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1: Sansui SS-100 (modified): Focus-A earpads. Single rockwool felt damping disc from a B&O U70 over rear of driver. Stock pads removed. Low bass and high treble to die for. Slight 8kHz peak and ringing. Soundstage has some holes. Slightly "crisp" coloration -- slight odd-order distortion in the lower treble. Extremely resolving. Very very comfortable for a planar; my RP18 physically hurts me by comparison.   2: Sennheiser HD700 (heavily modified): Use Google if you want...
A $1500 2-way headphone in 2015. I thought we were done with this crap in the 70s.
The hell does "hacked" even mean in this context??   Here I was thinking it was a DIY contest...
holy ****
The Oppo isn't going to be much better than your laptop most likely. You'd be better off with an OTL for those old senns; they are 2000 ohms and require a huge amount of power.
This listing is for a fully working driver from an 11k S/N K1000 (I believe this is a bass heavy pair). This is from a pair I bought on eBay a few months ago to use as a DIY project. Fully tested and guaranteed functional. This listing is for the single working driver only -- no other pieces are included.   I will pack this very very carefully to prevent any damage in shipping.   Not much more to say, really.   Asking for $200 $150 shipped CONUS. International buyers...
Thank you for explaining this, I couldn't word it correctly. +1
Wow, can't believe they copied that design from Sansui.   Literally exactly the same as the SS-100, just moved to the strut instead of the yoke. Not like anyone cares 40 years later, hell it could even be coincidence, but still.
Gonna take a shot in the dark and say they're the same. With such a thin diaphragm, if the traces aren't very wide, the impedance will naturally be enormous.
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