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They're supposed to have some type of analog crossfeed filter built in... unsure about the sound, but personally I wouldn't take the chance at that price. But yes, they are quite pretty.
I'd like to interject here... the lows of this headphone are not lacking in any way whatsoever. It's not gonna slam like an Audez'e, but every single bit of frequency content from DC to 200Hz is present, and very controlled and clear.I can only hear to 17ish kHz, so grain of salt yadda yadda, but the treble sounds much of the same. Relaxed, not aggressive, but all there and very refined. Though, Tyll's measurements of a modded Fostex T30 (which the SS-100 is very similar...
looks much more like an SA3000 + MDR-F1 lovechild to me
Yeah... no. "Reasonable price" is not going to happen. You'll either have to convince another Head-Fier to sell theirs or try to get one when/if it shows up on eBay. Either way, the price will be exorbitant, and if it's not it'll be gone within minutes. I spent a total of $550 on mine and that can be considered a "steal" based on the other prices that have been showing up. The last pair that went on eBay ended upwards of $900. Not to mention the fact that, as IceClass...
Do not buy a Vita only for audio. It can't power anything to normal volumes save for super sensitive earbuds and IEMs. It doesn't sound all that nice either; smoothed over and kinda dull. ... Honestly the few games it has are pretty poor too. The hardware was so advanced when it came out that developing for it was prohibitively expensive, so very few developers got in on it. I'd say skip it altogether.
This is not an impressive feat by any means. Numerous companies were doing this in the 1970s and 80s. Toshiba got really close to a top stat, too. (Aurex HR-810)
  The Pioneers have an amazing soundstage actually. Closed headphones are not inherently smaller in presentation than open headphones, it's just much harder to engineer and produce because you do have to control the backwave very very well in a closed design. Hence the distinct scarcity of "open sounding" closed headphones available these days.
... what
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