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The second lot of Wizard IEMs are now available.      Noble 4 (Lot 2, #1)       Noble 5 (Lot 2, #2)       Noble 5 (Lot 2, #3)       Noble 6 (Lot 2, #4)       Noble 6 (Lot 2, #5)       Noble 6 (Lot 2, #6)       Noble FR (Lot 2, #7)       Noble FR (Lot 2, #8)  
 Sorry bud, we work hard and we play hard. If the Kaiser t-shirt thing is offensive, I stated a couple weeks ago that what Watagump was referring to wasn't a new IEM or CIEM and therefore people need not be worried about their purchases. In other news... 
No worries, didn't think you were being disrespectful.We might do some Wizard N3s for Lot 3.
No, I am not an audiologist. That being said, I can take earmold impressions and I know what we need to do our job.
 I have about five sets of Wizard IEMs here in addition to the ones pictured a few pages back, it is shaping up to be a big lot with a variety of configurations notably the 5, 6, and FR. They all look fantastic, but haven't been photographed yet. I am heading out of town this weekend and then returning early next week to gear up for AXPONA. Will try to post them before the show, so look for them next Tuesday or Wednesday. Shipping probably the following week. I'll post...
 I think so! Not only do folks get to walk away with a product that is sold out everywhere, but they save a little bit too.
For those of who are thinking about attending AXPONA next week in Chicago, we will have several Hugos available for demo and a limited number of units available for immediate purchase at 10% off retail price. A really exceptional deal for something that is sold out everywhere!   Details on the show can be found here:   Use the code AXP51A to receive 20% off the price of any single-day or show pass.
A new set of K10 demo units headed for the US. These will be making their public debut at the EGX at AXPONA in Chicago next week. Also, for those who are interested, we will have a limited number of Chord Hugos available for immediate purchase at 10% off retail price at the show.    
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