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That's a pretty insulting statement. 
No. The only thing my first Z6 ever experienced travel wise was shipping to me from Wyoming and transport to a coffee shop for a mini-meet, and that was only AFTER the original cable failed and was replaced. It failed from normal, at-home use, with the cable either left untouched after listening or unplugged and loosely coiled up on my desk. After that pair had a driver failure I took more extreme care with the second one, leaving it in the same spot it all times and...
This basically sums up how I felt about them. I got more of the "special" with the Z7 at the cost of a more fatiguing listen, but somehow still worth it... I'm not sure I'd still feel the same way though. 
So, do you think these are staying?
lol just tryin' to help man, I honestly think the Z6 is cursed because of how much of a dicking it's given me over the years, I shouldn't be able to buy three pairs of the same headphone and have all of them fail on me.. especially not when older headphones were and are still fine after the same care regimen.
no you didn't get lucky, that's how my pads were when I got them too. they were shot within a month of using them extensively. I'd suggest wiping the pads off with a microfiber cloth or paper towel to remove the sweat and keep it from permeating the leather.
drivers are different, Z7 has a thicker palladium coating and is tuned looser to compensate for the fabric pads theres also a leather-padded version of the Z7 that's EU-only; I've never seen a pair but the Z7 is pictured with pleather pads in the manual. I did put the Z6 pleather pads on my Z7 when I owned both and it sounded muddy and slow, until I adjusted the damping to the driver, after which it sounded better than any of the other Z headphones did in stock form...
These are a unique but very very good sounding headphone. Think High-Fidelity Beats -- extremely huge bass, but extremely tight, well-extended, low distortion bass. Nice midrange and good treble extension too. Speedy, clean, and deceptively spacious sounding. Also, these have insane build quality and isolate better than any other over-ear I've ever used. I have safely used these as hearing protection while mowing the lawn!   A close friend of mine used a phrase to...
They look better in photos than in person. And the sound is pretty mediocre.
DUDE, where the **** did you get that?? Holy crap. Personally I'd try it before worrying about the functionality. If it doesn't work once the speaker amp comes in, maybe ask spritzer to take a look at it.
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