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I use T5p in the office and no one complains. Dunno if they are the least leaking HP, but they do the job. 
 Just bass and treble, no mids.
 I don't even want to have to buy another headphone...
At some stage I caught myself buying more music than I can handle. Since then I have introduced a rule that I won't buy another album if I have more than 5 that I haven't listened to yet. Works well, but sometimes restricts me from snapping up a bargain...
Keep them as they are. You cannot make them sound better by converting to a different format. Many mp3s play just fine even on high end equipment and I'm sure you'll still enjoy them as much.
I have no experience with Apollo but the Dangerous Music Source is about half of Hilo's price and has a very good headphone amp. It's DAC performs very well too.
Check the FiiO E17. 
The problem with receivers is that the manufacturers hardly ever publish any headphone out specs, and also implementations vary: some have dedicated opamps, others just use speaker ours with some sort of power throttling. The effect is hard to predict. Some users here use receivers to power even high end headphones and report results that match or beat dedicated amps. In other words: if you're happy with performance of your receiver, consider yourself lucky and let your...
I haven't seen this amp mentioned much in the context of HD800.  To get the most reliable answers I'd try posting this question in the HD800 thread. 
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