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^Shhhh it's a "trade" secret. Plus i ain't on Zelda's shillin' level yet. : P Am not worthy compared to the MIGHTY Z!!!
^Phat as in price ya' mean. HE HE HE
 +^i see but that flat cable is wayyy too fat and can be very microphonic so...... the softer cables on the 7 and 8 sounds nice but is probably still hella fat. haha Man the Titan1 hype is STRONG even their cable gets hyped. haha : P
^ Got these in but haven't listen to them as much as i should. Pretty impressive outta' the box.............. for some earbuds. Esp. their bass quantity/ quality.   But i am still biased against 'em though since i am mo' of an IEM guy and buds just don't do deep/textured/visceral bass justice. : P
^ Ding it, why isn't the new ATH detachable cable connectors the new standard to ALL detachable IEMs. Seems soooo sweet/effortless and reliable. Me want mo' on expensive gears not just ATHs!!!
^ If only Final Audio updates their flat cables with a more premium feel/look to them. Besides their high price, that is the only other thing that is holding them back cuz their sound is on point. I would probably have bought Dannys Haven V's if their cable was more like Sony flat cables in their XBA lineup.   If they are gonna charge a premium for their gears i want everything to be premium in quality as well. :  )
^Tell me about it.   
^Da' JVC Woodies flagships are grander in scale, with better timbre and resolution. A step up above the VSD5's but the 5's can hang with them no problem. Mo' to come since i gots the Fidue flagship as well as the Elecom, Zero Audio Duozu, havi b1 pro version 1, etc etc in. If the Fidue flagship fits like the VSD5 i would buy them in a heart beat, but the Havi pro 1s are damn nice. On par with the Ostry KC06 but with a more BA type of quality to their presentation.
^Guess us Chinamengs gets free shipping, so that'll be only $150 for me then for dem woodies. hoho  
^  [[SPOILER]]
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