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 + +^Why sure..... [[SPOILER]] .... :)
^You photos are great keep them flowin' and experimenting. :) The housing of these MH1/Cs being so small is gonna take some skittles to get a good soldering into them for sure. But i am sure you can handle it. : P
^1st of all experience IS everything for EVERYTHING in the world not just the audio world. Before these Logans 90s, i have no freaken idea who the Fff Logan Martin is, and i still don't tbh, nor care to look them up. haha Secondly "headphones" as in they made more than one set of cans is incorrect since it seems these Logans will be the only one they will ever make from the looks of it, so no idea where that mofo is getting this facts from. 3rd hifi like most electronic...
 +^Oh snap!!! Amazing work meng!!!  Sure looks A LOT better than the ear piece from yesterday. LMAO Now we are finally cooking. WOOT WOOT!!! Lookin' sexcee there, keep at it. Feel free to destroy another set if need be.   IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE WHY OF COURSE.  
^me thinks lots of mofos still believe these are FOTM material. HA!!! The jokes on those clowns.  Yeppp same here my portables lust is officially over cuz of these. Will pick up other cans if i only can find them for dirt cheap but have no need for others tbh. Happy as a clam with these Logans. :)
^i ain't mean, i is just nasty....... with Da' Troof that is.   [[SPOILER]]
^LoL were you ever gone???  Too bad we have already move on from these Logans longggggggggg ago meng. LATE!!!  Go catch the next hype boi!!!
^ Muahahahahahahahahahahaha ... most exxxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent.
^meh why does this not surprise me whatsoever, ya'll are from the same family afterall. Mr. jayBIRD. So go support your fam and cop a set of these meng, you know you wanna' bad!!!
^Not as disgusting as...... stupid Ostriches stole all the hype of late.  BEEP BEEP BEEP back dat hype bird up. : P
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