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Hey guys, just got the A900Xs and am loving them. Great sound and the fit is pretty good.   I'd like to replace the pads and I've been looking at W5000 pads on ebay. That real leather looks super tempting but has anyone here tried that combo? I wouldn't want to order them unless it was guaranteed they'd fit.
 Thanks for the reply! I'll try the bass boost on the sound card I plan on getting (Creative Soundblaster Z) and see how that goes.
Hey guys,   I've been absolutely loving my HD 598s. The only thing I'd like is a little more bass. How well do these respond to equalization? What frequencies for how many dbs should I fiddle with to kick the bass up a notch?   Sorry if that's a broad question but I'm new to actually equalizing.
Awesome guide, I've been enjoying my HD 598s very much.
Superlux HD 681 Evo: The stock cable is pretty standard. I do like how it connects to a little cable dongle rather than plugging straight into the headphone. It's a nice safety measure if you trip the cable.   Sennheiser HD 598: The stock cable with the adapter on the end is ridiculous. Thankfully you can get a replacement cable now from either Ebay or Sennheiser's web store which fixes that up nicely.
I replaced the stock pads with the included velour pads and maybe it's just me but do you get a little less bass rumble with the velour pads?
So I got the 681 Evo. Liking it so far, eager to see how it sounds once it's burnt in. I'd like to replace the ear pads with the extra velour ones that came with them. What's the best way to remove the current ones and pop the new ones on? Just want to make sure I do it correctly.
Hey guys,   So I'm looking to get a budget pair of headphones and one of the Superluxes seems right up my alley. The 681B sounds the best to me but I can't seem to find them online. Amazon just has the Superlux 681 (has the red accents), Superlux 668B, and the black & white models of the 681 Evo. These would be driven by a Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 2 and the onboard audio of my AsRock H77m-itx motherboard (some sort of Realtek chip I believe)   Out of these available, what...
I use the CM Storm Xornet and for a budget mouse it really does the job. A decent selection of DPI choices, some extra buttons and it really conforms to my style of grip. You can't beat it for the price.
I'm rather excited for the PS4. Not only for it's internals and future game catalog but also Sony's attitude to date. It seems they've taken the mistakes of the PS3 (Though I do love that as well) and that generation to heart and are really working to improve.
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