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 I haven't noticed any transformer hum, but it is a trip turning the volume knob and hearing the relay clicks.  Have you still got your Mjolnir? It's been a while since I listened to the Mjolnir, so I'm interested in hearing the head to head comments. No question, the signature of the Rag is different--the mids are more filled in and it's a very layered liquid sound compared to the MJ.
$2299 + $3 for a roll of tape to cover the optical jack.
I'd say the Noble 6 is definitely in the ball park. It has a neutral balanced signature, good detail, and great instrument separation and air. The SE-846 is also worth auditioning. Although its signature is distinct from the LCD-X, I think it's top notch and shares some of the LCD-X's strengths--in soundstage, resolution, and fast dynamics.
The Gungnir>Mjolnir>LCD-X chain is already pretty damn good, but the Rag is better--especially if you want to move the LCD-X signature in the direction of the LCD-3F.  Awesome post!
Very tough to characterize the quality of the sound without having them all together (along with an LCD-3, HD800, and HE-6). The top solid-state amps are all finely detailed, transparent, with great dynamics. Overall, the LAu struck me as a a touch warm, and the CHA-1 sounded a little more delicate, with a bit of the finely etched electrostat quality.
  Ragnarok First Impressions   I've only had the Rag for a day, but I thought I'd post some initial impressions with the Gungnir (Gen 2 USB), LCD-X, and HD650. The dynamics the Rag manages to extract from recordings is extraordinary. Loud sounds hit *loud*, while quiet sounds stay detailed and present. There is no obvious coloration to the sound--the Rag doesn't seem to lean towards bright or warm, or thick or thin. A tremendous amount of detail flows through, and the...
FEDEX was quick--3 days from Schiit to DC. You should have your Rag very soon. The poor lady at the FEDEX office was struggling with the package, I thought she was going to fall over. I had to rush behind the counter to help and she was happy to hand it off to me. I'm thinking there must be heavy lead shielding surrounding the radioactive core.  I think production will start to pick up a bit, but the Rag is worth the wait.
Sorry to hear about your Rag problem. Schiit stands behind their gear 100%, so nothing to worry about. This is a very complex brand new product in the field, so I'm not surprised to hear about one failing. The fault is completely with the Rag, you didn't do anything wrong.
Yes, mine shipped out on Wednesday and another head-fier just received theirs--both are from the second regular production batch. What? People buying Ragnaroks and not on head-fi--inconceivable!
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