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 I think part of the problem with it is that for some reason I dont even get that rumble or any sort of feeling from the IEM, the bass is entirely heard and not felt from my pair at least which is why I am starting to think they might be a problem with them being faked/defective. From all of the reviews I've read and videos I've seen (most recently the new video that Linus put out over the IE80's) is that the bass from the IE80's defiantly is felt and mine just don't have...
So I just got done doing the seal test as recommended on the last page of comments and everything seemed fine, no real difference in loudness of the tones, maybe the 500 tone was just a tad louder but if it was only by a hair hardly more noticeable although I still feel the right ear bud is a bit awkward feeling in my ear compared to the left (very puzzled as to why and has become seriously annoying trying to figure out why). I know someone said to try comply foam but im...
I'm not sure if they are fake or not, I did buy them straight from Amazon themselves though (Not through a third party retailer). I'll do the fit test and see how it goes (I've been inserting them right, but maybe the stock tips just don't fit well). 
Hey guys.. I bought my IE80's about a week ago and have since run into some really weird experiences with them. Firstly, I bought these IEM's on the main idea that they were a bass heavy IEM but everything about mine screams the opposite no matter what I do. Powered from my Galaxy S4 I dont get any bass impact at all, power from a Fiio E10 with Bass boost, low gain and volume dial set to around 4 I still get very little punch from these IEM's. I can crank it up more but...   Heres the link to the Westone 3
I don't know personally because I never really go onto NCIX but if I recall correctly from what I do know about them they check their stock and refresh the available numbers every hour versus what has been ordered. 
Yea..I really wish it was through someone like amazon personally because I am actively seeking to buy a pair but as a consumer I have to have a return policy as a safety net.
IE 80 through NCIX US (I know canada had the same deal not to long ago). $200
So a few days ago I was pretty much convinced I was going to buy the TF10's but decided not to because I would have to right off the back probably have to buy a replacement cable. That led my toward the IE80's and I am almost at the same stage with them as I am with the TF10's. Just wanted to ask a few questions about them first.   Obviously a replaceable cable is great in case the cable every breaks but how long can you expect the IEM itself to last? A lot of the reason...
Bump, hoping to get some more opinions on this.
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