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Thanks Mark!  Haven't made any final decisions on the gear yet.  I think not paying interns is 100% wrong and is exploitation, but she didn't have a choice and it's critical for her ability to get a job when she graduates. But yes, it pisses me off every time I think about it.
Having a bit of an existential quandry. Maybe I should trade everything for a MicroZOTL2 and an HD800S? The Yggy has messed up my brain--things are going to sound weird/bad if I switch DACs and keep the LCD-X's. Maybe I can reset my brain by swapping everything out?
Gaaak!  Beautiful, but no way can I swing $2700 at the moment. My daughter decided to stay at school over the summer to take an (unpaid) internship, so there goes $3000 in rent. I'm thinking of selling the Yggy/Rag for something smaller/lighter/cheaper.
Thanks--wonder if I can find an electronics surplus store in Leningrad St. Petersburg? Haha--good to know which of your concubines are in favor at the moment. Thanks.
 Haha--not me--took too long. May have to wait for Smitty to meet someone nice, get engaged, and sell his off. Going to Russia for work soon--will look around when I get back.
Couldn't make it because I got sick this weekend--pretty sure no one wants a germy guy at a small head-fi meet. Thanks to everyone for posting your impressions.I missed the LCD-4? Damn!  Can't say I'm surprised by the group's reaction, but Audeze phones can be picky with amp pairings. LCD-2 bass can sound bloomy on some amps--wonder if that was the case withe LCD-4? The LCD-3 needs an amp that thins out the mids and drives the treble a bit. Otherwise, it can sound almost...
FS: Schiit Gungnir - Gen 2 USB - price drop! Like New Schiit Gungnir DAC with 2nd generation USB. I'm the original owner and have taken meticulous care of the Gungnir--from a non-smoking, no pet household. This unit is 115V  and doesn't include the multibit upgrade. Sounds and looks great--reason for sale is an upgrade to the Yggdrasil. SOLD, I will cover (US) paypal fees.
Cool--may stop by a for a short bit with nothing large or heavy!
The library has wifi and some of use streaming services, including Tidal. We lug a lot of heavy gear--removing the tubes is a good idea. I always bring a cart and am happy to help transport from anyone's car to the meeting room. Congrats on the HD800S--would love to hear your impressions once you have it for a bit. It was a big hit at the meet and I'd love to add it to my stable.
New Posts  All Forums: