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Self explanatory      
Let me know when Gatorade is on sale and then we will have something get worked up about.
A spiritual union    
Turquoise and gold, essentials.     
Any new orders are now estimated to ship in June, we have a large shipment of universals coming in but it won't be enough to clear the backorder for any given product. Look for things to stabilize this summer. Some reviews will follow this next delivery...
The gift of simplicity is always well received.    
The new geometry (1 mm longer nozzle, slimmer nose, etc...) of the bottom half of the K10U which was revised last October is now present on all the universals so in that respect all the universals are the same size. As for height, the new universals are a touch shorter than the K10U.
No, we will not be at Munich this year.
We are planning to attend this meet.
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