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Feces. Guess we'll have to wait for the NA release. Hopefully they don't pull the kind of B/S they pulled with their super-high-end products in the 80s and make it Japan-only...
Just got them.   Fantastic clarity and imaging. Wow. The "in-ear HD800" people weren't kidding. The closest I've heard to the HD800 in clarity so far. Separation, control, everything "technical" about these is remarkably well refined. Midrange tone is dead-on accurate and extremely smooth. Bass drops off sooner than I'd like, but not to the point where it's problematic.    Same balance issue I had with the K1000 and Q701 in the upper ranges. I don't know what it is,...
.. no, awful. Lifeless and distant, lacking resolving capability. Poor treble extension. Worse bass extension. Dark and shallow at the same time. I had them plugged into my Gustard H10 set on +12 gain. Tried a 20W speaker amp and got worse results (just louder, and less detail). This was a "bass-light" pair if I'm not mistaken. 11k S/N. I've since started on transplanting HD800 drivers into it.
... I really, really hope not. The K1000 I tried was pretty awful.
PM me before resorting to eBay, dude... Ive been looking for these.
Stop making me want one even more... that thing literally never shows up anywhere. Makes me wonder what the hell happened to all of them.
200 ohm? Plenty of power. If it was a 5 ohm on the other hand, you'd need a ludicrously powerful amp sent to extremely low gain. You need as much clean current as possible for those monsters. Speaker amps fed into resistor boxes is probably a good option.
this it looks like a slightly el-cheapo, gloss 009 lol
We'll be able to compare it to an RP18 mylar soon but for now here are the three Tyll has measured: A stock Fostex T50v2: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/FostexT50.pdf A stock Sansui SS-100: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SansuiSS100.pdf And finally, Kabeer's modded Aiwa HP-500: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AiwaHP500DIYModifiedKabeer.pdf Given the massive difference Kabeer's mods seem to have made, I'm gonna try modding my SS-100 and see if I can achieve...
Wait, 1000 for the first production run or 1000 pairs period???
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