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 I have done something similar, but instead felt ring used low density foam about 5mm thick, without a cut out in the middle. It is not glued to the housing: when re-inserting the driver it squashes the foam a bit and keeps it in place. The results are worth the try, to say the least. Bass really comes out and mids sound more natural. I didn't see much impact on treble. 
Relax. Your WA7 behaves as it is supposed to. You are actually getting into the volume pot's sweet spot - best channel balance, finest volume adjustment, etc.
Pricing may depend where you are based. In Australia Menuet is $4,300 and Yggy is 3,850 - not that much of a difference if you're shopping in that bracket. Some people who compared Menuet with Pavane claim that they are hard to tell apart.   I had the Mojo connected to V281 as a DAC for a couple of months just before I got the Menuet. The difference was quite noticeable, much more than between other DACs I had experience with.   With the Menuet I'm getting more...
For those who are considering Yggy: have a look at the Metrum Menuet if you have a chance.  I have compared the two side by side and liked the Menuet much better. They are on a similar level in terms of detail, but to me Menuet sounds more natural.
How confident are you of the source you got them from?   From what you are describing sounds like they could be "doctored" by some dodgy operator. There is a proceder going on where some operators buy in bulk 8MB cards for pennies and modify the firmware on them to report any capacity you wish. Unfortunately computers get fooled by that and "copy" files to their full reported capacity, while all that gets actually stored is only the directory entries.
 If they are in decent condition then the risk is pretty small. There's not a lot of reports of HD-800 breaking down, and many users enjoy them for years.My pair is also from the 18xxx range and I had them for about 4 years, so the age may be a bit more than ststed.
 Open them up and stuff the cups with some sound dampening material. A soft foam will do.Makes a lot of difference.
 It is important that it does everything you need it to do. No doubts it's a great amp and you'll be happy with it.Congrats on the purchase!
Try this:
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