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  FROM EAST TO WEST ((bigheadhifi)) THE BEST   now only i know about Audio Technica Pro700mkII ,, ya beats is expensive but what i can do mor then that ,, i do open thread for ask peaople they say xb700   maby with amp will come batter ,, hmmm   BIG THANX FOR YOU BRO AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
  THANX FOR THE LINK AND YOUR REPLY   yaa someone in my first thread tell me about D2000 but he come after im buying the xb700   but the problem in boomy bass in rap music rap without boomy bass same as Country without a ruler
  ahaaa ok bro   but i told people in my first thread that i want bomy bass and mor bomy and most of them tell me go with xb700   and xb700 like i say before its good headphone and good bass but not like i wich ((u say midbass)) so that what i want ^_^   if i get fiio e10 with xb700 its come mor bass??   in AIMP3 program there is Equalizer but when i put in mor bass the bass come bad .. like a clutter   so maby in amp headphone batter then aimp3Equalizer or winamp...
  thanx bro ,,   i want to listen good rap music ,, 
  maaan color means happy life   i know bro what u mean about that ,, all what i ask before is morr bass in world   see here   BUT.; be careful there is many colors
Hiii   in my first Thread ,, ((what is the best bass headphone))   and most of people say xb700 is batter and mor bass then beats studio..   and now i get the xb700 sony ,, the headphone is good   but for me ,, NO   i dont know if people here hate dre beats or they like dre beats   BUT i say the truth ,, there is no headphone batter then DRE BEATS IN BASS DEEP BASS BOMY BASS ((BoOoOoM BASS)) for rap and hip hop dre beats studio is the...
hmmm & hmmmmm & hmmmmmmm ok   wich Fiio is best for bass boomy deep bass ((sony xb700 & bose q))     use by computer desktop   and THANX
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