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uh, no, I pointed out his improper usage of the word "actual" and he responded as if I were joking, so I'm going to ignore it and end the conversation there
As opposed to having two hypothetical speakers on my head...?
To hell with you people and your modern AKG K240 variants and knockoffs, vintage K240 knockoffs are the way to go!   Here's my newly acquired, like-new-in-box, Philips N6330, an OEM of the K240 Sextett.                These are in almost perfect shape; the only problem is that the right side badge is missing. Both badges fell off from age, but I reattached the left side one (which was found in the box).     Here they are on my head. Photos don't...
My personal opinion is that Shure's lineup is overpriced garbage and should be avoided in it's entirety. Then again, this hobby is highly subjective and your own opinion is far more important than that of anyone else, so take this as you will. I would look into the Fischer Audio FA-003 and FA-003Ti before the Shures if I were you. Both offer very competent sound at a very reasonable price, especially the Ti version. They may be a bit large for portables in most people's...
AKG Q701 if you're flexible about the portability part. Almost entirely perfect and the best headphone anywhere NEAR its price. If you can live with an IEM, get an Etymotic ER-4PT. Strikingly similar to the Q701 in almost every way. If not, the only other thing I can think of is a Sony DR-Z7. It would be an almost perfect match for you; it's portable, stylish, incredibly durable, isolates like a beast, and has a very transparent sound signature. If you get lucky enough...
I don't think that's a cotter pin, it's something else Also weren't there a few driver failures?
What did you think of the Z6 versus the PM-1? 
I think it looks incredibly pretentious and skeletal but okay then um  where the hell do you see this in the construction of the HD800
They have poor bass distortion and you shouldn't need an EQ to make something sound good. Get it right the first time. Also "Comfy for on-ears" implies that supra-aurals are inherently less comfortable than circumaurals, which not only reflects poorly on the P5 but is also absolutely false. People just don't have any idea what they're doing and make them uber-heavy clamp machines because they can't make them stable any other way. When done right, a supra aural can stand...
I have nothing but pure seething hatred for Bowers & Wilkins mediocre sound in a hideous, overpriced package the build wasn't THAT good either I would go with an Ultrasone Sig Pro if you want a true high-end portable with good build if you're willing to get an IEM, get the Etymotic ER-4PT
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