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first impressions here:   photos will have to be taken tomorrow; these arrived absolutely filthy and I've only had time to clean one side so far
Wow. These are REALLY good.   No seriously. Christ. These are amazing. I think there was something majorly wrong with my RP18, because these are better by a massive margin. Granted, I didn't try modding the RP18, but as of now I don't even want to try modding the SS-100. The RP18 was really, really bright and etched sounding, and these are the inverse: smooth, succulent, lush and clean. They're also the first planar I've heard that doesn't sound incredibly dull and dark,...
1: Sansui SS-100 2: Sony DR-Z7 3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II (slight mods) 4: Sansui SS-35 (portable)   5: everything else
Interestingly the Z7 sounds the best of all four headphones I sent out... while arguably being the one that measures the poorest.   No one else I've sent it to likes it either.    Whatever. Headphones are weird. Ears are weird. Audio is just ******* weird.
That would be a nightmare. Three versions of one headphone was confusing enough; imagine how much B/S that would cause once the headphones are discontinued....
No. The internal amp in these is basically useless (if not detrimental) since you're already running it out of the amplifier in the source. This is called double amping, and tends to increase distortion and signal integrity loss. However, there is an ideal amp match for every headphone, and designing a matching pair is much easier than trying to match them yourself, but the effects in an implementation like this are either negligible, or as aforementioned, detrimental.
Of course. I'm probably gonna settle on something with TH600 pads (cuz those sounded wonderful on an otherwise stock mylar RP18) but Tyll's gonna measure 'em first.
High weight actually works better for portable because you're moving around more and most likely won't be having them on your head as often as you would at home.That being said I use my 460g DR-Z7 all day every day and I've never gotten neck pain from it. You can condition yourself to it, especially if the weight distribution is done correctly...
SS-100. In my hands. Tomorrow. ****. Yes.
This is the ONLY style of the EL-8 I'd consider buying.
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