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That's a hard question. My initial thought was the Rag soundstage is smaller and more intimate than the Mjolnir. The instrument separation and definition seems better, possibly at the expense of some soundstage width. After living with the Rag for some time, the soundstage strikes me as larger than I thought. It may be my brain adjusting the way it processes the sound. Even though I owned the Mjolnir for a substantial period of time, I no longer trust my judgment on the...
 The Mjolnir is best suited to headphones with warmer signatures. It pairs extremely well with the LCD-2 and LCD-3. With the LCD-X, it's good, but not the best match. Comparing the FR graphs is a useless exercise--can you audition the Audeze line?
The HE-560 is a lean-sounding headphone and the Mjolnir runs somewhat forward and lean. Based on how you describe your preferences, I don't think the HE-560 is going to make you happy. I've heard it on a variety of amps and there's a limit to how much you can change its character. The LCD-2 sounds great with the Gungnir/Mjolnir at about the same price as the HE-560--I think it may have the body and bass slam you're looking for.
The big variable here is your Axe FX. Without any idea of how it compares to the DS (or any other) audiophile DAC, it's hard to recommend a direction for you. My experience with the BHA-1 was with the LCD-X only, it may be better behaved with the LCD-3, but I wasn't impressed. If the Axe FX is an excellent DAC, the Mjolnir would be a good choice choice for the LCD-3, particularly the pre-fazor models. The original LCD-3 sounds a little thick and syrupy to me with...
We're going to do that comparo at the DC meet in a few weeks--happy to report back.
 The DS sounds very good with both the LCD-X and the LCD-3. I'd characterize the signature of the amp circuit as dead neutral. I'd take the DS over the BHA-1 any day. The Bryson has harsher upper mids and some grain, to my ears. The Mjolnir has a better soundstage and gives a really nice presentation with the LCD-3. The presentation is definitely on the more forward side--not a bad thing with the LCD-3. The DS would be a great way to start with the LCD-3--you're getting a...
Cool! I'm excited to hear either version. They're great looking headphones at a nice price point.
Anyone got an EL-8 on order? I'd love to hear these and they seem to be showing up at meets these days. I was up at B&H on Sunday, but they didn't have them yet.
 I usually have the Rag set to medium gain with the LCD-X. Haven't found a difference in sound quality between any of the gain levels.
I don't think we should turn this thread into a debate or speculation on how (or if) this thing works--there's already several other threads for that. I'll gladly take a listen if someone will be kind enough to randomly switch it in and out of the  signal path.
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