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The Audioquest Dragonfly cost only 1 third and does an extreme good job on my iPhone 6s plus with Sennheiser IE80, so the IE800 will do great with this combination
Modern prog?? Prog means trying to explore new sounds. What is modern about repeating the past? " Pawn Hearts" of Van Der Graaf Generator" is from 1971 but still sounds more modern an daring than most so called prog of today
I agree with that, without Steve Hackett, Genesis became a pop band, although And Than There Were Three contained some great songs.
Oh dear, I hope this will not happen when I move my SD card from the X1 to my ordered X3. A lot of Genesis tracks I presume?
I am joining the group soon as I ordered a FiiO X3 II
That is 16000 Baht?
No, but could be on the treble side of things😊
It doesn't matter, they can co- exist as I use my X3II for Flac recordings, mainly from Bandcamp, and my Apple, Dragonfly set up is for my iTunes library. I am happy with both of them and so should you😊
They don't come with an exotic pricetag,but a remoninated German mag , who did test 20 in ears have them on the nr1 spot, and the testing was very serious
Than the SD2s is for you. The same technology you find in cheaper Asia made in ears to, so I guesd you have to decide yourself if made in Germany is worth the extra money. From my oen point of view I would say yes.
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