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But then why does it happen with some things and not others? 
If you only count the time this classified was up, about 2 years and two months. But I was looking for them well before then, so it's hard to say for sure. It's definitely been at least 3 years.
Finally got one. Closing listing.
Here's some pictures; aside from all the grime and tarnish, which I cleaned off with rubbing alcohol, these are immaculate.          
Welp. Here you go.             The photos don't do these justice, btw. This is the most beautiful headphone I've ever seen.   Could someone repost these in the orthodynamic roundup thread? I'd do it myself but Currawong perma'd me from it.
Take a Q701, give it more low bass and high treble, but at the cost of higher grain, lower detail, and some slight tizz. It's definitely more "hi-fi" sounding in signature, as the Q701 always sounded a bit mid-centric to me, but it's not as transparent or realistic and the upper ranges are very rough. Not unpleasantly so, but definitely not natural or accurate. It's a trade-off.  Which it shouldn't be, given the exorbitant price, but a lot of what you're paying for is...
Surprisingly: superb. I'd like to get these measured before I make any outlandish statements, but some modded Fostex planars have close to Audez'e bass extension with tighter control, and I would not be surprised if these are much of the same. A lot of people believe that the SS-100 is very well dampened in stock form, better than any other large driver Fostex headphone, and judging by the sound I agree.  I'd really like to hear these with a Liquid Gold or maybe Ragnarok....
Far beyond, for sure. I expected the bright disgusting mess of my RP18.  I was always able to appreciate the timbral qualities of planars, the way they render details and placement is so very raw and pure, and astoundingly realistic. However, every planar I've tried up until now had a way of sounding incredibly dull and dark after a short period of time due to what I can only assume were problems with the frequency response. This "lo-fi" coloration was actually intensified...
No, I've just been getting a lot of gear in the mail. I sent some headphones to Tyll for measurements, ranked what I had left out of boredom, then got a pair of K812s as a loaner and re-ranked, then got all of the headphones I sent out back, and then got the SS-100 in the mail and re-ranked. This all happened within the scope of a week and a half. Lol.
first impressions here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/293113/the-new-sansui-ss-100-thread/90#post_11206936   photos will have to be taken tomorrow; these arrived absolutely filthy and I've only had time to clean one side so far
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