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1. any site for braiding techniques? the one listed in the first post is now gone   2. Is there any difference between the connectors on a AKG K7 series phones with detachable cables? just wondering if I need to look for something specific when buying the mini-XLR.   thanks a lot.
how's the comfort on these phones? looks at pics, the "chamber" inside the pads seems shallow. thanks
1. any suggestion for replacement pads for this phones?   2. can someone please point to a guide on how to convert the stock cables to detachable?   thanks alot!
xiaomi pistons 2/3 or Tangmai F1? mainly for listening while at the gym (mostly EDM tracks). Also what's the best price and best place to get geniune pistons/F1? thanks :)
1. Is $250 USD + postage a good price for the 880s?   2. How comfy are these for all-day listening? Thinking of alternating it with my Denon D7000.   thanks! :)
 Thanks for the response. Just one more question. Are the pads replaceable? thanks again
how's the comfort for these? Currently using a Denon D7000. But I've had a Philips HP890 long long ago and I find that pair quite comfortable. are the pads replaceable? thanks
are the pads replaceable? what's the diameter? thanks very much :)
any meet planned in the near future? thanks! :)
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