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This isn't fair either. If companies would get their **** together they'd know that closed can match and sometimes even surpass open when done right.But I digress, closed headphones are significantly harder to engineer, and there is a considerable gap between most open headphones and most closed headphones.
No idea, but the 10-II sounds ******* brilliant. It's the best monitor I've ever used, and one of the most resolving headphones I've ever used as well.Its flat, its comfortable, it isolates, its ridiculously detailed, it has amazing bass AND treble extension, it has astoundingly low distortion (orthodynamic levels of low, im not even kidding), and it's got a massive soundstage. And it does all of these things out of almost anything; they aren't even remotely hard to...
I didn't think these even EXISTED, holy crap Pioneer had two independant headphone lines, one was their "listening" gear and one was their monitoring gear, the SE-450/550/650, Monitor 7, 10, 10-II etc are all monitors while the SE-X line is aimed at consumer audiophiles all I can say is that I hated the SE-6, it was overly warm and diffused and sounded extremely un-detailed all of these traits apply to the HD600 as well IMO so I probably wont like these or the...
ooh... very tempting, these sounded quite nice on my NAD RP18 before I sold it   if I had an SS-100 I'd nab these
Are they even discontinuing the older models? I don't think they are... besides, the HE-400 had a lot of issues
I've only seen one measurement, and it was just an FR chart, which is only about 1/10th of the amount of information Tylls charts provide. Based on HiFiMAN's previous headphones, I'm much less worried about the FR than I am about the THD and diaphragm control (especially since they're using singe-sided drive).
I'm still waiting for Tyll to get his hands on these. If the measurements suggest there's any truth to the "better than the HE-6" claims, I'm getting one immediately.
They're from 1999 if I remember correctly, so yeah. Definitely not "vintage" by most peoples standard of the word. But if you go by definitions, vintage just means it's something that's discontinued and made to a different (not necessarily better ) standard of quality than modern examples, so even the recently discontinued Denon line would be considered vintage.
Wow I didn't know these were one of the 1990s headphones.  Intriguing. I was expecting something more like this:  (image source:
Trying to find a pair of these, though I'm not holding my breath.   The Monitor 10R is a remake of the older, slightly prettier Monitor 10-II. It never sold in large numbers though, and isn't seen very often.   They need to be in at least functional condition, but as always good condition is preferred.   Not sure how to price it, I think the MSRP was something like $150 or so. Name a price.   Cheers.
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