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I'm really not sure what the problem is. The OP has PM'd me, asking the same thing, and keeps insisting on using 0-90 volume on low gain while it's possible for the dx90 to go up to 255 volume with THREE GAIN SETTINGS. Obviously it's going to be inaudible if you only use the lowest portions of the dx90's digital volume.
I had the parasound d/ac-1100, which could have been "upgraded" to the pcm1704. But based on my experience with the M7, I did not go for it. The parasound with a cheap usb/spdif converter already sounded better than the M7 to my ears. But YMMV. Maybe you'll like the thicker, more syrupy sound of the 1704. 
 Stick with the PCM63s. 1704 is a downgrade. 
If you can spare the money and if you're even remotely thinking of upgrading to the yggy from the gungnir in the future, just save your time and money and go for the Yggy. 
Excellent budget spdif/usb converter, used for my parasound d/ac-1100 and transdac.   Price includes shipping but not paypal fees. Add 3.5% or send as gift. 
Not sure if you guys noticed... but it looks like someone's left arm and body was chopped off in the first picture! 
#837 has shipped!
So who else is anticipating today's Yggy batch?
#837 here. I don't think mine will be gong out til Thursday :(
 It depends on the what transport is being used. I'm bringing my surface pro, which only has one USB output for my dac. It uses a microSD card though, which people can use their own music for. I have my own music too, but I don't know if it'll be up to everyone's tastes. Bringing a USB stick usually works for vendors/setups that have multiple usb ports. Or some people like to bring cd transports, in which you'll need to use CDs. 
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