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Night sky, meteor, moon? Check, check, and check.   The Wizard does what he does and delivers a stunning set of Kaiser 10 that look like they were cut from the clear night sky. Take a close look at what's going on in those shells, too!   On that bombshell, we hope everyone has a very enjoyable weekend and Labor Day (where applicable). We will see you next week!    
 If your cable has stopped working under normal use, then we would be happy to send you a new one. Please PM me if you would like to pursue a replacement.
 Great, thanks and, yes, that's it.
 Great video and photos, thanks for sharing your impressions and participating in the tour. One of the things I am working on is aggregating all the videos that have been done about Noble to upload to our Vimeo channel. Would you mind if I posted your video crediting you (of course)?
 The drive from California to Colorado is very lovely.
While these customer-designed Kaiser 10 feature Wizard's favorite wood, Buckeye Burl, the blue glow-in-the-dark Noble crowns floating a top what appears to be a teeming surface of another world steal the show.   With the lights off, the glow from the crowns shines bright, just barely illuminating what's below much like moonlight shining through to the ocean floor.    
Be careful, these Wizard-designed Kaiser 10 will hit you like a bolt from the blue!   All kidding aside, these K10 are one of our favorite sets as of late. The silvery-blue faceplates with white ribbon, deep navy blue shells with just a trace amount of cosmetic grade glitter, and teal Wizard signature plus Noble crowns come together effortlessly to create one unquestionably gorgeous set of CIEMs.   On that bombshell, we hope everyone gets off to a blinding start this...
 Don't change your mind, your set is going to be beautiful, that is guaranteed.
 Electricity can do amazing things, just you wait and see. 
Another beautiful set of Wizard-designed Kaiser 10 headed to Japan!   Fluttering white ribbon graces the faceplates while the crowd favorite silver nugget takes care of the rest.   Have a great weekend everyone, we will see you Monday with photos of a new, electrifying, set of CIEMs done Noble style.    
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