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mm, yeah the DT880 does have a bad 10kHz spike, especially the lower impedance models, I can see where people would find it problematic the DT1350 has it too but to a much lesser degree
u wot m8
Yikes. That bad, huh?
That wasn't my point; no integrated soundcard is amazing, and you're not going to get world-class sound from a laptop. My point is that a huge portion of the audio chips in desktops are quite literally the cheapest single-chip implementations possible. The manufacturer assumes any user who even remotely cares about audio quality is just going to use their own PCI/PCI-E sound card, so they don't waste any money on putting a not-**** chip on the motherboard, whereas a laptop...
Also, a note: I was reading the manual again, and I noticed that Sony recommends wearing them with the center of the driver dome/pad opening placed DIRECTLY over the ear canal. This is a lot farther forward than I was instinctually wearing them; they almost feel like they're gonna fall off. However, they're sounding better and are even a bit more comfortable.   As I move them back on my head they become brighter and more aggressive; first the upper mids become more peaky...
Meh, the first looks nicer but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing either, even ignoring the beats stigma. Both look really consumer-y. On that note, one guilty pleasure of mine:   If I can ever find an authentic pair of these, they're mine, period, I don't even care how they sound. Not sure which color I'd get though.
Not always, imo. I've seen a lot of headphones with REALLY ugly wood usage   like these
You can fix this problem? that would repair at least 3 of my Koss pro drivers. Glad I didn't throw them away.
Not to my ears, man. And I'm not talking cheap Grados either. My friends RS2i ($600, which I had for about 4 weeks) was pretty terrible. Good mids, great transients, but way too much warmth, horrible bass extension, and very harsh up top.  When I hear something I haven't checked the measurements for (like the RS2i), I take a mental note of a few key characteristics that I notice as I use it. After I get a good feel for the headphones (~2-3 weeks of constant eartime and...
That's a KOSS HV/X rebadge, which was their flagship in the 80's. It's supposed to be pretty good.
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