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I really hope you're right, but I also really doubt it. The T50RP has some of the most abrupt bass roll off I've ever seen in a modern headphone, and it's only fixable with closed cups and an assload of damping. The TH500RP uses a transducer based off the T50RP, and unlike the T50RP, it's fully open.
Monitor 10-II never distorts on any of these 20Hz is a massage 16Hz is audible 12Hz can be felt this is at normal listening levels, NOT cranking them when I crank them 10 is a massage, and theres still no distortion at all
Holy ****. These are the people who worked on the DR-Z7, Qualia, and R10...
I don't know what it is :X But, that SE-450 driver looks quite different from the Monitor 10-IIs. Intriguing.  I should be able to post pictures of a Toshiba HR-810's drivers relatively soon.
1: AKG Q701 and Sennheiser HD250 Linear II: Too close to call. Equally technically capable, Qs are a bit more natural but have bass roll off and upper midrange hiss, Linear II has better extension in both directions but can sound way too bright and bassy. Both have huge, intricate soundstaging and are very fast and clean. HD250 isolates like crazy. Q701 is prettier and feels nicer in the hands.   2: Pioneer Monitor 10-II: There are some really nasty cup resonations going...
This can happen with any headphone. The REAL test is how your other headphones sound after using it for a good, extended period of time. If you do this and find yourself wanting to go back to the MDR-Z7, you should probably hold onto it. If your other headphones immediately sound better than it, and continue to do so, you should probably move on. 
These will not give the bloat, bloom, or slam that bassheads like. Get an SZ2000 if you want a high quality basshead headphone.
The TH600 has much more treble and most people will probably prefer it. I find the TH600's treble disgusting and would rather have none (or close to none) than what it offers. The MDR-Z7 has a better presentation and is more comfortable. It's also built better. Otherwise, the TH600 is superior "technically". Both are slaughtered by a 32 year old supra aural in every imaginable aspect except comfort. This is my problem with them; form is given priority and function takes...
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