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there is a reason you're not supposed to buy gaming headsets; get a professional headset or don't get anything, period as for me, probably the Pioneer SE-700; spent ages trying to find a good condition pair, overpaid, and it sucked
I highly doubt this, even the AD2000X isn't as good as the K550, and audio-technica doesn't exactly have a good track record when it comes to their high end gear
uh, "600 ohm headphone amp"? that doesn't make sense, does it have a 600 ohm output impedance or something? also is it a desktop PC or a laptop? most laptops have good soundcards already and if so you probably wont notice a difference with a new DAC
To elaborate further, the Z5 is actually noticably faster in attack than the other Z headphones, but at a price. As you go up, the driver becomes slower in attack but much faster in decay. Basically, take a modern Grado, get rid of the warmth and soundstage, and make it isolate like crazy. It has questionable distortion figures and mediocre extension in either end, and it's a little resonant and poorly controlled. It should theoretically also be the hardest to drive to...
Already sold?
It's just way too diffuse for me ridiculously detailed, and very airy, but its bass really bothered me, it just sounded... off
I never state my opinion as fact, I state facts as facts, maybe you should learn to differentiate between what is objective and what is subjective on your own instead of expecting people to append everything they say with "imo" If I see a large undershoot and subsequent ringing on a 30Hz square wave, I would say "this headphone has poor bass control". The driver is taking too long to return to a smooth line so objectively it's not as good as a headphone that returns to a...
more like they're not even comparable; the T50p is really bad im curious about the T51p though
again, I DO have a spare driver if you want to buy it from me or if you'd like to sell your Z6, I'd be happy to buy it from you send me a PM if you're interested
the ED10 looks okay, but the headband is too thin and the cups are a bit gaudy it also sounds like sin
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