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Music and art are inextricably linked for many and these Wizard-designed Kaiser 10 are no exception.   Geometric abstraction is the theme here illustrated with the aid of a cool metallic blue. Bone white shells are used as a form of non-illusionistic relief, the use of which is typical for abstract geometric art.   On that bombshell (and mouthful), we hope everyone has an awesome weekend! We will be back next week, better than ever.    
Here's a beautiful set of Wizard-designed K10 headed to Japan!   While the faceplates are certainly cool, the attention to detail in the shell and laser engraving does not disappoint either.   If you like these, you will love the ones we have on tap for the end of this week!    
"Build your empire on the firm foundation of the fundamentals." (Lou Holtz)   While there may not be anything particularly innovative about these Kaiser 10, they serve as a reminder to us about the importance of fundamentals in all things.   Take good care and don't forget the fundamentals, more photos coming this week.    
 Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts! 
For your weekend viewing pleasure... Scot Hull, perhaps best known as the Part-Time Audiophile, calls the Kaiser 10 his "new reference when it comes to in-ears" and remarks that the K10 is "game ending stuff". Check out his video below and be sure to stay tuned to Part-Time Audiophile for coverage on all things audiophile.    
I'll be in Tokyo for this event in support of our distributors/dealers. We will not be exhibiting, but WAGNUS, and I believe Miyaji, will be at the show.
What a week, there's so much happening that we can't wait to share with you! In the meantime, the weekend is here and that means photos.   Pictured is a fierce set of Wizard-designed Kaiser 10 that remind us of a tiger's pelt. Don't worry though, no tigers were harmed in the making of these CIEMs.    On that bombshell, have a phenomenal weekend everybody. We will see you next week!    
 Full Wizard spec indeed, yours are going to be beautiful! More temptation coming in a hour.
 We have done glow in the dark artwork before, just recently we did the logo of a clinic located somewhere in Japan. Right now the colors that yield the best results are green, blue, and a reddish-orange.
Celebrate passing the mid-week mark by checking out these glowing customer-designed Kaiser 10! Rich amber faceplates and shells are adorned with copious amounts of wire filament and 24-karat gold nugget, seemingly preserving the components inside.    
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