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So I went with the Harman Kardon Soho for $200 and I think it was a good choice. They're very small and should fit into my briefcase easily. They swivel 180 degrees so they can take any ear angle. So far they've been comfortable and the sound quality is good enough for me. The only bad thing so far is the case; the headphones don't really fit easily into them and they have this snap/swing shut spring that makes a really loud snap.
I'm starting to lean towards one of the Harman Kardons (either CL or Soho) due to how portable it is and it looks like it would be flexible/comfortable. However, I can't find any place that carries them to try. Apple doesn't have them. Thoughts?
Thoughts on the Harman Kardon CL or Soho? They're not circumaural but they're very portable and swivel both ways. They're also very cheap. They are, however, pretty ugly.
 That looks like a good recommendation and fits the criteria, thank you. I'm definitely keeping those on the shortlist, however, the headband looks really bulky. hmm, the whole headphone is pretty big actually:  
I bought the Momentum On Ear headphones and they're causing pain in one ear because the earcup doesn't match the angle of my ear and was pressing on the back of it. I don't think any on ear headphone is going to be any better in comfort so now I'm open to over ear circumaural headphones.   I plan to carry these in my briefcase to work everyday so I would like them to swivel flat. I'd like for them to have some flex in the cup to match the angle of my ear or completely...
So I tried the B&O H6 at the Apple store and not only does it fold flat (which is really nice), but the cups also pivot a bit the opposite way to allow for an angle that matches your ear. Unfortunately, they're more than I'd like to spend on a portable headphone. Any similar alternatives?
I don't think it's the clamp that's causing issues because if it were angled to my ear, it would be fine. However, it puts too much pressure on the back of my ear that's angled outwards more.
I may be wrong, but I think most peoples' ears are not parallel but instead angled. Why are most headphone cups parallel? I bought the momentum on ear headphones but I think I'm going to have to return them since my left ear hurts after wearing for a little while since they press on my ears at the wrong angle and these cups even have a bit of swivel. Am I the only one with this issue?
Does anyone have the dimensions of the carrying case for either or both versions of the headphones?
No one remembers the eggos?
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