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I wonder how they compare with the other ceramic competitor the IE800?
They are produced in Asia, only the enginering is Schotland.
That is marketing ,if they don't come up with so called new systems, sales lowering because a good cd player can last a lifetime
Will we see a X3 III with these stylings?
I use the 200 TSX and those work pretty well but be carefull when getting them out of your ears again, as it is possible the foam remain in your ear(s). Did anyone try the T100?
Buying from Bandcamp did get more easy as now you can buy with your phone wherever you are and not depending on PC. So with WiFi it should be possible to transfer directly to the X7, The friendly people of FiiO did say it should work, so now I would like to hear if anyone tried this? For the moment I have an X3 II which is superb, 0nly i need to get the music on PC first before I can transfer to my X3.
Is this the beginning of a new serie again, means X3III and X5 III ?
Maybe it's been asking before, but can I download Bandcamp flac files straight to an x7 Player instead of a computer first?
That is intresting ,thx, that makes the N40 a candidate on the Christmas list😊
You should only trust your own ears.
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