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I always am suspicious about reviewers of magazines who do this job for a living and exist from the advertising. This said there is a big test ( about 75 headphones in all classes, and all price classes) in the "Stereoplay" magazine, German people here will know this Mag. for sure. Shocking stuff to say the least for some here.The obvious winners in the top  class are Audeze LCD- XC, and Hifiman HE-560, obvious choices which doesn´t surprise, but now fasten your...
It depends on the source, for your iPhone i recommand the Philips Fidelio L2 if you want an over ear headphone, on the go i would advice to try the Grado GR10. On your PC you need a Dac, but the Teac UD-H01 is a great tool and not expensive at all, so downsizing doesn't mean you have to save on sound, and this one is also great match with L2.
I use it only on my iPhone, for pc i have another solution in the form of a Teac UD-H01.I have a second generation AK10 with a little button on the wheel which make things go easy, but you can avoid and use your phone volume. The AK10 sounds wonderfull with my Philips Fidelio L2 in case some might be intrested😊
Yes it is the same, in Europe the Dac is released under the Beyerdynamic banner😊
MMany say things about the GR10 but only few have them. Any IEM is a matter of compromises, and for me the compromise I have to make is the less dynamic bass, but in all other disciplines they are a class act. With the use of Comply tips and the bass boost on of my iPhone the result is very satisfying, a dac/ amp can provide more body to the bass but this depends on the style(s) of music you listen to. In my case avant-prog and with complicated music , voices, acoustic...
Simply the East version is for Eastern countries with the languages spoken in the East on the package and user anual. The Western version is the one with the Western languages, like English, French, Dutch, but the product is the same.
My album of the year so far, ideal for the GR10 and the Philips L2.
strange, there was never a mention of this ar the Grado webseite or Facebook wall.
No, but i did audit the RS2e and liked it on its own merits but in Germany this one comes at 499 Euro and the Fidelio L2 at 279 Euro for similiar sound signature. The latter not is not locally handmaded but unfortunately i have a restricted budget.
I think there is no clear answer for that as we all hear different, second, with what other hear you listen in combination and probably the most important the recorded quality of your music, a worthy alternative could be the Philips Fidelio L2 which sounds very close to my Grado GR10 and is also exellent for vocals.
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