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You know you are born to be an audiophile when you buy a $500 headphone and a match amp even though you don't know a **** about what you are doing xD
'v just putted my hands on them. Amazing headphone I never thought I would enjoy music like this I even started listening to songs I used to hate haha I want to think everyone who recommended it for me   There is only one small problem I thought it would be more comfortable, its very tight I feel like its holding my head very strong My head isn't big btw xD
Aright thank you very much guys :)
I mean warm like I cant touch it, it burns
Hello   This is my first time using a tube amp, I am using Little Dot MK II with the HD650   And once I started using them, the tube became very very warm like a lamp bulb Very warm my hands felt like burning when I touched them   Is that normal ?
RCA ?, I dont need those if I am going to use it on my PC only right ?
  Alright that explain it all About the ODAC I see some diffrenses in the prices of them Are they all going to give me the same performance since the board is one ? I mean should I just get the cheapest ?   And btw which one is better you think, MS II or an ODAC ?
Well thats embarrassing but I have just find out that there is ODAC's from Audio Poutine I thought that ODAC means objective DAC which is from Objective JDS labs only   Can some one please explain to me what does it mean ?  
Hi   I cant decide which one to buy I have the sennheiser HD 650 and the Little Dot MK II tbh they sound just great as they are but I have been told that I will need a DAC as well   What do you think ? PS I am looking for a DAC for around $160 if you know any other choices
Hello there   DAC=Decoder=Interface=Source ?   If there is any different please list them     Thanks
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