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I still have hopes for the K1000 but the abyss definitely does suck I just didn't want to cause a complete ****storm
the Orpheus doesn't deserve to be up there  and the R10 shouldn't be up there because they're all going to be dead very soon but otherwise this
Yes, you are double amping by using the internal amp. Which is another reason why I would never use said internal amp.  Anything with a headphone jack has an amp in it. Not necessarily a good amp, mind you, but in order to make sound there must be some form of signal amplification going on inside the device.
Man, I had high hopes for this one. I mean, it's Blue's first headphone, so I'm not surprised that they made a lot of poor design decisions, but it's still disappointing.   Guess I can still buy one once the price goes down and mod the tar out of it (if it's actually as bad as everyone says that is).
have fun with your musculoskeletal damage  
That would be interesting, but it's probably more along the lines of turning off after x seconds of no input from the source.
Personally, I would never trust that the design of the amp wasn't compromised in some way to make it fit in the headphone, and thus would never use it. It's just another battery to charge that won't make much of a difference in most situations and even has the potential to be worse. No thanks. The headband has me hooked though.
Wow. I can't tell if it's hideous or beautiful.    But one thing's for sure, that machine is gonna be on my head as soon as possible.
Though the classification of the M50 as an actual monitor headphone is a major stretch, its not the fact that it's a monitor (or "tuned to be flat" as you put it) that makes it bad. Both of my Pioneer monitor headphones (Monitor 10 and Montior 10-II) are flat as a board and still manage to be two of the most musical sounding headphones I have ever used. The M50 sounds bad for music simply because it's a bad headphone; I found it shrill, mid-centric, grainy, harsh, and...
Why bother, currawong will just delete my post(s) if I do anyways. OT:  1: Pioneer Monitor 10-II: Maybe a little slow, but otherwise glorious. Razor flat, huge staging, excellent extension in both directions, very good detail and separation, and extremely comfortable. Best monitor I've ever used and probably the best monitor period. 2: Pioneer SE-500: I FINALLY realized why I like these so much. They aren't quite as clean as the 10-II and they lack a bit of bass extension...
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