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.. what?
There was no "damage" done, you're just being unreasonable. Computers aren't perfect; you can't expect that everything always works 100% correctly without any mistakes.
the annies should be an eye-opener coming from the X1
bizarre, I'd think tubes would pair horribly with the K340 since it's already got warmth/bass problems is it a stock K340?
Send me a PM here and we'll talk about it. 
Personally I'd prefer they work on their Quality Control, I had 3 DT1350s and all of them sounded wildly different, one was acceptable but the other two were damn terrible. In a best case scenario, the peak on the DT880 should be able to be eliminated with a simple enclosure/dampening mod, as 10kHz resonances are usually enclosure-borne, not driver-borne. I'll probably experiment with the headphones if I ever buy a pair.
mm, yeah the DT880 does have a bad 10kHz spike, especially the lower impedance models, I can see where people would find it problematic the DT1350 has it too but to a much lesser degree
u wot m8
Yikes. That bad, huh?
That wasn't my point; no integrated soundcard is amazing, and you're not going to get world-class sound from a laptop. My point is that a huge portion of the audio chips in desktops are quite literally the cheapest single-chip implementations possible. The manufacturer assumes any user who even remotely cares about audio quality is just going to use their own PCI/PCI-E sound card, so they don't waste any money on putting a not-**** chip on the motherboard, whereas a laptop...
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