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I did a search on the thread and saw that you compared the 8610, not the 8620. 
Has anyone tried the AD8620ARZ opamps and or compared it to the ada4627? 
From first batch, excellent condition.    Price includes shipping and paypal fees.
1. NY   2. Your equipments including headphones, IEMs, Source and Amps. I only have the UERMs and gr07s now, but I've owned and tried many headphones. See profile for full list.   Amp: UHA-6s MK II, Schiit Vali, Virtue ONE.3 Source: Schiit Gungnir, DX90   3. How would you describe your headphone experience?  Been in the hobby for about 2 years now, having gone from cheap disposable earbuds now to having tried many top headphones. Mostly into speakers now, but a...
I'm feeling something from the Samsung battery from Jamato's link... not exactly sure if I'm truly hearing it or not, but it does seem like the treble is a bit smoother compared to the pisen. Will have to do some more listening later. 
Purchased from Greed about 2 months ago, and used for about 10-20 hours max. They're a fantastic pair of headphones but I simply don't find myself wanting to use them over my speakers or UERMs. They are indeed serial #1 and as I paid $900 for them, you will pay $850 (including shipping) for them. Add 3.5% for paypal fees or send as a gift. This is currently an interest check, as I've loaned the Enigmas to a personal friend right now and I would like to try at least try...
Thanks! That worked for me in Windows 7. I did have to go to the device manager and manually install the drivers from there though. Now to get it to work properly on my Surface Pro w/ Windows 8.1
Just need something really simple. Doesn't need have to have a resistance network or anything.
Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hmm... I've never heard of any of those VNs.
 Yeah, my grandma doesn't go that far either haha. Just mainly a believer in herbal stuff and things you can eat/drink.
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