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Disappointing. Are they as good or worse than the DT1350?
To me that just says it's really pretentious, but as was said before: to each his own.
Old wires get corroded and oxidized over time, and in cases of low impedance headphones it's very possible to hear noticeable differences when they're replaced. The 4AAA used poor wires, but it had high impedance transducers so the only thing you should be noticing is more volume.
1: Pioneer Monitor 10-II: Immensely articulate and refined. Transparent and clear. Has the same "pioneer smoothness" present in almost all of their old gear. Flawless treble.  A little bit of weirdness in the bass that I simply cannot explain. Poor build quality and a very resonant enclosure. Reliant on a perfect seal; not glasses-friendly. Supremely comfortable; almost enjoyable to wear. Astonishingly good for their time period; probably the best headphone in the world at...
Stay away from ultrasone, their drivers are horrible (unless of course it's the enclosure that's causing THIS, which I doubt). Ooh, please do, I didn't get a chance to open mine before I sold it.
I'm sorry but I just can't stand either of the momentums, especially not the black/red ones (that's been overdone to death). This is not a "retro" styling at all; retro is pure functional simplicity, not hyper flashy shiny curvy B/S like the momentums. The Yamaha YH-1/2 and Audio-Technica ATH-6D have what I'd call a "retro" styling.
too bad the MK2 isn't a fraction as good as the MK1 the MK1 is also prettier IMO  <3 champagne aluminum
Haven't heard those, but the AT dynamics I've had from the 1980s were all pretty underwhelming, so it's probably safe to say they're a couple notches below the sextett. AT seems to have problems with extension extremes and managing the IMD of their headphone transducers, even nowadays...
I feel very bad for wanting a pair of these someone smack me
Implementation is everything, and the enclosure on the Pro is a lot different than the one on the Premium. Something can use the same driver as something else, yet sound wildly different. Note the stock Fostex T50RP compared to (insert XYZ T50RP mod here).
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