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 You can read about the SLA CIEMs via the link below. http://nobleaudio.com/en/about/news/article/new-aluminium-kaiser-10u-and-sla-3d-printed-ciem-line/ The SLA line will be available for purchase beginning late next week.
Classic Noble look.    
Black & Green Space Zebra, funky!    
No, we didn't have any samples, but here's an image of the various color options.  
Thanks, that review was a long time coming! And I agree, 6moons is one of the top sites for reviews.
6moons just released their review of the Kaiser 10 Prestige, excerpt and link below.   One more thing was the Prestige’s powerful musicality. Boy did it have that. I could not easily disengage from my tunes. One of the hardest things writing this review was that every time I tried to sit and write down my impressions, I found myself day-dreaming, reading or lying down. I was enjoying most excellent company with my inner self. To write for our Turkish...
May the sun always be upon your face and you be greeted with fair winds and favorable seas.    
No, but we will have plenty of samples in Japan in late Ocotber.
What can I say, we consider just about everything!
Live from Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015 in Denver, Colorado, Noble introduces a new aluminium Kaiser 10U and stereolithography (SLA) 3D printed CIEM line!     1) Kaiser 10U (Aluminium)     The new Kaiser 10U features an all-new precision-machined aluminium housing designed and manufactured in beautiful California. The screwless, seamless, design coupled with an updated Noble universal form factor makes for a more aesthetically intriguing and comfortable earphone....
New Posts  All Forums: