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 We are in the process of building several sets in some of the other colors, photos coming soon!
Prestige Savant looking sharp in blue cobalt and red bronze reconstructed metal alloys.   Enjoy the weekend everybody!    
Black and white, amongst the grey.    
 +1 for the iPhone 6, sounds great with Tidal and then is the convenience of carrying around only one device.
Last year's SF meet stood out from many of the others we attended and the turnout at this year's really bolsters my opinion of the SF crowd.   Thanks to everyone for an awesome time, we are looking forward to coming back next year!
Yes, it's a reprint, but we love the look of these "blue flame" Kaiser 10.    
Awesome, very glad they are working out for you. 
Warranty is non-transferable.
 Looks great.
Hot off the heels of @HiFiGuy528's set, black carbonate and gold bronze metal alloy mix.    
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