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It's good for you
Ya velour is the ****And also once you get a little more burn in going. Eq the 16khz down about 5.3 db and the 6.3khz down 3-5 db and the bass really comes out
I can only comment on the he400, it sounds amazing!!! It warms things up nicely. Opposed to my asg 2 which is a more clinical and more of a dark background with tighter, more translucent bass.
63.3lbs 70.05lbs 100lbs
In my opinion I would have to say that tube amps are much more enjoyable than solid state for the he400, to my ears it can be quite picky with amplification
Go for the modi vali combo
^its not funny
DIY occ copper ground and hybrid peptide silver re cable Plasti dipped modi and vali Custom headphone stand Loving this setup
I have the magni and the vali and the vali takes the cake, as another said in this forum I can gush enough about it, although it could have a little more power, I would recommend it over just about anything in that price range for the he400
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