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How goes it, crazy bad advice guy?
 May be a great DAC, but I looked up the weight--11 pounds compared to 1.7 pounds for the LC. The size is also beyond what seems reasonably transportable, but I would call it a compact DAC. If the goal is having a super high quality small footprint system, it may fit the bill.
I was previously running my LCD-X with the Gungnir/Mjolnir stack, but the Mjolnir was thinning out the mids more than I liked. The forward, lean, and slightly bright character is part of the Mjolnir's signature. The Rag is significantly more neutral and has a more organic sounding signature with a touch of warmth. The Rag has a complete lack of any grain, treble etch, or shouty tendencies up top. Now there are some DACs that have a slightly rounder sound than the Gungnir,...
Are you confusing the difference between the single-ended DAC output and single-ended output in a balanced amp? I agree you shouldn't be throwing away power from a balanced amp when most headphones only need their cables re-terminated to take advantage of balanced mode. In head to head comparisons with balanced DACs, the Concero is every bit as good. Not sure why you think the Gungnir is overrated, it holds its own against much more expensive DACs, has a good feature set,...
Your guesses are only 50% wrong now. The free market is remarkably good at valuing products. If confidence is high that the price will be 800-900 within a few months, the limited stock should sell quickly. If I was confident, I'd buy 20 units now and resell them once the price goes up. Let's say, the price only goes up $200. If I sold them for $700, I'd be making $100 each and the future buyer would be getting a $100 discount. Who wouldn't be happy on either side of...
The pre-sale has been wildly successful for a $600 prototype amp that very few people have heard yet. If the amp is successful, I'm sure there will be future production runs--Cavalli is a business. My guess is the price won't go up much, if at all. It makes sense to have products at the $600-$700 price point that bring in a steady stream of revenue.
 The Concero HD is a top notch DAC and very compact. It's a little pricey for a plain jane box, but you can't argue with the performance and size.
$2400 x .05 + $40 x 2 shipping/insurance = $200 to audition
Problem solved--you need a wife to tell you how good it sounds.
I auditioned the Chord Hugo with my LCD-X's and the synergy was bad--glare and grain in the upper-mids. Granted, it was probably the amp circuit that was the issue, but I'm still skeptical of Chord's prices. The ifi Micro iDSD looks interesting--just need to audition it. The Emotiva DC-1 is indeed excellent, but I'd like to go smaller.
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