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LOL okay then.
Finally found one. <3
Regarding the U70, I didn't find they were so much bass light, it was moreso that they sounded really hot and unnatural throughout the frequency range... it was basically just like my (heavily modified) KOSS Pro/4AAA tonally, with somehow worse transients and higher THD. Compared to my (stock) YH-1, they were damn terrible. They just sort of seemed to sound "off" in some way that I couldn't really describe at the time.  It's weird, since the Magnat RT-10 (menitoned...
But of course. 
I'd say they make it cringe worthy because of the harsh treble, but okay then.
Uh, you can't use that with an iDevce. 3.5mm TOSLINK =//////= 3.5mm TRS. 
Explain this. Where is said haze? To my ears the headphones sound slightly veiled up top because of the lack of treble extension but that's about it. They did sound exceptionally strange at first listen but once my ears adjusted to the colorations it was a very enjoyable sound.  As much as KOSS and their consumers didn't like to admit it, the 4AA and thus the 4AAA (same drivers) were designed for one thing, and that's vocal monitoring. They were originally headsets, after...
No interest? I mean, after hearing these I have absolutely no desire to mod them anymore, they're too good to defile, and I'm not exactly easy to please. Maybe people are underpowering them? Or perhaps it's expectation bias; ie metal plated headphones must sound metallic and bright just like wood headlines must sound organic? Maybe it's just because they're not a mainstream audiophile brand?
I too am looking for information. So far what I've found is that the felt-paper-felt damping configuration works best for the YH-1. It's just like it sounds; 2 circles of felt sandwiched with a circle of paper in the middle.  If this is wrong or someone has something better, feel free to jump on in and correct me. As far as this thread being dead for a while, guess what I found...  NOS. They're on their way right now. Excited.
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