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Clicking is the sound of your DAC running out of music to play. When your computer is too busy, it can't keep up feeding the data to the DAC fast enough. It may be unpleasant to hear, but it shouldn't be dangerous to your gear.
 But it is on bandcamp  
If you like it chances are you will enjoy this one: 1886 - Before The Fog Covers The Mount
 Hmm convert them to balanced. You can thank me later....
 WA7 is good, but not that good. It's quite neutral for a tube amp, very detailed and well extended - at least with the upgraded tubes and power supply. The sound is subtle and comes from a noise free background. What it lacks for me though is pure raw brutal slam. It just doesn't deliver in this department.  I have been using it with the HD800 for about a year, but if you disregard the honeymoon period, I have been most of that time on the outlook for something more...
I got a preview copy from a friend who is in the business. The album should be out in a couple of days. It is a collection of great classics, but the interpretation leaves me rather indifferent. Unless one is a hard core fan, I don't see it as a must-have.
You can do that and nothing should go up in smoke if you wire it carefully, but I wouldn't consider this a good solution for what you're trying to achieve.   The thing to worry about is how the two sets of speakers will interplay with each other in your room. Usually it's hard enough to get the acoustics of one pair working well, let alone two simultaneously.   Consider also that by adding a 2nd pair, when the amp outputs 75W per channel, each speaker would be handling...
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