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you said the frequency response was uneven, and while you weren't talking about transparency then, shortly after you said it lacked transparency the point I was trying to make is while an uneven frequency response could cause a lack of transparency, that's not the reason why in the case of the Z7 sorry for the confusion
I might be able to fix this, I've done it before this happened to my Z5 and I managed to fix it by soldering to the little bit of wire on the side of the driver frame leading to the coil if I can't do that I DO have a Z6 with one working driver at the moment and wouldn't be adverse to selling it to you if you want it also with regards to the Z7's detail retrieval, while they are both extremely fast and absurdly detailed, they lack transparency and because of that the...
Haven't had a chance to hear them yet, but measurements suggest they are (though to a much lesser degree than the dynamics I listed) Exceptions are the LCD-3, HE-6, and Abyss, all of which exhibit absurdly good control on the 30Hz wave keep in mind we are only talking about bass here -- the Z7 has numerous weaknesses too also woo 2200'th post
Yes, really. The Z7 gives me all of the bass and none of the B/S, and I can't say that about any of those headphones I mentioned. The HD600 was loose, diffuse, and bloomy, the HD800 was much of the same (to a slightly lesser degree), the SA5000 was just a mess, and the Q701 was about the same as the HD800 but slightly less diffused And they were all extremely well amped so don't try to play that card
even most $1k+ headphones aren't all metal the HD800 is plastic-tastic
note the air quotes by basslight I mean headphones with bass that is extremely controlled and clean to the point where it is entirely devoid of bloom or "felt bass"; most people call this "stat-like bass" because electrostats inherently have this control whereas it is an extremely rare thing in dynamics and even planars the Sony DR-Z7 has this quality, and the Fostex T50v1 and its variants (NAD RP18, Sansui SS-100) have it as well the SA5000, Q701, HD600, HD800, etc are...
probably, most people don't like the hyper-overdampened bass of the Z7 because it doesn't have the dynamic bloom most people are used to its like an electrostat in that regard, though to a lesser degree; all of the bass is there but it isn't "felt", only heard if you're interested I do have an almost complete Z6 and would be interested in a trade or trade plus cash, my Z7 has a minor (but annoying) channel imbalance and thus is confined to my home where I can correct...
exactly, I love "basslight" headphones my favorite headphone is an unbearably bright clamp machine to most people, but I adore it
I need to find an SS-100 already damnit
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