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^LMAO you beat me to it by like a couple of months. : P Should have trolled you earlier about this tbh. But still though only one review after all this tyme???  I WANT MOARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!  Never noticed that JVC FX850 review in your siggy before, but have noticed that "IEM history" of yours, it's just that it's too recent for me to have noticed. ;) [[SPOILER]]
^Sure whateves you say inks.  Just wondering have you written any reviews at all after all these years into this hobby??? Can't really recall tbh. Not trollin' nor joking. 
^these just don't sound "refined" is alls. Bass is decent, mids are decent and treble is decent but in a dry sounding kinda way. Not as smooth more refined as the Sony MH1/C. There is not much texture, lushness, sparkle to their sound. Despite their good bass quantity and emphasis there is not much texture, nor depth to it. The gr07 BEs creams these on all fronts, texture, lushness extension from top to bottom (even fit/seal/ergonomics). The only thing these LGs have over...
^... dats market suicide boi!!!
^nah it ain't even about the "mid bass" but the overall sound. You'll see when you get these in. I got my used set from bhazard meng. We both been on this hype train and quickly hopped off if you knowhatimeng. ;) Those TTPOD T1Es are mo' worthy, you'll see. :  )
^ How about $215 shipped to the US. DEAD SERIOUS!!!
^ehhh sawee it ruin it for ya' but......  Ever wonder why OP chickened out writing a full review on these despite his nutso hype on them???
^Welp that is pretty much what i just posted about them albeit in A LOT less eloquent way.  Good stuff meng!!!  Thought I DO have the urge to rip it outta' my ears when that crispy uppermid range makes my ears ring in a short tyme on my X5/C5 combo. : P OVERLY CRISPY MIDS CAN BE FATIGUING!!!
Back to the X7.... ^Noticed James didn't approve this design of the X7, how about making it more CURVED??? Those pointy edges might not be the most ergonomic (comfortable to hold) so maybe curve the edges to be more like this Meizu M040 concept phone???   It's pretty much similar to the Sony Ericsson Satio....keeping the left side of the player flat just like the X1 would look A LOT better with the volume control buttons similar to the iPhone 4/S. ... to me the left side...
^So how 'bout an audition of dem woodies my way in the meanwhile???  Don't act like you didn't see my post. : P Hurrr hurrr on dem $300s.
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