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Just to make sure, if I decide to go with Matte Black, and say pick the Red color shields with a signature/design (whichever I end up going), in addition to my custom shields do I also get a normal pair of matte black shields? 
I don't see anywhere for a chance to include details about the signature (size and location). Once you fill out the info, next step is to simply check out your order 
Good point, I'll hope for the best. Also, I'm thinking about including a signature. What color will the signature be and where would it be placed and how big? I can't find any examples online. 
This is a great reply thanks. Okay so the matte black comes with black shields. If there weren't going to be these extra shields, I was going to go with Brushed black anyways. So might as well customize some shields with cool color. I hope you're telling the truth!! And it sucks the m100 is going to be bigger than the athm50, but at least it will be more stylish. I think I'll go for the m100!!
I'm a little confused on what exactly I'm receiving. There was mention before that there will be extra shields or something which I'm now confused about. If I decide to include a signature, will it appear on the color of the shield I pick?    Also, how much does the m100 weigh?? And in size comparison, will it be bigger/smaller than the ATH-M50? I'm returning my ath-m50 because I found them too big and heavy and the cable too long for my taste. 
By the time people start recieving their PPU's and doing reviews, do you think getting the chance to order a PPU for myself will be too late? As a first legit headphone buyer (my athm50 i got 4 days ago doesn't really count, prob returning) I'm still a little shaky. 
Anyone want to give me ideas on how I can justify my reason in buying a $310 headphone? I would pay with my own money but my parents will still disaprove. I mean they're the ones with the credit card lol.   Also, it is said over and over that there will be extra shields. So the color I pick will of course be one pair of shields. If I decide to enter a signature, will it show up on the colored shield I picked? Also, if I choose to upload a design for a custom shield,...
You're reply made me think about my choice for another hour when I was convinced for the ath-m50! I was still scared of the inconsistent reviews the lp2 got and went for the athm50. Now that I've gotten them the sound is great, but I'm lacking that bass and kick you discussed. Additionally, they are huge on my head and are weighty, again like you said. I will be returning for LP2, or wait for the official m100!! Thanks again
Thanks for your great response, and the others too. I guess I'll cross the beats solo hd out. I'll be going to college soon in a year, and the beats will prob make me feel childish too. I honestly did eeny meeny miny mo to decide between the athm50 and the crossfade lp2, which I hear definitely has more bass than the athm50. I didn't think the athm50 were portable because i found them huge on my small 7 1/8 head, plus the coiled cable is pretty heavy and bulky in my...
For the extra shields thing, there is really no way to tell what the color of the extra shields will be. All you get to do is pick one pair for sure and hope the extra ones aren't the same ones.  Or maybe the custom shields is printed on black, and the extra shields is the color you pick? I'm not sure lol.    But again is there any advantage of ordering the official m-100 than the vtf-100 right now other than waiting for the reviews?
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