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Originally purchased in 2013 and in good condition. It has always been used with its silicon case and a screen protector. $225 includes shipping to CONUS but not paypal fees. Add 3.5% for paypal fees. Will post up pictures later this week if needed.   Includes: DX90 w/ stock battery and lurker firmware installed Applied screen protector + spare unused protector Silicon Case USB charging cable Original box Warranty card
2nd owner, originally from Headphone.com. https://www.headphone.com/collections/cardas/products/cardas-4-pin-balanced-headphone-cable-for-hd800-10ft   The cable was recently sent back to Cardas for repair of an intermittent left channel issue. I received it back just yesterday and everything is working fine. If there are any future problems, the cable has lifetime warranty and you can send it in for a free repair.   $180 includes shipping within CONUS but not paypal...
Original Schiit packaging, but the non-stock tubes will be packaged properly. 
Pic added.
Bump and price drop.
PM me with price shipped to NYC, preferrably within the US.
Like title says, Valhalla 2 with upgraded input and output tubes. I've had the amp for over a year and I've only recently replaced it with the Jotun. Comes with stock input tubes and a pair of russian tubes (brighter sounding) as well. Stock output tubes not included because they don't work anymore.    Edit: Forgot to mention that I also have two pairs of socket savers on my V2. You can see that the tubes are raised. Helps with tube swapping and heat...
First purchased from this thread. I only have a few hours on the cable since receiving them. $225 $205 $195 includes shipping but not paypal fees. Add 3.5% for paypal fees or send as gift. Includes everything that was included in the original posting (UERMs not included obviously).  Edit: IEM cable and 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter sold. Only the the 2.5mm TRRS to 4-pin XLR adapter is available for $45 shipped, add 3.5% for paypal fees. 
Includes mediabridge 6" USB dongle.    $100, includes shipping but not paypal fees (add 3.5%).
Has ADA4627-1A inside and also comes with OPA209A as well. Owned for about 3 years now.    $200, includes shipping but not paypal fees (add 3.5%)
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