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again, I DO have a spare driver if you want to buy it from me or if you'd like to sell your Z6, I'd be happy to buy it from you send me a PM if you're interested
the ED10 looks okay, but the headband is too thin and the cups are a bit gaudy it also sounds like sin
regarding that: not even close the DT48 was made for audiometrics, the point of it was merely to produce sound at all frequencies the Z7 was made because Sony needed a really good headphone to go along with their home theatre systems, problem with that is they were only truly good at making speakers at the time, so instead of trying to make a new transducer they miniaturized the midrange cone from their top-flight loudspeaker, the SS-G7, and shoved it in a headphone this...
this the best looking headphones thread, not worst looking, and AKG has a lot of different styles for their gear so it's not fair to group them all together like that but yes, beyers headphones are pretty
all of the headphones I mentioned have measurably poor bass performance, you've simply never heard anything better try an electrostat and you'll understand what I'm talking about, some people like it and some people don't, but objectively it's more accurate before I start a fight let me stress something: this hobby is highly subjective and it doesn't really matter what's right from an objective standpoint, what matters is what you like most, and in my case I want as little...
$500 is ridiculous because they're not very good, not because they're on-ear they're surprisingly clean for a closed can but there's a major bottleneck caused by the driver, which makes them sluggish, highly colored, and poorly extended
you said the frequency response was uneven, and while you weren't talking about transparency then, shortly after you said it lacked transparency the point I was trying to make is while an uneven frequency response could cause a lack of transparency, that's not the reason why in the case of the Z7 sorry for the confusion
I might be able to fix this, I've done it before this happened to my Z5 and I managed to fix it by soldering to the little bit of wire on the side of the driver frame leading to the coil if I can't do that I DO have a Z6 with one working driver at the moment and wouldn't be adverse to selling it to you if you want it also with regards to the Z7's detail retrieval, while they are both extremely fast and absurdly detailed, they lack transparency and because of that the...
Haven't had a chance to hear them yet, but measurements suggest they are (though to a much lesser degree than the dynamics I listed) Exceptions are the LCD-3, HE-6, and Abyss, all of which exhibit absurdly good control on the 30Hz wave keep in mind we are only talking about bass here -- the Z7 has numerous weaknesses too also woo 2200'th post
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