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^ ..... i need a minute right now. This bunny is confused.  [[SPOILER]]  No one can touch Nikki Cox!!! The old Nikki that is.......... except for that horrid plastic surgery GONE TERRA_BAD WRONG!!! T_T
^.....  [[SPOILER]] ... frack, i am confused now.
^Oh schiit, didn't know i was gangsta' like that. Thanks for the compliments meng.  Guess i am now officially Masa' gangsta' trolla' now. hoho ... i meant to say "yo yo". ;) [[SPOILER]] ^... keepin' it REAL gangsta' with it since 2012.
^+1000000000000000000000000 guilty as charged!!!  i try to give my gears like one month tyme to marinate with burn-in and such so........ 'ish is gonna be slow if they don't like it oh well. : P ikr, why would anyone wanna even be remotely affiliated with someone that is a "troll" right??? So RHA is playin' safe and smart, but REALLY it is their lost not mine.  But if anyone want to commit marketing suicide please give this troll a "Chinameng's Chance" and hook me up with...
^LMAO actually i HAVE been lazy even with my trollin' of late.  Too much on your plate can be a bad thing meng, and you are gonna' get PMs from manufacturers to post your reviews ASAP. haha But 1st thing 1st, you get PMs from mofos asking you to compare your gears to others??? LMAO Why do i never get any of those!!!??? [[SPOILER]]
^Nah you just have a condition called "constant drunkenness" ;) Actually you are the few select head-fiers i can actually count on for impressions. YOU SHOULD BE HONORED!!!    ^BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why am i wasting my precious troll tyme talkin' to you then, while i should be shillin' out my troll box to RHA this entire tyme.  But.....^That is what i said to a head-fi buddy of mine regarding that matter, so LET THIS BE A WARNING: YOUR PMs WITH ME WILL BE PUBLICLY SLOOT...
^See somehow i already predicted Kami was gonna post next cuz he is a big DMX fan boi. : P  ^Too preachy!!!
^Then you two better move aside when i post my review up of the S5/R3 take down. CUZ I NEED MY SPACE FOR MA' TROLL DRIVEL!!!    ^nah i tossed all dem headphones for a reason, but your logic is actually VERY flawed, cuz if it was a "turd" no amount of polish would help it due to the fact that better sounding sources will only be THAT much more revealing/demanding so if there is a weakness in the sound of a said gear it will be revealed and only great sounding gears will...
^Those R3 scales amazingly well..... sings oh so sweet off of my X5/C5 combo. :)  ... the Brainwavz S5 on the other hand not so much. :  (
^Great stuff meng, though i actually haven't read the whole thing.  But 1st thing 1st, you ain't Brack???!!! [[SPOILER]]   ^Good stuff Danny, but have you been secretly reading over my notes on the R3/S5 write-up???    ^ehhh what makes YOUR review so important??? Maybe it won't even make the cut and will be auto rejected by head-fi review forum. They have standards you No??? [[SPOILER]]
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