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This would **** the hell out of the magnetic circuit... but yes i have. I still might at a later date. 
one way. :|
Mixing things up a bit... 1: HiFiMAN HE-62: Fostex T50-II3: Sansui SS-100 All of these are very very close to each other in general, and the order could swap around at whim... at least with the HE-6 being driven from the Gustard. As it stands, the HE-6 is the quickest, most resolving, and has the most ridiculous bass of these, the SS-100 is the smoothest and most natural sounding, and the T50-II is somewhere in between.  All three are modded, and all three are absolutely...
Oh wow you have one of these too?  Mines a bit more crowded... In no particular order: Koss 55mm HV series (2)Koss 55mm PRO series 1 (2)Koss 55mm PRO series 2 (1)Koss 55mm PRO series 3 (1)Akai 40mm ribbon tweeter (2)Pioneer SE-305 45mm (1)Pioneer SE-x50 series 50mm (2)Pioneer Monitor 10-II 50mm (2)Sony DR-Z5 53mm (2)Sony DR-Z6 53mm (1)Generic 55mm titanium plated (2)Audio Technica ATH-M50 45mm (2)Koss 55mm PRO series 5 (titanium version from 4AAAT) (1)Sansui SS-35 50mm...
did you rank these backwards or something
are these any good
Cannabalized a modded pair. Got them for a very good deal, which was the only reason this project was possible. I didn't want to have to resort to this, but fostex refused to sell me the headband or even the earpads on their own.
I didn't change anything inside. Two layers of the yellow fiberglass discs behind each driver, just as it is stock. That's it. (though the cable came from a YH-2).It's really insane how nice these sound with just a pad swap. Now they're comfortable too.
Alright since Fostex won't ******* listen to its consumer base and release a successor to the 1970's T50 already:       I did it myself.    Cups and drivers are from my NAD RP18 mylar, a Fostex T50 rebadge. Headband and earpads are from a TH500RP.    Fostex, I literally just slapped the TH500RP pads onto the RP18 and it sounds incredible. I didn't even have to touch the driver damping or take the stock pads off.    Here are some measurements if you don't...
The SS-100 actually has the slotted disc magnets like the T30. Its the only T50 variant that has them.Very interested in the Odin and Ortophones, but the other myst offerings aren't very good (tyll has measurements of the Izophones 60)
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