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^Coast....... Damn need to check these doods out fo' sho.  LoL, Okasian needs to get the Fff out with his lame arse sing songy rappy 'ish. He is using that wayyy too much these days. Not even good at it smh.... otherwise a solid effort, for G2 and esp. Palto Alto as always.
2016 off to a great start boi!!!   ........... ((((((((d ^ .^b))))))))   Happy New Years everyone.
^Who the Fff is Lil Dicky??? O.O Dat OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD SCHOOL FLAVA'!!!   LoL..... Man this fool is on fyre of late, random arse collab MVs pops outta nowhere.... damnnn DJ Wegun beats are nice!!!
Promoe is back in solo boi!!!
Great review.
Random arse stumble while checkin' out new Drake/Future tracks.....     This guy is on some MLX/Black Muslim 'ish it seems haha if you are into that type of content.  Great track though.
^It pains me to say, as big of a Logic fan that i am this album is only alright. The skits were not very important to the overall feel/ the content and is skippable for me. BUT SADLY MOST OF THOSE SKITS ARE INTEGRATED INTO THE SONGS!!! GRRRR. I just hate it when artists does that cuz it makes somewhat good/great stand alone songs sound just annoying.  Some topics/themes are getting stale like the black/white race issue cuz it has been mentioned many times in his previous...
Hyped!!!   Bonus!!!
^You have NO idea.........
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