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Nope, tried that. The imbalance persists at all volume levels. It is not present with any other headphones, either.
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So, anyone know why a Beyer DT48 S would have a massively disorientating channel imbalance out of some sources while having perfect balance out of others? I suspect a grounding issue... but at the same time jostling the cable produces no alterations to the sound. I'm stumped.
wow for once I kind of want currawong to intervene
whee   1: Sony MDR-605 2: Sansui SS-35 3: Audio-Technica ATH-5   everything else is either with Tyll or being sold off
Oh. Stupid linear naming convention.
Really? I thought it was rather tizzy, etched, and overwhelmingly bassy. Definitely not what I'd call "easy-listening", and far too thin in the midrange for vocals. The imaging was kind of nebulous as well.YMMV, I suppose.
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