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Yugen - Death by Water
Knifeworld - Bottled out of Eden
  Panzerpappa - Pestrottedans
This is a prog rock tread please, I am sure there are enough other treads for this Music, as things get confusing for many
  Thee Mercury Tree - Permutations
You can think of buying the Audioquest Dragonfly Red, it makes whatever phone sounding like a good Dap and with the IE80, awesome pairing, to Devarika Woulf😊
I agree, but for those exclusively listening to their iTunes on their iPhones/Pods, the Relisten app will do at only 25% of the price. I was happy with the results of my Bandcamp collection.Answer to Dacari
The IE80 is the best in ear in it's price bracket and way beyond. It pairs perfectly with Apple and FiiO gear, don't about your phone, but it is a good investment if you decide the possibility of other phones/players
I understand, an IEM, whatever quality and price is only as good as it's fit.
I have the L2, and they are superb. I can't compare to the others you mention, but the L2 is fab on it's own merits.
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