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A bit of a tangent, but has anyone else noticed that most of the better sounding vintage headphones have piss-poor comfort? My Pioneer SE-6 doesn't sound even close to my Monitor 10 but I can wear it for hours on end. The Monitor 10, however... not happening. They put a dent in the top of my skull within 20 minutes of use. Other examples are the Sony DR-Z7, Pioneer SE-700, and of course the non suspension-banded Yamahas. All of them clamp like a vice. If it's not weight,...
Uh actually the Sextett is popular simply because it's a very good headphone. The KOSS 4AA was far more common among the mainstream population than the Sextett, but it doesn't see nearly as much praise nowadays because it's not all that good by today's standards. The Sextett however, is. 
The KOSS bias voltage is 600 volts, only 20v higher than Stax Pro bias. The difference in sound between the two is likely not even measurable, let alone audible.  Or do you mean running the ESP/950 off a normal bias port? That would sound horrible; go pro or go home.  
Agreed, I can't wait until another nublet necroposts and we can do this again. Until then, take care.
You must be misinformed on how frequency responses work. You want flat for monitors, not what our ears perceive as neutral. They are not the same thing.  When you factor in the V6's bass distortion to the FR, you are left with a nearly completely flat line from DC to 8kHz. The V6's 10k isn't a peak because it's in line with the rest of the FR. And yes, the V6 can sound pretty shrill and harsh in stock form. This is reflected in the 300Hz square wave response of the...
How? Flatness is all that matters in monitoring and in that regard the 7506 is infinitely superior than EITHER version of the M50.
Just to be fair, I put these on again for the first time in a few years, thinking that my memory of their sound might be a little bit rusty or exaggerated, but no. I can't believe I ever thought these were nice. Half of the vintage cheapies I've owned over the ages sound better than these do.  They're sort of flat... sort of. The FR itself is sort of a frown, however the bass distortion punches up the low end a lot (which is what recesses the midrange) and there's a big...
Go with the ESPs for sure. They'll be more of what you're used to with the HD6x0, except it's a stat, so you get all of their inherent qualities without the brightness of the SR-307. They also have the potential to scale up when used with a better stat amp (such as the SRM-323S). Wait a bit on eBay and you can probably get one that goes for cheap. 
Like the first but not the second.
The Pico Slim is also probably not a fraction as advanced as the PHA-1.  (Before the flame starts: I said advanced, not better.)
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