'm getting a pair of Samson SR950s soon but my only concern is the stock pads might not be the ideal fit for me.   Based on what I've read, even with the added cost of replacement pads they're still a great deal.   Has anyone used those with the HM5 pleathers or hybrid pads?
Interesting about the Fostex replacement. Curious to see how the new one stacks up.
Thanks for clarifying; the HE-400s' are looking really interesting to me and might be my next headphone. Is there a big difference between the two Focuspads material-wise?
I'm looking on Hifiman's store; are the pads you used the Focuspads or Focuspads-A? Thanks :)
Hey guys, just got the A900Xs and am loving them. Great sound and the fit is pretty good.   I'd like to replace the pads and I've been looking at W5000 pads on ebay. That real leather looks super tempting but has anyone here tried that combo? I wouldn't want to order them unless it was guaranteed they'd fit.
 Thanks for the reply! I'll try the bass boost on the sound card I plan on getting (Creative Soundblaster Z) and see how that goes.
Hey guys,   I've been absolutely loving my HD 598s. The only thing I'd like is a little more bass. How well do these respond to equalization? What frequencies for how many dbs should I fiddle with to kick the bass up a notch?   Sorry if that's a broad question but I'm new to actually equalizing.
Awesome guide, I've been enjoying my HD 598s very much.
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