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some people believe that supersonic frequencies give us extra positional cues that traditional headphones cant replicate, which is why they never sound true to life. I don't subscribe to that myself, but I'm still somewhat interested in these now that they're more sensibly priced.
Which one, and which version?  Not exactly fair to compair an Asgard v1 to Ragnarok, for example. 
How quaintly ignorant.
It's a shame really. Clearly they lost most of their good engineers in the last 40 years and simply couldn't get good replacements.I'm using a Pioneer Monitor 10-II from 1982 at the moment and while it took a different pair of pads and a new cable to sound right, it already trumps the TH900 in everything but ultimate upper midrange smoothness. By far my favorite closed headphone.If they could get their old engineers back I'd love to hear what they could do with modern...
...and? How does this do anything but validate my point?It'd be irresponsible to not wait for the opinion of someone you trust, or measurements if you trust no one but yourself.
Maybe some people don't have $2.5k lying around that they can drop on a headphone less than two weeks before Christmas. Especially one with heavily mixed opinions about it floating around.
1: Sansui SS-100 (Mods) 2: Pioneer SE-500 (Extreme mods) 3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II (Extreme mods) 4: Sennheiser HD700 (Mods) 5: NAD RP18 Mylar (stock) 6: KOSS 4AAA (mods) 7: Sony MDR-605 (mods)
still the SS-100  
Short break from the HD-S9 for something a bit less obscure:       Got this absolutely pristine YH-100 off eBay a few days ago and have been listening to it for a while. This came from the original owner, with the manual, brochure, and original sales receipt. I love it when people take care of their belongings, no seriously. One of the most satisfying feelings in the world to get something that was babied so well. No box though.   These are heavy, but not the...
New Posts  All Forums: