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Run The Jewels 2 is now free for DL!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!   Get it while it's hot. Just for making it free, it's already worth my purchase of the album. : P   Had no idea it was gonna be free as it was with their 1st release. haha <3 them for that though. :  )
^i'll have something to say about them when they come in for an audition from a mini tour............................ soon.  But if you are gonna pay their nutso $250 retail price for them nah don't do it. All the TOTL flatter hyped gears are good but it ain't as AMAZEBALLZ_UCE as they make them out to be tbh. Flatters will be flatters, they like dead boring music so.... : P For $100 to $150 is what those Rockets should cost retail at least for me so. Can't see myself...
^LMAO those??? Nah they ain't even remotely close to hype worthy material knowing what Senni typically brings...... meh. Although $100 they are worth checking out, but i bet dem Chinese cheapos blows them outta' the water.  ^SAY WHAT???!!! You have been slooting it out in some USED CAR forum, sigh. D'YAM just thinking about me makes me feel dirty. ;) Welp ain't no better place to start your new hype purchase than this thread. :  ) I bring you the real 'ish RAW and...
^Neither do i..... oh and speaking of anti hype those new RHA T10s and the Fostex TH500RPs. LMAO Not even for sale and the hype on dem already dead due to the lackluster impressions.... welp at least for me cuz they seem to be so MEH performance/ signature wise so far.  ^Dood you still alive??? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? Thought you threw in the towel already. haha : P  [[SPOILER]]
^All hype is crazy anti or otherwise. : P But is it crazy real or crazy crazy is the key. So who do you believe??? ;)
^Do i look like i am made of cabbages??? Ain't buying all that 'ish i ain't heard of you crazy Kami. Need to buy some Korean Hip Hop albums tbh. ... one of my favs from the album. :  )
 + + +^.... unlocked, now back to the regular scheduled hype program.....   DAT Sony XBA-Z5 HYPE boi!!!   +  +  + 
^Logic Album purchased as well as new Run The Jewels 2. hoho We eating REAL GUD!!! Oh schiit and new Big K.R.I.T as well soon.... 'ish is gonna be FYRE!!!
^Since those ears of yours as well as ours suffers from FOTM ADHD syndrome anyways mind as well keep them distracted by cheapos so the nutso TOTL FOTM iems drops in prices when they go outta' flovor then go in for the killin' to save some killa' bucks. Best to ride the hype train for the long haul to see if things are truly as good/great as it's made out to be anyways. Somewhere this logic is deeply flawed but hey it works for me.
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