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xiaomi pistons 2/3 or Tangmai F1? mainly for listening while at the gym (mostly EDM tracks). Also what's the best price and best place to get geniune pistons/F1? thanks :)
1. Is $250 USD + postage a good price for the 880s?   2. How comfy are these for all-day listening? Thinking of alternating it with my Denon D7000.   thanks! :)
 Thanks for the response. Just one more question. Are the pads replaceable? thanks again
how's the comfort for these? Currently using a Denon D7000. But I've had a Philips HP890 long long ago and I find that pair quite comfortable. are the pads replaceable? thanks
are the pads replaceable? what's the diameter? thanks very much :)
any meet planned in the near future? thanks! :)
can someone please give me the link to the HM5 thick pads? thanks! :)
I saw a link before but I didn't bookmark it and now I cannot find it.   Thanks a lot
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