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Hey now, don't tease us like that without posting the pictures!
More photos please!
Well, not all of it.  There's some really great bluegrass out there if you take the time to find it :)
Hey Brannan, is there some notification of when you receive the impressions? Or would that be too much administrative work (totally understandable)? I sent them from Norway so it would be nice to got there safe and sound, once they get there.
Shipped out my impressions today. I'm so excited, nothing to do now but sit down and wait for a couple of months...
Would it though? Cause I want something that is pretty different to those. But either way it sounds like the silver nugget isn't available to non-wizard designs. That's alright. Hopefully it will look sweet with the gold anyway!
Hey John, I just wanted to check in with you here - I ordered gold nugget in my shell, because I didn't see silver on the website. Is it possible to get silver nugget in the shell instead of gold, as I've seen in some other K10s?   Like this:      I love that kind of rocky granite look, and I thought a dark smoke/silver nugget shell with amber/gold nugget canals would go awesome, giving a kind of volcanic look. Is it possible?
Definitely. I think I otherwise would have aimed at the 4C. It was because of the BF sale that I aimed higher, for the 5C, and ultimately ended up ordering the K10. 
I was so prepared to buy a set of 5Cs, I checked out the tax limit and made sure it would all be sweet, and I was right about to do it...   Then I bought a set of K10s instead. Oh man. I am excited. I am dreading the long wait though, it's probably going to be march before I can hold them, with all the christmas shipping traffic going on at the moment!
This is still happening for me :( EDIT: Never mind, tried it in another browser and it started working.
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