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Original Schiit packaging, but the non-stock tubes will be packaged properly. 
Pic added.
Bump and price drop.
PM me with price shipped to NYC, preferrably within the US.
Like title says, Valhalla 2 with upgraded input and output tubes. I've had the amp for over a year and I've only recently replaced it with the Jotun. Comes with stock input tubes and a pair of russian tubes (brighter sounding) as well. Stock output tubes not included because they don't work anymore.    Edit: Forgot to mention that I also have two pairs of socket savers on my V2. You can see that the tubes are raised. Helps with tube swapping and heat...
First purchased from this thread. I only have a few hours on the cable since receiving them. $225 $205 $195 includes shipping but not paypal fees. Add 3.5% for paypal fees or send as gift. Includes everything that was included in the original posting (UERMs not included obviously).  Edit: IEM cable and 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter sold. Only the the 2.5mm TRRS to 4-pin XLR adapter is available for $45 shipped, add 3.5% for paypal fees. 
Includes mediabridge 6" USB dongle.    $100, includes shipping but not paypal fees (add 3.5%).
Has ADA4627-1A inside and also comes with OPA209A as well. Owned for about 3 years now.    $200, includes shipping but not paypal fees (add 3.5%)
Hey everyone, I'll have @avitron142's 3 DUNU IEM samples at the meet: Dk-2002, DK-3001, and DK-4001. The first is in production and the later two are prototypes. They'll be set up with my surface pro, GO 450, and leckerton. I'll eventually pack my setup up so that I can walk around but you can always find me at a later time to try it out with your own portable setup. Ill be wearing a black t-shirt with a dog and amp on the front 
I'm really not sure what the problem is. The OP has PM'd me, asking the same thing, and keeps insisting on using 0-90 volume on low gain while it's possible for the dx90 to go up to 255 volume with THREE GAIN SETTINGS. Obviously it's going to be inaudible if you only use the lowest portions of the dx90's digital volume.
New Posts  All Forums: