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 The two vintage dacs that I have (Parasound D/AC-1100 and Sonic Frontiers Transdac) are clearly better sounding than my gungnir right now. If they're any indication of great sounding R2R dacs, then I don't think you'll have to worry about the Yggy not being significantly better than the gungnir.
Neither? I'm just stating that he didn't use the Ragnarok to its full potential and he compared the SE hd800s to the balanced he-500s, which isn't fair. Others have stated that the circolotrons of Ragnarok benefits significantly from the balanced output, and the SE output is just there for convenience. The reviewer's impressions could have been much different with the rag if he had used a balanced cable with the hd800s. Just saying that anyone who's thinking of getting a...
The reviewer used the hd800s in SE mode though... so his impressions aren't completely valid imo. 
Helping my friend sell this. Price includes shipping but not paypal fees. Excellent condition. 
Haven't heard any Thetas, but my Parasound D/AC-1100 sounds better than my Gungnir in most areas. I probably won't be getting a Yggy anytime soon, but I can't wait for some trickle down technology that will bring the Gungnir up to the Parasound's level or above. 
Getting a little offtopic, but yes. The leckerton is simply okay for orthos, nothing outstanding. It helps to have it left on stock gain settings for orthos but was otherwise just fine with the paradox slants and he-560s. It might help to use the AD8620 for orthos since that will output more power. If you want a cheap amp for orthos, Magni 2 uber is probably the way to go. 
I've used the O2 amp and the ODAC separately, but never at the same time. The Leckerton UHA-6s mkii (with ADA4627-1A) KILLED the O2 when used with the UERMs, HD600, and HD800s. The odac on the other hand, sounded decent when I had it. It was nice for a portable, but not really good enough for a desktop setup imo. Ever since the Geek Out was released... there's not much reason to get a ODAC unless you can find one for very cheap. The GO 450 is simply better in every...
Bump! Interested again.
Gungnir is smoother but more aggressive and dynamic sounding. X-Sabre is the more detailed and laid-back sounding dac.
The DC-1 is a great value at $500 and comes with tons of features that similarly priced dacs don't have. You get multiple inputs, SE/balanced pre-amp outputs, and a remote control! At the time that I wrote my comparison between the DC-1 and Gungnir, I felt that the two weren't all too much different from each other. However... now I can probably tell more of a difference between the two since I'm more experienced. By association though, the DC-1 is probably a better buy...
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