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yeah no the portapro can't outdo the SS-100 hell the HD600 can't outdo the SS-100 they all have somewhat similar tonal balances but the SS-100 is by far the most refined of the three; the HD600 sounds tizzy and harsh in comparison
That has changed to  1: SS-100 2: Monitor 10-II (highly modified) 
 it'd be takato-sama and no, the 4AAA is the only one I can recommend but that's conditional on mods and getting a series 2 version check here for more info:
...No, he was not right. The 4AAA and Reference One use the same drivers. The 4AAA seals better and has a better soundstage. It's also lighter and more comfortable. I've owned both. The Reference One is just an unusual variant of the main line that doesn't really exist for any particular reason. Also, the drivers are 55m, but the active diaphragm area is 50mm.
so wait, we're supposed to reply to the PM they sent, right? or are we supposed to email them?
Good drivers, these ones. Peerless MB 55mm pleated orthodynamic dipoles, used in the TDS-5M, B&O U70, Magnat RT-10, and several others. Sound great in an open implementation. This is the 57-hole version, there are different ones with larger, less plentiful holes in the magnets, but the diaphragm is the same for all of them. High max input, nice midrange, extension is slightly lacking but overall very nice sounding in the right implementation.
Sign me up, please -- !!! I've had a LOT of headphones in the past, check my profile...
Final price drop. Bump.
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