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What about the update
Help Head-fi! I know you say beats are crap but just answer my questions. Will the sound quality of beats studio get worse if i use recharchable batteries??? Where the beats studio updated from the 2009 version?
Hello Head-Fiers! So basically this thread is about gathering information about the new AKG headphones produced with co-op of DJ Tiesto. So write down everything you know about them.
Yeah i was actually thinking about v-moda m80 or m100 but do you have any info of the sol republics and do you know when the new akg tiesto come out?
What do you think about sol repiblic
Okay people i give up with the beats! So im buying some headphones and this will be a huge upgrade for me,because before i had only ibuds. im 14yrs old and i love sw@g so i would appreciate some stylish and cool headphones. I listen mostly to rap/hiphop,house,r&b,dubstep and rarely pop so i want loads of bass. I will use my headphones mostly hanging out in public places(mall and the ither places)pumping up before games, going to school(train.buss), in class and at home. I...
I just love the way beats look like! So here is the order of what music genres i listen the most to.1.Rap/Hiphop2.House3.R&B4.Dubstep5.Well sometimes but really rarely PopMY HEADPHONES HAVE TO HAVE STYLE!
Hello Head-Fi! I would like to get some reccomendations since i will be buying headphones soon! Im a 14year old guy and i love music. I also love syle witch my headphones need to have. I listen to rap,hIphop,house,dubstep R&B and rarely pop. My budget is 400e and i like to break **** so i need durable headphones. So basically i want headphones that have sw@g,amazing bass,durability,dont leak too much noise and are comfortable(dont need to be ultra comfortable but thats a...
What are the best beats? Dont decide by looks,because i know that,dont decid buy price because i hvae money.Decide by sound quality,leakege,isolatio and comfortability.
Hello head-fi! I personally love the looks of Beats Pro! I know they arent good and blah blah blah, but those who have had them(or listened) can u give me a honest review about them. I heard tat they have really good sound quality(i love bass), but are really overriced. I love theyre durability and looks! Price is not a problem! Dont come saying that AKG OR AUDIO-TECHNICA, because i will not buy them just give me a honest review of beats!
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