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What the ****. Did he even DO anything?
Dear God that's such a terrible design. "Here lets plaster one of the most resonant materials on the planet ALL OVER THE FRONT OF THE TRANSDUCER." For that to even be close to good sounding you'd have to cut out or replace that entire baffle plate. 
Why bother sticking the amp in there, I'd rather use that cup space for damping...
Problem with that: inflation. $150 today is the equivalent of roughly $500 in 1978.  Plus we already have one. Fostex T50RP.
Perhaps, but I highly doubt that their first one will be it.
You have got to be kidding. OH wait, you probably mean the 007 MKI. The MKII and III are total fart machines, the MKI is not...
Why would we? Most dynamic drivers are very durable unless they're deficiently designed.
Well put me down for the new model then.  :D
I can say that I loved my friend's Q701 and that it measures extremely well. It's incredibly similar to the HD800. People often make the inference that the Q701 is the K701, but there were changes made. The K701 had some nasty modal breakup around the 2kHz region (lower treble/upper mids). The Q701 doesn't have this issue, making it a lot more transparent.  I haven't heard the K812, but if the measurements are any indication I'd like to buy one and put Q701 drivers in it...
Might wanna stay away from the K812. Knowing AKG they're probably going to release a revision of it that tries to "fix" what their customers don't like about it (a'la K712). I'd go with a Q701 for now. If you want to be spendy, the HD800 is basically a direct upgrade to the Qs, but its that "extra 1% of performance" situation and the HD800 requires a monster amp (read: more $$$) while the Q701 should sound good out of mostly anything.
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