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I found ONE site that lists the Dunu Trident; the site looks quite shabby but I might as well try it out if they're that great.   Just for confirmation: are they the same ones?
There'll be import duty and shipping charges - I'm afraid I can't afford that. My budget is quite limited: ~ $50 at max. And that's already more than 10% of my monthly income.
Sigh - same response - nothing available here :(
  Checked in all the shops I know (even eBay) - those specific JVCs aren't available anywhere in India.
  I read somewhere that the mic works only with the iPhone (due to the difference in ground and live wiring or something), and the jack may not work with other phones/players. I think I'm being pulled away from SoundMagic again :|
  Hmm, that's some food for thought. Have you tried the other two any time? Direct comparison by one person is best, but I'm not sure if such a person exists and is willing to look through such threads :P
Ah, finally someone does agree (about PL21s)! In fact I was sceptical about the SoundMagic hype, and these were the first I'd heard, so I was pushed further away from trusting SM.   Out here the E10s aren't actually available, but the E10Ms are, for about... (calculating exchange rate)... roughly $36.   Also - aren't they extremely fragile? The pictures and reviews certainly don't build any confidence. I lost my Sennheiser CX 180s to the "loose connection jack"...
I'm a blues/rock guitarist and mostly listen to stuff like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Rush, Guthrei Govan, etc: everything has a lot of guitars, bass, drums in it; and I dislike electronic sound/equipment, and even reproduction of sound that sounds "fake". Unfortunately I earn peanuts and can barely spare any money to buy a pair of nice warm (and slightly bassy) IEMs.   Currently own Ultimate Ears 200, of which I like the clarity and sound-stage, and capability to not...
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