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Hi,   I like to read more detail review about DT 770 pro. There isn't much detail review about this headphone on the website.   Can anyone advice me where to find more review about this headphone?   As this headphone is more used in Studio, Can this headphone be use as an audiophile headphone?   Thanks, Frequency
Thank     frequencylim
Hi Kabelmeister,   Thanks!   YES, Have you order any parts from Lunashops before? and how are their service?   Do anyone in Head-Fi forums change the cable before and found a huge improvement?    Thank and Best regards, frequencyLim
Dear All,   I like to make for myself Shure In-Ear Cable using Cardas Headphone Cable 4 x 24 awg. I have good soldering station, premium solder, flux and lot of assisting tools.   Two parts that I could not get is the MMCX plug Kevlar reinforced jacket and the Y spliter see picture below:         Can anyone advice where to get the above parts?   Thank and Best Regards, Frequency Lim
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