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We do send out demos.The demo deposit is the full price of the IEM and if you send it back you are subject to a restocking/demo fee.
  The gift of simplicity is always well received    
  The tale of a king whose name wasn't on the roster      
Thanks for sharing, glad to hear you are enjoying the case.
The trick is to start the core of tip on one side and "pull" it over the nozzle of the earphone. Maybe I will do a video showing how to install the blue tips and other tips that are more difficult.
  Seeing green      
  A new lot of Wizard Savants has just been uploaded to the site featuring some of Wizard's classic designs!   We will be shifting focus to other models after this and as a result all Wizard Savants are available at no additional cost ($200 off).     https://nobleaudio.com/en/shop/universal/        
  Hybrid Opal from Japan on deck, exclusive to Katana      
  Me and my conglomerate shall remain anonymous      
New Posts  All Forums: