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Got wood? These customer-designed Kaiser 10 certainly do. Purple Heart faceplates, Noble crown in wood, and amber shells. Very sharp!  
 Pleasure to meet you Lee, glad you are enjoying the Noble 4! 
Per the customer's request, these cool K10 were glaciated--an allusion to the natural environment, geology, and climate science.   A tall order no doubt for a set of CIEMs, but in his usual fashion the Wizard pulled it off.   We hope everyone had a good weekend, we certainly enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by at Capital Audio Fest!  
Kick off the weekend by checking out this electrifying set of emerald green Kaiser 10 with a sweet silver interior, clear exterior, shell.   With that being said, have a great weekend everyone! We'll see you on the other side.  
Companies want the Noble name beside a X like Malcom and these K10 make it pretty clear why.   Two pieces of Amboyna Burl, one of the most coveted woods in the world, converge in a sea of enough gold to make King Midas swoon.   Vive la révolution, long live Noble!  
 He meant to say spalted and in our case we use a spalted tamarind that looks like this: 
 This is solid advice and no, we don't have a demo program for our CIEMs. There are a number of reasons for this and my head hurts just thinking about them. 
 Solid black with filaments is a great choice, I believe you will be happy with the results.
 Procuring meteorites or similar is not a problem, however working with extremely hard materials like rocks is an issue. Furthermore, let's say that we were able to utilize the material, there would be a question of weight and how that would ultimately influence/impact your listening experience. I proposed to the labs a meteorite nugget of sorts, but that does not exactly remedy the issue of weight either.
Purple and gold seemingly dance around pieces of maple on these Wizard-designed Kaiser 10. To finish, purple shells and clear tips with silver nugget throughout. Stay tuned for photos of more gorgeous work from the House of Noble coming this week!    
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