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These will not give the bloat, bloom, or slam that bassheads like. Get an SZ2000 if you want a high quality basshead headphone.
The TH600 has much more treble and most people will probably prefer it. I find the TH600's treble disgusting and would rather have none (or close to none) than what it offers. The MDR-Z7 has a better presentation and is more comfortable. It's also built better. Otherwise, the TH600 is superior "technically". Both are slaughtered by a 32 year old supra aural in every imaginable aspect except comfort. This is my problem with them; form is given priority and function takes...
Honestly, these have their place on the market right now, I'd take them over the TH600 in all aspects (build, sound, comfort), at $50-100 less.    I was just massively disappointed that they couldn't even match their grandfather, let alone fix its problems. I was hoping these would help Sony would pull themselves out of the recent hole they've dug themselves into and spark another era of excellence from them. But alas, it is not to be. Maybe they'll do something amazing...
nay if you're me or byrnie
I would not advise you to do either of those if you want "quality" bass. The SZ2000 is too muddy for audiophiles and the Pro 900 will give you hearing damage because of its ridiculously aggressive treble. The best bass I've heard so far was from a Sennheiser HD250 Linear II. Unmatched tightness and control while still maintaining the capability to pound your skull to oblivion. They don't go for very much either. Unfortunately, they're very hard to find. Another option is a...
they felt like protein leather to me but Im not 100% positive
What you were saying is quite contrary to that. 
1: Sennheiser HD250 Linear II: Perfect (sometimes too much so, these rip things apart), very comfy, huge stage, unmatched bass and treble extension, ridiculous clarity and detail - 2: AKG Q701: Close to the 250 but middy and less refined by comparison; possibly more "natural" and easier to listen to  - 3: Sony DR-Z7: Close to the Qs but slightly less refined overall, more bass, less treble, smaller soundstage - 4: Pioneer Monitor 10: Slightly less refined than any of...
I'm not asking anyone to care if I hate it, I'm just sharing my opinion for what it's worth.
+1 billion this is inexcusable
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