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^That paring if pretty damn important. But the general rule is to balance out the paring instead of over doin' all the frequencies. edit: oh forgot to mention congrats on those Zero Audio franken bolts as well. I am sure they are as amazing as everyone makes them out to be. Might be able to audition them soon as well. ;)
^Yeppp Yeppp Yeppp. THIS!!!
^ Already ordered my 2nd set of VSD5. hoho   How is THAT for hype???   It's hoarding tyme boi!!!
^Welp tbh i wasn't THAT impressed with these VSD5's initially cuz for some reason it just lacked some PRaT/musicality to me. BUT this all changed recently after i disconnected my Cayin C5 amp from my FiiO X5 and went commando. hoho  What i make of my findings is that these VSD5's are inherently VERY 3D in nature with great headroom/soundstaging/ imaging AS WELL AS TEXTURE (burning them for the past week constantly certainly has opened them up more with better depth and...
^Nah if you think these are harsh/bright/hot at tymes you have no idea what JVC/ATH typical tuning can sound. Now those can be crazy fatiguing/sibilant esp. with the older models. They seems to have improved quite some in recent releases but still it can get annoying. The ATH CKR9's upper peaky mids more troublesome for me than these VSD5's.  These VSD5's really remind me of the Sony H3's for some reason minus their super detailed BA tweeters for the treble, and slightly...
^yeppp pretty much what i am hearing as of now as well. If burn-in changes/refines them more then these are gonna be SUPERBLY SWEET!!!
^Similar, but is better. More soft and malleable/ less springy. I like it more than the VSD3S's, on par/ slightly better than the GR07 BEs due to it being softer.
^Man this sucka' sure has came a longggg way. Germany??? NYC??? Then to SF???  Lenmeurears mofos don't know how to send 'ish direct to ma' hood it seems. LMAO After 20min listen these has got great clarity, micro detailing esp., good air/ staging. Brighter slightly than the VSD3S but don't hear any sibilance issues/peakiness. Sound signature is mo' crunchy/crispy than overly bright/hot. Great balance. Not TOTALLY floored from what i am hearing but damn these are SWEET...
^ VSD5 in da house boi!!!   Complete and total upgrade to the VSD3 on all front. Bigger/bolder sound. Dat soundstage!!!   Ostry KC06 originals has wider staging though. This VSD5 is mo' like the Sony H3 in presentation but a bit brighter. Nice!!!
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