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No problem -- just get the cable to me--and I'll reterminate with the neutrik xlr.
I can terminate your cable with an xlr if you like.
Cool--Utopia! *Someone* must be planning on getting an Elear--would love to hear that too.
Valhalla--nice sounding OTL amp. Haven't A/Bed directly with Crack. Lyr- Not a favorite--smallish soundstage, and doesn't have the dynamics in better (more expensive) amps. It sounds good with some cans, but a very picky amp for pairing. Tube Mjolnir - haven't auditioned, but had the original Mjolnir.
Listened to most of the Woo amps, and couldn't find any that worked for me. Mostly issues with unpleasant or overbearing coloration. WA22 is ok, but thin-sounding and lacking liveliness compared to better tube amps. Plus, they want to soak you on the tube upgrades.
Soldering is required, but learning to solder takes 10-15 minutes of practice. Most of it is having a decent iron, correct sized tip, good solder, flux pen, solder braid--and taking your time.  Apple Music is fine--that's what I'll have too--gets you 95% of the way there. At a noisy meet, a hi res file is overkill.
Tyll is one of my favorite reviewers, but who knows--the Russian mob may have their hooks in him. Let's try and get all of these cans at the meet.
WTH has eclipsed the HD800S and HE-1000? Take a break from head-fi for a few months and everything has changed. Need to rethink my complete system because of changes in my life and also because head-fi is surprisingly unsatisfying when you stick with the same gear--no matter how good. MicroZOTL2 always welcome--love that amp. Ok, will bring the Crack. It's a straightforward and enjoyable kit. Great instructions and amazing community to help with any issues. Plays well with...
Oops--that was left over from the last meet--was trying (unsuccessfully) to get the same 5 songs on every system. I can bring my Crack+Speedball if that would be in the running for you. There are at least two other Crack owners in the group. Very interested in the Modi Multibit and another audition of the HD800S.
New Posts  All Forums: