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I love my Grados for rock.  I bought my MS-1s after buying my girlfriend a set of SR-60s and listening to some rock music; I knew I needed to buy myself a pair or else I would end up constantly borrowing hers, I loved the sound so much, and ordered them that week.  Before that I was using a pair of 7506s w/ beyer pads that I still use and love, but when it comes to rock, Grado (and Alessandro) really has it down.
Having recieved a pair of them yesterday as a promotional thing at an event (and being somewhat unimpressed with the sound), after reading this thread I left them in their case for ~14 hours with a mix of rock and hip-hip/rap playing at a moderatly high volume, and listening to them today, they sound much more detailed, where as before they were a bit muddy.  I am becoming much more interested in them now that they are starting to burn in and am starting form a much...
I have the 7506s (with beyer pads), Grado Alessandro MS-1s, and my girlfriend has Grado SR-60s (we both have L-Cush ear pads on our grados)...   Anyway, the Grados are rocking headphones, but I enjoy listening mostly to rock on them.  While they have detailed bass, they does not have the same bass presence as the 7506s.  The 7506s though pretty much sound the same as the V6s from the couple times I have tried the V6s and from what I have read the 7506s have just slightly...
Almost ordered the 2xE6's my GF and I bought on Amazon, but then realized it was actually stocked by B&H and Adorama here in NYC so we went to get in person from the store (Adorama) so we would not have to deal with UPS...  Really relieved we ended up doing so after reading about all the fakes on amazon...  We usually prefer to buy from a store if the price and everything is similar, so would love to see your products stocked in more places.
Well, the 7506 is not really an upgrade from the V6s...  they are almost identical, so I would say it is more between the CD900ST and the MDR-7509s so can't say anything about the sound signatures, but what I have read, the CDT900ST has the same drivers as the 7506, where the 7509's have the larger 50mm drivers.
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