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noooope lmao I just got my SS-100 back from tyll, it measures slightly N-shaped but otherwise very good, I'm gonna make some pads of my own for it and try to get rid of the hump into 2kHz and post results soon. (Keep an eye out for the measurement PDFs when tyll posts the March update)
so any word on an ETA for when the final run will become available for purchase? and how many (roughly) of each unit will be available? I don't have a carbon but I've been saving up for the crimson for months, just want to know if I'll have enough time to get one before they're gone forever
Tyll won't be reviewing it because he has nothing nice to say. Its the same case as the K812. He doesn't like making negative reviews.
Where do you see these? I tried buying a pair from Fostex and they said they didn't sell them separately. I asked lawton, but he said he didn't have any and wouldn't for a long time. That was in november, he still doesn't have them.
1: No. 100dB is producing more distortion. If you raise the SPL, the distortion plot should move down by an increment equivalent to the amount by which you raised the SPL. Since Tyll gives his distortion in percentage, it'd be difficult to calculate the exact amount, but it is indeed rising. The fact that it lines up with the 90dB plot is mere coincidence and happens quite often. Alternately, the driver could be reaching the maximum amount of excursion it can create,...
1: Absolutely wrong, distortion isn't affected by deviation any more than the averaged FR plot does. 2: Measurements from two different headphones are absolutely comparable because the exact same methodology is used for each of them. Look at measurements for Audeze's LCD-2 and you will see that bass extension has no correlation to bass distortion measurements. Regardless of that, the Pioneer falls off a cliff below 100Hz, indicating (regardless of distortion) that it has...
"distortion is exceptionally low"*rubs temples*
that'd be childsplay if I still had the rings from the focus pads I tore apart but unfortunately they broke in the process and I threw them away if someone could send me a pair of the pads I could do it pretty easily
some people believe that supersonic frequencies give us extra positional cues that traditional headphones cant replicate, which is why they never sound true to life. I don't subscribe to that myself, but I'm still somewhat interested in these now that they're more sensibly priced.
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