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Might wanna stay away from the K812. Knowing AKG they're probably going to release a revision of it that tries to "fix" what their customers don't like about it (a'la K712). I'd go with a Q701 for now. If you want to be spendy, the HD800 is basically a direct upgrade to the Qs, but its that "extra 1% of performance" situation and the HD800 requires a monster amp (read: more $$$) while the Q701 should sound good out of mostly anything.
My friend used the same term to describe them. Thing is, that is by no means a flaw. It means they're transparent. They're dead because they don't impart anything to the sound, it's just music. Very few headphones do this.  There are two types of audiophiles, people who listen to their gear and/or money and people who listen to their music. Since you didn't like them, I think it's obvious what kind of listener you are. Not saying that's a bad thing, mind you. I can listen...
What? The V200 isn't dark...
The V200 is more than capable of driving the Audeze's. So, no, you just didn't like it.
KOSS Pro/4AAAT. Not anywhere near as bad as people seem to think but still rather atrocious. They never get used.
Only a very select few vintage orthodynamics are above that impedance range. The Audeze's and higher-end HiFiMANs most certainly aren't easy to power and they are all 50-60 ohms if I recall correctly. Saying that the Oppo's can be powered by anything doesn't only mean that they're low impedance, it also means they're sensitive, which in turn most likely means that their design is intentionally crippled to make them easier to power.   But we shall see.
Pro bias only? Can this be modded for normal bias?
That's surprising, my YH-1 fell off every time my head wasn't completely vertical. But I would agree that they didn't exactly isolate well.  I'd like to see about replacing the strut with a metal one, but that'll have to wait until I actually own a pair again. >__>
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