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 I was just playing around! :)
 This guy... this guy has information I don't have.  Happy Monday, folks!  
 No beanies or scarfs, just bikes and sandals.
 You didn't miss anything, we are just teasing.
As we ready ourselves for the next chapter, a new period if you will, we figure it would be appropriate to revisit a classic. Of the thousands of CIEMs that have been produced on the Wizard's watch, the following design is perhaps the most prolific. Two-tone Amboyna Burl faceplates paired with amber shells and clear canals with 24K gold nugget throughout. Real hand-selected wood, real gold, real sound, built with real passion and, of course, our hands.  Thank you to...
Fresh Wizard-designed Noble 8C to start the week.    
We are pleased to announce that Polaris Audio Design has been picked up as the official distributor of Noble products in the Philippines!   Pictured here are Gab's (owner) personal set of Wizard-designed Noble 4C plus R configuration.   Extra crispy.    
Give the Noble 3C a little bit of love, check out this Wizard-desgined set.        
Good to see @Sorensiim back!   Photos to celebrate?      
Music and art are inextricably linked for many and these Wizard-designed Kaiser 10 are no exception.   Geometric abstraction is the theme here illustrated with the aid of a cool metallic blue. Bone white shells are used as a form of non-illusionistic relief, the use of which is typical for abstract geometric art.   On that bombshell (and mouthful), we hope everyone has an awesome weekend! We will be back next week, better than ever.    
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