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If the (mylar) RP18 is any indicator (which it should be given the nature of the SS-100 transducer) then the bass, while not lacking, is rather overshadowed by the upper regions, at least in stock form. The RP18 also has some NASTY distortion up top; not sure if that was my amp, lack of mods, or the transducer, but it was there and is the reason why I sold it. My hope is the SS-100 lacks this issue due to the heavily dampened enclosure... if I can ever get my mitts on one...
The Abyss doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the 009, but ignoring that, I'm also rather curious about them as well. Does anyone even own these yet? Since this thread died I haven't seen any reviews, or news, or anything about them for that matter...
Drat. My quest for the SS-100 continues.
Dear God that is one of the prettiest things I've ever seen
... Absolutely not. The two are nothing alike.
That's some crazy ******* ESP you got going on there. >___________>
I find that only a select few headphones render soundstage properly. Most render depth as height, which sounds unnatural to my ears. The Pioneer Monitor 10 is the only exception I've heard so far. Perhaps try one, I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, specifically its soundstage. Don't underestimate it simply because it's closed and old, it's really something special. My friend claims the AKG Q701 renders depth properly too, though. Not entirely sure if I believe him;...
The only reason I got the K240 in the first place was because we were at Guitar center and my brother was getting a new guitar.  Hype had no influence. It was simple new toy lust and the K240S was the most appealing thing there, so that's what I got. Also, the older K240 models are all incredibly good, especially the DF. The newer variants aren't comparable in any way shape or form.
OH, I think I know what's going on. An annoying thing about the Monitor 10's design is that the cable that runs through the headband can get caught between the cup and the adjustments. This makes the cups sit on your head all funky and prevents a seal from being formed, which makes them sound as you describe. Move the cables to the outside of the yoke and you're set.
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