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First weekend in December is good. We can reserve spots ahead of time, if space is limited. Once we confirm the date, I'll start a new thread and we can work out the details.
Hey guys--  I was in Atlanta all week for a meeting (that was actually awesome, unlike most of them!) and passed out before midnight on Monday, so I'll plan on snagging another room at the end of this month. That would put the next meeting in February. That's unless the Urban HiFi space in Takoma Park is a possibility for early December (as per willsw).
Charging dues from the beginning with no track history, may discourage membership. I love that anyone can attend our meets--that's an important principle for me.  Oddly, the payment form states: By signing this membership form, I agree to abide by all rules and procedures of the DC Hi-Fi Group. a non-profit membership association. Are there any rules and procedures?
Looks like there's going to be an amazing collection of gear. Have been looking forward to this for months, but a good friend was just hospitalized and I'm filling in for her all day Sunday on a project. Hope everyone has a great time and I'll schedule a winter meet soon.
A Ragnarok can draw maybe 4 amps if you turn it up to 11. Most of the time, it's probably drawing between 1 and 2 amps.
Haha--it's calling, but I'm not sure I'm answering right now. Wonder how well the Sonett 2 handles the Utopia?
No problem -- just get the cable to me--and I'll reterminate with the neutrik xlr.
I can terminate your cable with an xlr if you like.
Cool--Utopia! *Someone* must be planning on getting an Elear--would love to hear that too.
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