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Guys, I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but please notice that he prefers the HD700 most people find the HD700 quite bright the Z7 may not be neutral to his ears, but given this information I would not be comfortable saying that everyone would feel the same way
I didn't say they were T50RP drivers, I said they were modified T50RP drivers, and they are (same size, shape, and mounting bracket; different diaphragm, trace, and magnets iirc) it's not so much a modification as it is a re-tweaking, but my point still stands that less work was put into these than would be put into a completely new product but again, and I cannot stress this enough: I'm not trying to say that this reflects poorly on the headphone itself. I'm sure it...
bass boom =//////////////////////////////////= impact not by a long shot
+1 There's definitely not much to be proud of, the TH500RP is a literal rehash (modded T50RP drivers in a TH6/900 frame) doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on the headphones themselves, but from an engineering standpoint there's not really anything new there
 >_> <_<
That's peculiar. What pads are you using, pre-production or release?
wait, that might be the wrong stuff... yeah it is what I got was faux leather with white felt on one side of it as a support fabric, it was intended for pads but eventually just got used for this project instead, I ordered a half yard of it some 3 years ago...  holy ****, its still in my order history that's one hell of an archive, amazon also, this links or it never happened
You can't really get more bass out of the SE-700. It is already at it's max as far as that goes. If you'd like more treble extension, you can try this: I updated my SE-500 to use this instead of the tape. It closes it just like the tape but also adds some felt to absorb the cup resonations. I didn't try this on the 700, but I DID try the...
Etymotic ER-4S   Beyerdynamic DT1350 if you absolutely must have a headphone and not an IEM, though they're nowhere near the etys   Beyer DT150 might be a good option, its kind of huge though
uh they're not on anyone's head, that's not leakage, that's the drivers doing their job :/
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