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because people will pay it
Got them yet?
Kinda surprised, Final usually either makes really good or really, really bad equipment; I haven't heard of any in-betweens until this point.
The 4X Plus uses the Series 3 driver, haven't heard it myself but I wouldn't be very hopeful if I were you. The series 3 4AAA was utter ****.
Still haven't found one...
The even order bass distortion is too high, making it syrupy, thick, and overbearing. The unevenness I'm referring to is the midbass hump, which is a very noticeable and common coloration that makes things sound boomy. I already have one that hits harder than the THx00 without the coloration and distortion, but as most people here could understand, I want moar.
Planars cannot push as much air as dynamics can, so I'd prefer a dynamic. Yeah no, the Fostex cans are too uneven and distorted. Thanks though.
uh neither of those are better, the HP50 is a lot more bloated and the T70p has worse control but even then you can't compare tyll's plots to the other one because they're not done with the same rig
Driver size has nothing to do with extension extremes. Responsiveness is what gives a headphone good extension, which means tight tolerances between the magnet and voice coil to maximize the intensity of the magnetic field and (typically) a diaphragm that is light and easy to move. The Z7 does not have the latter; metal coatings are heavy and the huge surface of the diaphragm means more metal, and more weight. This also isn't factoring in the distortion figures, etc. The...
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