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They are about the same size, yes. Though, I think Beyer EDT1350-SL pads would work better on the Sansui. Other pads seem to compress too easily and you feel the cups behind them.I wanted to try them with it myself but I had to sell it off before I ever got the chance...Very nice headphones if you can get past the comfort, btw. Clean and flat sounding, definitely one of the better things I've owned over the years, though not super fast or open...
Well, Photoshop Express... you ******.
You can thank the camera, Photoshop, and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for that impression... the second pair was absolutely trashed when I got it and has some serious damage.The rubber gaskets that hold the cups on are rotted to hell and breaking, the right cup mesh had fallen off and the damping for that channel is missing, the cable was oxidized to hell, and several screws have been lost and replaced... I honestly think this was found crammed into the back of an outdoor...
Time to let the cat out of the bag...
I don't think that Sennheiser did any OEM work, so the Grundigs are likely a clone/copycat of the Sennheisers. They were very popular so this wouldn't be surprising, but I'm not certain. Maybe GREQ or nick could chime in? 
Sold! Enjoy!
Finally got some stuff back! All of these are modified, some more than others. All are being driven from a Geek Out 450.   1: Sansui SS-100:   Most transparent by far. Distorts a bit compared to the HE-6 (especially in the upper midrange) but cleaner, smoother, and far more natural sounding. My absolute favorite of anything I've ever tried, the midrange is truly something special and they maintain fantastic extension into both bass and treble. By far the best seductive...
Back up for sale.
GREQ you ****** now I wanna try one
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