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You're right, it is a little different because I own a piece of the company, but we don't only sell $1600 CIEMs. Prices start at $450 and for people who are serious about running or working out and are tired of stuff falling out of their ears, that might be a small price to pay for a superior experience.
 CIEMs are perfect for running/jogging. While I recently started using our ultra-thin cable at the gym, I used to run all the time with the standard cable and I have no issues related to micro-phonics or weight.
 Email myself or Sunny direct if you have any concerns. If Sunny has already emailed you telling your impressions have arrived, then you probably won't hear from her until your CIEMs are done.
Yes, in blue!
Turner, master of the ocean.      
After a brief intermission, we are back in full effect.   There's much to look forward to in March!    
 It's not a full on review like the one in Hi-Fi+, just a blurb. I think these things make their way online eventually, so if you aren't interested in reading the rest of the issue then I would suggest waiting for it to pop up elsewhere. I will try to link to it when it does.
The K10U is still back ordered as noted in the product description.
We would like to extend a gracious thank you to the folks at WIRED UK​ magazine for featuring the Kaiser 10U in this month's issue.   This one is particularly dense and highlights a lot of boutique outfits from all corners of tech, so download or pick up a copy to start the week!   Vive la revolución, long live Noble.    
We hope everyone celebrating is having a grand ol' time ringing in the Year of the Sheep/Goat! Here are a few shots of some festive looking CIEMs for good measure.    
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