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Oh my god! Please stop. Quit already. If you want to cancel your pre-order, do so and stop posting. Otherwise, just wait patiently for the headphones to arrive. Nothing you post here is going to make them come any faster. I come here occasionally to check if Val has posted any update(s). Each time, I have to trudge through page after page of verbal vomit. Quit it. Go get a job, or a hobby, or a girlfriend (or boyfriend).. or just find something else to entertain...
Val. I also vote to DELAY so you have time to sign off on each unit. 
  This is a great idea and I'll definitely look into it eventually if no other options present themselves. An internal solution would be awesome but I'm not sure how feasible it will be. Personally, I wouldn't want a Bluetooth adapter with less than 5 hrs per charge (and you're only getting 15mins right now).
This is a great idea.. especially if Val ends up including a boom mic with the M-100. All you need is a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter (just make sure to get one with 3-pins so the mic will work). Here are a couple of options:  -http://www.buy.com/prod/2-5mm-m-to-3-5mm-f-audio-conversion-cable/219169668.html  -http://www.dealextreme.com/p/nokia-ad-52-gold-plated-2-5mm-male-to-3-5mm-female-audio-adapter-31497?item=22
Val,   1. A microphone of any type, so long as it works well (i.e. has some sort of noise reduction filter) will be greatly appreciated. I would certainly use it on a regular basis. Unlike some of the others, I don't mind a boom mike. I would only use it indoors, but we will already be getting the standard mic'd cable for other uses.   2. I would also like so see you design and release a plug in bluetooth module (with a built-in mic). It would need to be designed...
  Ok, I've had enough.. I will make my first post even though I have nothing USEFUL to add at this time.   The reality is that 99% of posts on this thread (with the exception of Val's posts) are complete and utter crap. I suspect that like myself, a lot of the lurkers, have nothing useful to add and therefore know that they should keep quiet. I've been checking this thread every day for many weeks to see if Val has any updates. Every time, I have to waste my time...
New Posts  All Forums: