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Looking to sell my he-560s. Getting kinda tired of trying to get the he-560s to work the way I want them to. Sale includes he-560, stock cable, modified focus pads, focus-A pads. Does not include the original box. Price includes shipping to CONUS but not paypal fees. Add 3.5% for paypal fees or send payment as gift.   Mod details (from jerg's he-560 mod thread): Backwave dampening with shelf liner material. Hole is cut in the middle of it, as per current...
  The red wires need to be in contact with the gold parts on the right side.
Basically if you're able to solder or weld (not sure what the correct term is in this case) the two wires to their respective connecting area then it should work. I'm not sure how tough of a job it will be but I can take a picture of the driver to show you.
As title says. Need a pair. 
As title says. Need a pair. This is where it's at. REAL cannons. 
Sold! Sorry if I didn't respond to anyone.
Scuffs here and there. Functions just fine.   Includes shipping to CONUS but not paypal fees. 
During my quick listens, yes. But I want to let the magni 2u burn in for a bit longer before doing any real comparisons.
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