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I use the V281 as a preamp for active monitors, and it does add some flavour to the sound, compared to Lynx Hilo for example.  The difference is quite subtle but to me subjectively it makes the sound more enjoyable.
 Well, I'd recommend applying extra caution when doing that.Using speaker taps is only safe with balanced headphones, otherwise you may create a short in the amp circuit and generate more smoke than music.Some amp designs may be OK with that, but unless you are sure or don't really need the amp, stick to what you know for sure.
The difference between mono and stereo is that mono has all the sounds recorded in a single channel, while stereo has two channels. Since you're hearing different sounds from L and R channels, it's already recorded in stereo. A lot of early stereo recordings were produced like that, and as annoying as it is, there's not a lot you can do about it. If the crossfeed doesn't work for you then your only option is to look for more modern re-mastered versions of the bad...
 If you hope your hearing loss will affect the 6-8 kHz range, you'll have to wait until you're over 80.
 I concur. This "objectivist" trend seems to have more to do with religion than science. Real scientists always question the reality and our level of knowledge, but our objectivists always have all the answers, which are frequently based on oversimplified understanding of the matters. 
RCA to TS will take care of the DAC to sub connections.  From the sub to the 305s your best option is to use XLR cables - no conversion needed. Y cable splitters are not needed - in fact you would lose some of the benefits of this setup. The 310s can split the signal and send only the content above 80Hz to the 305s, while it will handle everything below 80Hz. This way you avoid overlaps or gaps in the frequency band.
The downstream gear cannot improve sound and fix the flaws. It can only make things worse, but some kinds of worse can actually sound better with poorly recorded music. I wouldn't recommend getting gear that will mask the flaws, as it will do it also for the well recorded music. But depending on your setup, you may be able to get a somewhat less objectionable performance selectively, only when needed. What I have found out, the heavy tube-like sound tends to mask the...
ASIO would handle the bit depth automatically for you. Latency is still a factor as WASAPI requires additional buffering stage. And believe it or not, to me it sounds different.    If you want to stick to WASAPI then I'd recommend experimenting with 24 and 32-bit settings and choosing the one you prefer. If there's no difference then go for the 24 bit output. 
 Go to Preferences -> Shell Integration click the "Manage file type associations" at the topa new window with audio file associations should appearselect file types you want f2k to open as the default program (or just check "Select All") and press Savecheck "Register supported file formats on startup" (optional)check "Set as the default audio CD player" (optional)click OK
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