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I don't know if anyone here can help with this but I figured it was worth a shot. I use an android app called Noozxoide Eizo rewire E and I have a problem because I get static noise with any audio when the program is turned on.   Another problem is that the effects seem to stop working after my phone has been turned on for a while. It's weird because the app will say that it is still say that it's working but nothing I do in app changes the sound.   Thanks ahead for...
I lost my pair of IEMs recently so I need a new pair. None IEMs are good too if they're portable enough. Here's my criteria:   Must be < $55 Good for travel (sound isolation and durability) Non-muddy, punchy bass that doesn't leak into mids Mids and highs that sound full but also clear Must be good for electronic and rock music. I'll give a link to my account if you need to know the type of music I listen to, ( )   I've got... Here's a start. We Love Fine also sells some shirts with pictures of ponies in headphones fyi.
    This makes me wonder what this would look like to the naked eye.
    A video released on Youtube recently show what happens when water is being run through a speaker that's playing a 24 hz sine wave very loudly. The result is really interesting. I mostly just posted this to share because I thought that it would interest you guys but if someone would care to explain exactly how this happens that would be cool. :)
      I've checked mane6's website recently. They're going to continue making the game but with new characters designed by Lauren Faust. It's pretty neat that we'll get a fighting game with new characters from Faust, but hopefully we'll also get a moded version with ponies.       Happy post-Derpy Day!  
Look at all this awesome stuff that I can't afford! :D   Those Ultrasones look pretty handsome by the way. The amps look nice too. I could use an amp like one of those. Right now I still just use the Fiio e6. :)
Sooo... What do you guys think of Hasbro closing down the "Fighting is Magic" project?
That sounds good... except for the power part. Has anyone actually tested them with android yet?
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