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Not sure if you guys noticed... but it looks like someone's left arm and body was chopped off in the first picture! 
#837 has shipped!
So who else is anticipating today's Yggy batch?
#837 here. I don't think mine will be gong out til Thursday :(
 It depends on the what transport is being used. I'm bringing my surface pro, which only has one USB output for my dac. It uses a microSD card though, which people can use their own music for. I have my own music too, but I don't know if it'll be up to everyone's tastes. Bringing a USB stick usually works for vendors/setups that have multiple usb ports. Or some people like to bring cd transports, in which you'll need to use CDs. 
No ZD here, but I will be hosting Maxx's pimped out/modded Little Dot MK VIII SE as well as a friend's modded PM-2s. I recommend bringing music in microsd format if you're visiting my table! 
Damn... 20 minutes, LOL!
How is the Gungnir's SE output any bad?
Why not just get a cheaper schiit stack like the modi 2uber and magni 2 uber? They'll work well for your momentums and gives you leftover money to spend on the hd600s/650s. You can find a pair of used hd600s for about $220 nowadays, and they scale up like crazy. Or just get a GO 450, which you can use on the go as well. Once you get a good pair of headphones, then you should worry about the rest of your chain. I consider the hd600/650 the minimal point of entry.
Julie Glick for UE and JH.
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