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No notification yet, but I'm traveling, so I asked them to hold shipment, so the amp wouldn't arrive before I get home. It would be great if it gets delivered the day I return.
Bump for a great amp and a 100% reliable head-fier. Amazing value for the price and Schiit warranties are transferable--all Mjolnirs are still under warranty.
 There were some amazing amps there, especially in the $4000-$13,000 range. My expectation hope for the Ragnarok is very high--that it'll compete with the best amps I've heard, but we'll see. I didn't think the WA5 was anything special-it seemed overly warm and not particularly transparent. My preference is for transparency and musicality--any coloration from the amp should be subtle.
Good thing you didn't go to CanMania--because crazy scales pretty high.
Hey--there might even be two.
Ok, gotcha.  The DS amp is very good, but the quality doesn't match the Mjolnir. The DS amp is more neutral than the somewhat forward Mjolnir sound--which I like, but the soundstage is smaller. I find that a lot of mid-priced amps have a limited soundstage and can lack resolution and dynamics to some degree. The DS amp generally holds it's own with respect to resolution and dynamics, but falls short in terms of soundstage when compared to top-tier amps.
The Gungnir doesn't have an amplifier.
Testing to see if I can upload a photo from my iPhone 6.
Electronic parts? The tax rate on components is probably lower than on an amplifier.
I like big transformers and I can not lieYou other brothers can't deny
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