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turns out I derped, my drivers are labeled "TH05" and I thought this was a model number of one of Fostex's headphones I was thinking of the TH-5B (which has 30mm mylar drivers so not even close) I may be more tired than I initially thought...
Lettering on the magnet is different... these could actually be different capsules from the same series.
Hm, that trace pattern and density is pretty lackluster. I'm guessing these sound possibly a bit loose and flabby (maybe rolled or distorted)? Pretty nonetheless. I like how much of the diaphragm is trace-free though. Probably very smooth sounding.
Holy crap! Audeze, Focus, and THX00 pads all gone within twelve hours! Thanks a lot guys.
Alas, 'tis but the natural fate of a headphone modder, to gather a ludicrous sum of ear cushions throughout his quest to achieve audio nirvana. So here I shall place those which did not fit the bill back up for sale to aide a fellow journeyman on his quest.   All prices are OR BEST OFFER.     Audeze Vegan Suede Earpads -- Brown (pair) -- $40.00 shipped SOLD These are very nice and cushy but they turned out to be too big for the headphone I had in mind. Basically...
... except most laws (in proper societies of course) exist to stop people from violating the unalienable rights of others  we have a choice here, we can choose how we react to our surroundings why not just be nice
Two wrongs don't make a right... 
That's a pretty insulting statement. 
No. The only thing my first Z6 ever experienced travel wise was shipping to me from Wyoming and transport to a coffee shop for a mini-meet, and that was only AFTER the original cable failed and was replaced. It failed from normal, at-home use, with the cable either left untouched after listening or unplugged and loosely coiled up on my desk. After that pair had a driver failure I took more extreme care with the second one, leaving it in the same spot it all times and...
This basically sums up how I felt about them. I got more of the "special" with the Z7 at the cost of a more fatiguing listen, but somehow still worth it... I'm not sure I'd still feel the same way though. 
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