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Man, that's a jump!
My guess is the board wasn't 100% final when the Rag was sent to Lee for photography. I don't see any reason not to release photos of the internals, since someone else would likely do it anyway.
  We Will Reign by The Last Internationale   You'd expect the songs by a band with a name like The Last Internationale to touch on revolution and other political themes. What you might not expect, is the hard-rocking tight sound from this trio, that includes Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk. The music includes strands of country and folk, but never veers too far from rock. Lead singer Delia Paz passionate delivery puts love on equal footing with revolution,...
I think the FAQs are getting nuttier--a trend I'd like to see continue. The specs look like they haven't changed at all since they were announced (despite several thousand questions and suggestions)--except for the secret remote control.
The Ragnarok officially debuted on the Schiit website today. The initial units will be distributed as part of a beta program, with general ordering opening up after the beta.  
 I'm pretty sure the headbands are the same for all Audeze models (with the exception of the cushion material). My LCD-X has very little clamping pressure, but the metal band can be bent to loosen the pressure if needed. It seems like there's some variability in manufacturing the headbands, but it can easily be adjusted.
I heard the BMC PureDAC for the first time this weekend and was really impressed. Just listening to the LCD-X with the PureDAC alone--it sounded very good, lots of detail, great imaging, and not a hint of harshness.
I had a chance to directly compare the LCD-X, HE-560, and HE-400i on some very good amps (but not the Red Wine). I like all three headphones, but the LCD-X clearly stood out as the best for me. The signatures of the HiFiMan phones are leaner than the LCD-X, so I can imagine some people preferring that sound, but to my ears--the LCD-X has the better soundstage and more fully realizes the sound of individual instruments. I'd love to get an HE-400i at some point--I think the...
I've directly compared the Gungnir with the DA8. They're equivalent in quality, but the feature sets differ considerably. The DA8 sounds like the Gungnir in the sharp filter mode. In the slow mode, the DA8 offers a softer presentation--may be good if you're trying for a rounder sound.
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