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Thanks for your help! So even though the manual says "The Left/Right Front Out ports have a built-in high quality amplifier to drive headphones"? I shouldn't worry about any quality loss from double amping?
I re-reviewed the manual and, in fact, under the section on how to connect speakers, it says the RCA outs are indeed amplified.    Thanks for the reply, but if you're going to give me the "read the manual" (which I had done, I just skipped the speakers part since I wasn't connecting speakers) the least you could do is have read it yourself. =/
I just bought an Asgard 2 to go along with my Xonar STX. I was expecting if I plugged the Asgard into the Xonar, the only volume control would be via the asgard. But I can also control it via the computer. Am I double amping? Google searches have not helped me determine whether the RCA outputs are in fact preamps or not. 
HD 598 have been my go to headphone for a year. HD 650 is coming in the mail today. I've also got an order in for an Asgard 2, so I'm going to reserve judgement on the 650 until I get that.   OP, if its soundstage you're looking for, the AKG Q701 is incredible from that standpoint. It lacks the bass I want and, at least with my current amping solutions, the vocals seem a little recessed. But for soundstage and acoustic/classical music, it is very good. 
I know the Q701 have an impedance of only 62 ohms, but the normal gain setting on the STX just doesn't cut it for me. I can crank the volume to 100% and it still sounds a bit weak. On the high gain setting, 30% is uncomfortable loud. Is it just a bad amp match? I didn't have this problem with the Fiio E9, which from what I've read is about equivalent to the STX amp.    Sennheiser HD 598 gets uncomfortably loud around 50% volume normal gain, and ATH M50 doesn't go...
To be clear, I don't use the e9 with the STX, as I've read that the amplifier on the STX is plenty capable. I use the E9 with my other computer. 
I have a Sennheiser PC 360 headset that has volume control integrated into the right ear cup. I also have a Fiio E9 external amp (for my MacBook Pro), and my desktop has a Xonar Essence STX. My question is, which is better to control volume with? I've just been setting the PC 360 to half volume and then using the STX or e9 to control volume, as I figure a dedicated amp would do a better job.    Is this the right way to do it, or could I be doing something better?
So I mostly listen to more laid back music, like Ben Folds, Elliott Smith, The Shins, etc. For this type of music, I have the HD 598 and the Q701. Sometimes though, I want something a little harder. So I go to Rage and other metal bands my brother is trying to get me in to. As versatile as the 598s are, they do leave a bit to be desired in this genre. I do have a pair of ATH M50. Do you think they do the genre justice, or is there another set of cans I should look into...
Yea, the 598 doesn't even need an amp. Of course it sounds a bit more full with one but its fine alone. Would the Q701 sound better plugged into a Denon A/V receiver?
If its the best for tis price, the LD MKIV would likely be squarely in my price range come Christmas. Should I order it early? It looks like the kind of thing that would become hard to find around the holidays. 
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