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The hd580s have been upgraded with the hd600 grills ($60 value), new headband pads ($15 value), good condition pads (the ones they came with sucked), and a 9ft canare cable terminated into 4-pin XLR ($45 value). They will also come with the stock grills and cables. Does not include the original box.   Price includes shipping but not paypal fees. Either gift or add 3.5%.
Yep, that's what I mean. 
I did some listening earlier and I'm listening to some Dream Theater now. I've noticed that with the mods, that some electronic music tracks have really bad bass quality. So while the mods really do enhance the bass, it will also enhance the bad bass of some tracks. 
Phew... everything is fixed now, and I re-did the taping on the cups to ensure a full seal since I had to take the pads off. This time around, I put the tape onto the cup, and then I trimmed off the edges. Overall it'll look sort of like a camera aperture around the cup.  
It's a realforce 87u 55g. Don't be hatin' :P
Like this?        And ThurstonX, it's organza.
I'm not sure what you mean. The crescent is supposed to be in the inner circle of the mounting ring? 
Finally done...    Edit: The crescent shaped foam is not supposed to stick out like that! See my post on the next page for how it's actually supposed to look like.         The bass with the the full mods is much improved over the stock he-560. Bass is clean, powerful, and sub-bass now maintains more rumble than ever before. I just hope that I actually completed everything correctly. I'll post more impressions on the sound sometime later this week, as well as my...
Virtue ONE.3 with either the 130w PSU or battery PSU will drive the he-560s nicely.
Only used for 1-2 weeks. No need for them since I have modified my Focus pads.    Price includes paypal fees and shipping. 
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