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^Crazy like a fox!!! Too bad that OnePlus seems like some overhyped phone with some not so inspired design. Was hoping for a game changer but meh at this point, 2 mo' days till release though with "invite" only purchase option. SMH while LMAO  And what in the hell is up with the hype with Blox earbuds??? I can't wear earbuds for the lyfe of me, so are they REALLY as amazing as others make them out to be or is it great compared to other "earbuds" which sadly there isn't...
Alright you mofos, we have FINALLY got ourselves the end all be all gear right herrrr!!!  [[SPOILER]] A TRUE GIANT/ FLAGSHIP KILLA' wrapped in one lil' neat discreet package. It's FINALLY HERE!!! THE HYPE IS REAL!!!
 + +^It seems from what lil' impressions i have read on those Oppa cans are middle of the road, almost a jack of all trades kinda' thing that isn't really pushing any envelops.... Not that that is a bad thing per se but still would make if more worthwhile to get if peps are gonna spend like $1K on it. It's probably the same as the new AKG flagship, good but nothin' revolutionary or evolutionary beside that both are easy to drive and are VERY light and comfy???   +^T500RP...
^nah nothin' special, just flippin' ya'll a bird is alls. ;) [[SPOILER]]
^Something that you should be afraid VERY AFRAID....... [[SPOILER]]
 + +^ [[SPOILER]]
 + +^Why sure..... [[SPOILER]] .... :)
^You photos are great keep them flowin' and experimenting. :) The housing of these MH1/Cs being so small is gonna take some skittles to get a good soldering into them for sure. But i am sure you can handle it. : P
^1st of all experience IS everything for EVERYTHING in the world not just the audio world. Before these Logans 90s, i have no freaken idea who the Fff Logan Martin is, and i still don't tbh, nor care to look them up. haha Secondly "headphones" as in they made more than one set of cans is incorrect since it seems these Logans will be the only one they will ever make from the looks of it, so no idea where that mofo is getting this facts from. 3rd hifi like most electronic...
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