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HiFi is not only about the frequency range. I'm sure you can still appreciate things like clarity, precise location of instruments, natural sounding attack and decay, low distortions, lack of noise.  Besides, most of music still comes in the range covered by your hearing. I'm sure you will appreciate and enjoy your investments.
Before you buy anything try moving the dimmer as far from the amp and the rest of audio setup as possible. Chances are that you're getting RF interferences from the dimmer and not through the power line.
Great review!Having used Hilo for about a year I tend to agree with most of the statements made. One correction though:  Hilo actually contains 3 separate DACs: one driving the headphone amp, one for the line out (XLR) and one for monitor (TRS). The line out DAC consists of 2 chips per channel giving it extra 3dB of dynamic range, compared to the other two.
It's not a WASAPI problem: Toslink standard is limited to 24/96. Some devices do support 24/192, but it is enough that one of them takes the standard literally and you get no joy. The reason DirectSound works is it downsamples your stream to whatever it is set to in Windows.
I haven't heard the AKT5p myself, but some feedback can be found in the last pages of the T5p thread.
If price is not a concern then check the Beyerdynamic T5p (or the AKT5p). I often use them in bed at medium volume levels and my wife next to me can't hear a thing. They also isolate external sounds well enough for the office environment.
If you need it only for playing music and don't intend to do any sound recording then go with a DAC. Audio interface should give you similar benefits, but the budget ones are more of a compromise and often the D/A converters they offer are quite limited, compared to similarly priced DACs.
This is the right forum for what you need, but there's a lot of traffic and just browsing may be very time consuming. Your best options are to use a search engine and include "head-fi" in the search phrase, or if that doesn't help don't be shy and just post your specific question.
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