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ODAC and the hifimediy dac, as mentioned by others. 
Interested... but why no paypal?
 I have both of them right now and I completely agree. I feel like the he-560 is just better than the he-400i overall, but it's nearly twice the price of course. He-400i does win in looks imo.
I can vouch for the DC-1 being an excellent dac for the price. It's $500 and you get tons of features for it: USB, Coax, Optical, AES, BNC input, Pre-amp functionality w/ RCA in, both RCA and XLR outs, well built, relatively small form factor, and a nice remote. I think it comes close to the Gungnir's performance but the DC-1 isn't as dynamically capable and the bass quality isn't quite as good.   Purrin's comment about liking the AD1955 and the AKM chips in the Schiit...
Haha, I hope that'll turn into a full mind of buying them! 
Headfonics should have a review up soon since I lent one of their writers my pair.
Wahh, so much further from Babylon :(. 1.5hr drive isn't too bad I guess, I should be able to make it.
Hmm I see. This is why I never read more than one VN at once haha. You probably could just go straight onto Meikyuu without missing out on much.  My friend is more into league of legends and CS:GO, not too much into the otaku culture. I'm surprised I even got him to start VNs in the first place with True Remembrance.
@b1o2r3i4s5, Mahou Shoujo Michiru, the bottle blond?! Well considering that Grisaia no Meikyuu hasn't even been translated yet, I doubt that we'll see a translation for Mahou Shoujo Michiru for another couple years...    How come you didn't finish the other routes in Grisaia no Kajitsu? I actually got my friend to start reading VNs a while back and he's going to be starting Grisaia soon!
I did a search on the thread and saw that you compared the 8610, not the 8620. 
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