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still the SS-100  
Short break from the HD-S9 for something a bit less obscure:       Got this absolutely pristine YH-100 off eBay a few days ago and have been listening to it for a while. This came from the original owner, with the manual, brochure, and original sales receipt. I love it when people take care of their belongings, no seriously. One of the most satisfying feelings in the world to get something that was babied so well. No box though.   These are heavy, but not the...
 It actually didn't take very much time to make, I have quite a bit of 3D modeling experience I roughly copied the original design but altered it to do two things: seal against the side of the cup and make the new acoustic lens as insignificant as possible to minimize reflections from the material I used. I also heavily tested the stock tuning against the new baffle as well as several different damping schemes to see what I could get out of this driver and they were...
Some progress with the HD-S9:             Got the prototype print in the mail today. Turned out very nicely, the scale is perfect and it fits the cups exactly.   However, the driver cannot be mounted in with the mesh screen in place due to how the hinge works. Its a YH-1 type hinge and the arm sticks into the cups a considerable distance. Thus I adjusted the tolerances slightly to give myself ~4mm extra clearance in the cups. This should give me enough...
The problem with most of the new planars compared to the T50 variants is the treble response.   All of the T50 variants have extremely smooth and controlled upper range response, while most (if not all) of the HiFiMAN offerings have some form of tizz or lack of linearity in the upper mids/lower treble. The LCD-2 has some peakage in that area as well.    The new model planars have measurably superior bass extension, but modding the T50 variants properly can give you...
Not a chance. I wouldn't let mine go for less than $800 either. Mine's in extremely good shape and modified though.
Not gonna happen man. A "super" non-fazor LCD-3 is what you want, but it won't last. The drivers slowly die over time.  The LCD-2.2 is close... ish. There's a sense of ultimate clarity you lose with the Audeze.
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