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That's what the Toslink and Coax outputs are for...   But I'm not sure if you will be able to play all formats that way, in particular DSD.
 Mine are well over a year old (SN 18xxx), and I can't say I'm overly cautious with handling them. So far not a single chip, scuff or scratch. Even the cable does not have any kinks (although I stopped using it a few months ago). The only signs of wear are fingerprints on the metal foil and of course the velour padding shows some use.
 Well then maybe it's good that I've never seen Motorhead live...
To me this album represents what music is all about: emotions. I know every sound in it by hart and still every time I hear it I drop everything and just listen, drawn into it's delicate, sad, reflective world.  
1000HP by Godsmack is as hot as the cover. I haven't enjoyed a metal album as much for a long time!
For me getting my first external DAC/Amp was the most significant upgrade in terms of sound quality. This I envy you, as you're yet to experience a massive difference for relatively small outlay.   The Audio-gd NFB-15 would be a perfect all-rounder for your setup, as it combines a very good DAC, a powerful headphone amp and a preamp for your speakers.
 That's correct.Some manufacturers state that in their specs, as headphones can be also driven by a 3-conductor cable (one for left and right and a common ground).The difference is that with 4-conductor cable it is quite easy to convert the headphones to balanced by just replacing the plug.
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