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I like them like no other,in terms of natural sounds, I can´t think of any better, bass is less spectaculair but if needed the bass is there,for example with Primus or classic Yes.I did change the original tips for comply´s  and the EQ on my iPhone 5s with bass booster on. Listening in this configuration at least for me sounds like the GR10 was made for the iPhone 5s / iPod Touch. 
No Philips will also release a Dac included headphone,somewhere next month :-)
Like I said I have the both and like them both depending on the music I want to listen to, but on the raod the best compromise for me are the Grado Gr10 in sheer natural sound and musicality. For the moment I use only in ears,also at home, but this will change soon because I did order the Philps Fidelio L2.The IE80 however outperforms  some on/over ears, like for  their own stallmate the Momentum.The JVC´s are a class act with acoustic jazz, and John Coltrane shines even...
For the not high end snobs, who think only expensive is good there will be the the MDR- 1A Dac, which might be in terms of performance very close to the the Z7 but at only half the price.
I did say no bad IEM´s in this price class, as far as bass goes, the only one I heared that get deeper and more 3D that the IE80 is the IE800, but due to the ridiculous price, and many complaints( cables) I stick to the IE80. It is true that the JVC´s have a more natural sound, therefore my preference with acoustic jazz but in terms of sheer natural sound, the Grado GR10 remains unbeatable, but the JVC´s are the better allround package due to far more better bass or let us...
a clear upgrade why? I have both and they are just different. I am tired of hearing about "upgrades", in this price segment,there aren´t any bad IEM´s,just a personal preference, the JVC ´s I like for acoustic jazz and for heavy avant- prog, I prefere the IE80, The Grado GR10 fitts in between, and is the one I use the most on the road.
I ordered one too, did listen to them in the shop, and the first thing occured,to me, is they are hands down better than the hyped Momentum.
To be honest, Idid not know this band, but I am listening now to " Away from The World", impressive stuff I have to admit,
600 Euro in Europe, which is about 770 dollar, 
Possible the same as the Grado GR10?
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