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Received the Hitachi HD-S9. One word impression: LOL Photos and details later. I work early tomorrow.
I can, the new 4AA is awful. The old one is far superior. Save the money you'd spend shipping them to Koss and get one off ebay for $20.
No they didn't. If you sent them to Koss they replaced the drivers with a redesigned, new production version. What that means is the sound went from this: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/KossPro4AAA.pdf To this: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/KossPro4AA2014.pdf Not good. The original 4AAA is much much better than a "restored" (more like butchered IMO) one from Koss. If you enjoy them then great, more power to you, but I seriously lack respect for Koss when they...
Yeah the Sansui is twist off. As for the Hitachi I think the twist off mechanism was kept; I'm noticing some suspicious gaps between the pads and earcups in the few pictures available on the internet.
Dunno. We'll see. Probably not anything special compared to what I've heard but it's intriguing nonetheless. I like fixing up old ****. and lol only if I can take the driver out safely, which I doubt as I dont see any screwholes on the housing (which means its likely held in with glue).
Really excited about this one, guys.       Hitachi HD-S9 Samarium Cobalt and Gathered Edge   This is the earliest headphone I've seen (save for the senns) with detachable cables. The HD-S9 is positioned at the top of Hitachi's LO-D lineup in the 1980s and uses a very very intriguing driver design.      This is a bit different than the previous model HD-9 (which GREQ just posted about) in that the center dome is aluminum, while the outer edge is some form of...
Putting up my Gustard H10. I am the second owner of this unit and it is in mint condition. This is a wonderful amp, but something has come up and I need to sell off some things. Capable of pushing a lot of power without distorting and fantastic at handling planar-magnetics, all in a small, desk-friendly package. Sound is flat, smooth and clear from bass to treble. Build quality is fantastic. Has balanced and unbalanced inputs, and selectable gain settings between -12 and...
Kenwood KH-55: Almost mint. This is an OEM headphone that uses a frame designed by Audio-Technica. The drivers are not made by AT, however. Sound is decent, slight bass emphasis, good midrange and detail retrieval. Somewhat dirty sounding in the bass and treble. Soundstage is fantastic. Comfort is even moreso; these would be very very good for a gaming application or for trips. Slightly on the rarer side of things. Price: $15 USD. Price is firm and includes CONUS...
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