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What do they do better than your IE800?
It was only a shop impression, serious listening would mean, you have to carry them around and listen as much as possible.
Don't bother about reviewers, trust only your own ears
Did you listen to prog rock with them and if yes, how does the bass do? Thinking of Yes for example with C.Squires famous Rickenbacker sound, or even Primus for that matter
The Ref ones have two bass drivers but no idea if this actually bring more bass when required of course
There is bass depending on the bass in the mix of the recording, the Bass can be mixed in front or behind and the IE80 is not doing any other than reproduce what is on the recording. I listened lately to "Tapestry" by Carole King, and the balance was just perfect, not overly bass because it simply wasn't recorded that way. In many reviews one always get the impression that the audio gear leads a life on their own, but that is not right because they simply reproduce the...
The X3 is a little jewel, and we all like to protect with a case that have some equal level than the player. The Spanisch brand Piel Frama making exclusive cases for smartphones could do the job, as the also did make splendid cases for the iPod Classic. Please write to Piel Frama if you want them to make a FiiO x3II case, I already did, all my Apple gear is clothet with Piel Frama cases.
The Audioquest Dragonfly cost only 1 third and does an extreme good job on my iPhone 6s plus with Sennheiser IE80, so the IE800 will do great with this combination
Modern prog?? Prog means trying to explore new sounds. What is modern about repeating the past? " Pawn Hearts" of Van Der Graaf Generator" is from 1971 but still sounds more modern an daring than most so called prog of today
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