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Something current-oriented like the mini Schiit stack (Magni + Modi) would be great for the HE-400. An A1 clone (available on eBay) would probably be a good pairing too, but you'd still need a DAC. The Schiit stack is prettier and smaller, so I'd just go with that.
+1, the O2 is made for high impedance, high sensitivity loads.  However, if you listen to bass heavy music, I'd suggest the HE-400 before I suggested the DT880. Of course, the HE-400 is a planar, meaning the O2 won't be the best match for it. Not saying it'll sound bad, but it won't be as good as it has the potential to be. Given your current setup the DT880 600 ohm is a better choice, however it can be pretty bright at times so beware.
Geez, why so low on the HD590 for everything but gaming? Most people say its 98% of the HD600, just a little bit brighter... (I've been eyeing the 590s for a very long time so I'd like to hear your thoughts)
I have interest in music, I just don't exactly enjoy it when my headphones are fighting me every step of the way. Or the amplifier, for that matter. At my core I am a music lover, not an audiophile. I've just been spoiled by good headphones.  My apologies if I came off as rude, I'm just an opinionated shᴉthead who tends to over-exaggerate his arguments. I haven't heard tubes yet but they are objectively inferior to solid state amplification by nature. If they do in...
So to make them sound good you need something that adds warmth (distortion) and smears details. Okay. [/ROLLING MY ******* EYES] The SA5000 isn't a good headphone. It's essentially an open-air, angled Grado. Except, nasty ringing and resonances aside, Grados actually have fast attack. The SA5000 doesn't. It does sound fast at first listen but as you keep using it you realize it's just faking speed by being dry, bass light, and treble happy. It's slow and its treble is...
Ugh, this 8n't going very well. 8ump. ::::(
Sibilance yes, etching no. 
Audio Technica ATH-6D, the charcoal gray version...         More/better pictures when I get my pair; these are from KANA's blog. Lots of really pretty headphones over there as well, check it out:
No one knows, they haven't given an ETA.  An oval planar driver is going to have modal problems so that's already put the nails in the coffin for me. It's not going to be worth its asking price.
Low bitrate will smooth out any edginess by muddling up the treble. So, in short, no, that's not what's causing it.
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