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No, but coulkd be close, as I am really happy with the Dragonfly Red.
The A200p on Ebay are cheap because they were used as demo's, you can read this when visiting Ebay. Apart from that since the coming of the Audioquest Dragonfly Red, the Beyer became obsolete.
Agree but did react nonethless on the "audiophile" issue😸
is it worth to react on such fools who call themselves audiophiles as if it is a kind of religion? I know a lot of producers and sound engineers who use non "audiophile" headphones, as in any business they look for the best price/ quality products to work with, so I rather trust those prople than selfdeclared audiophiles
the 2.5 cost double the money ,but the IE80 does reproduce the music in a nearly perfect way for me. I listen mostly to progressive rock by the way. The music of Bent Knee, is very demanding with female voice but also with dynamic rocking outbursts and the IE80 handles this really well, so it depends also on the style of music and the recording quality. I am sure the 2.5 will some things better, but not double as good.
I use mainly Apple products with the exeption of a FiiO X1 and I recommand the IE80 from my own experience.
I have the new red Dragonfly, and this is so good, I know listen more to this than my FiiO X1. Still not sure about the IE800 as I have great results with my IE80
Do you or any other here have also Stagediver SD4 and if how do they compare to the IE800?
Yugen - Death by Water
Knifeworld - Bottled out of Eden
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