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More stuff added to the listing. 8ump.
The newer K240 variants are widely regarded as inferior to the older Sextett and Monitor models. My K240 Studio was the worst audio purchase I've ever made.
The 40 ohm version is most common, and the Yamaha orthos are way harder to power than this, I've had both at the same time and compared them side by side :/ What DAC...? You can't power any headphone from a discrete/separate DAC, you need an amp section of some kind...
Uh, disagree. These are the easiest to power orthos I've ever had. And, don't change the pads unless you want to change every single characteristic of the sound (including isolation).
8ump. Prices down AGAIN. Really need to get rid of this stuff........
I have more than one p8ir of them........
Only thing about them I'd worry about build wise is the cable... which is downright atrocious. You'll see why when you get them.
The Smela TDS-16 is easily a great portable itself as well; the pads seal nicely and give you some isolation. They're also very small, much smaller than they look in pictures. Definitely impressive little beasts. I kept one of the three pairs I bought for myself for the sake of collection, but I don't use them all that often. They're hard to adjust to as far as the tonal balance goes.
The problem with the K550 is getting a proper seal, it can be a huge PITA especially if you have a small head. If you do manage to get them to seal right, they have excellent bass.
Ugh, 8ump. All prices lowered, again. At this point I'm basically giving everything aw8y. ::::I
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