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Implementation is everything, and the enclosure on the Pro is a lot different than the one on the Premium. Something can use the same driver as something else, yet sound wildly different. Note the stock Fostex T50RP compared to (insert XYZ T50RP mod here).
Wait, ****. I thought he meant the DT990 Premium, not the Pro. Yeah, the HE-400 is probably at about the same level as the Pro, whereas the Premium is more refined. Still, making the extra stride for the HE-500 wouldn't be a bad decision. 
A week and a half is not enough time to decide whether you like a headphone. I've had my Pioneer Monitor 10-II for nearly 2 months and I'm only just now starting to realize how amazing it is. I do not own the momentum, but I have heard it; a friend of mine has a pair. If it did anything right, it was bass and vocals. Tyll Hertsens' graphs support this. It was a bit slow and lacked impact, and had a little bit of reflection/resonance in the cups. The graphs support this as...
um the bass is nearly 10dB above the treble, are you insane its also very linear up until the bottom of the upper midrange so vocals should sound wonderful also this
I'd go with something more current oriented than the E09K, though low budget current amps are relatively scarce. The E09k would probably sound alright with the HE-500, but I'm not positive. Perhaps a Magni instead (though you'd need to use a different DAC). A Lehmann BCL or one of it's many clones might be suitable, as that's what I'll be getting for my setup once I can afford it. I've got a few current monsters myself and I could let you know how it performs.
Most of the reliable impressions of the orpheus say it's a really poorly designed stat, it's designed to sound euphoric and inviting instead of perfect it'd probably complement the 009 but it's definitely not better than it
Unless he's running it off an Apex Pinnacle, I'd beg to differ. But whatever. Updated ranking: 1: Pioneer Monitor 10-II2: Sony DR-Z7 (would still be top dog if it was more comfortable but this ****er hurts me)3: Sterling TE-4004: Pioneer SE-500  
I'd suggest skipping it in favor of the HE-400i, HE-500, or HE-560, as the DT990 definitely outclasses the HE-400.
Need to get rid of these within the next 24 hours. If I can't get buyers for both by 12:00 AM EST, I'm not selling them.   Echo TDS-16 (Smela version): NOS, tested once then put back in the box. Has all packaging and goodies. Cable hasn't even been uncoiled. Very competent USSR orthodynamics. $150 shipped CONUS.   Philips N6330: Rare OEM version of the K240 Sextett. Almost mint, with box. Missing one logo badge on the right side of the headphone. Pads are perfect....
.. what?
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