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*pinches temples*
Some changes...   1: Sansui SS-100: No change in mods here, though I'm considering doing something to boost the upper midrange, and maybe even tuning the bass a bit looser.   2: Etymotic ER-4S: Now using yellow filters and Shure biflange eartips. General character remains unchanged but more bass and better comfort has been achieved.   3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II: earpad change to Brainwavz angled velours. More foam in front of the driver. Low bass rolls off now but...
definitely these
ok   not posting here anymore, anyone who's interested keep an eye out for the mods thread, it'll be up in the next few days
I'd say no. The HD650 will be better at most things at about $350. Spend $150 on a tube amp like Vali and you'll be doing better at the same price point.
http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/SennheiserHD600.pdf I fail to see how this is "flat". The bass and lower treble are slightly boosted and there's a pretty significant 3kHz ramp. The HD650 is much flatter, as is the HD800. (make sure you're looking at the raw plots when evaluating flatness...) http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/AiwaHP500DIYModifiedKabeer.pdf This is a very close approximation to my SS-100, as I mimicked the mods Kabeer did to the HP500. The headphones...
Holy **** I'm jealous of that Napolex. I doubt it, but if you ever want to sell it, let me know.
What surprised me most about the HD700 is how poor it resolves. Despite being faster and lower in measurable distortion, the Sansui extracts more low level information. It sounded okay in this regard at first, but I'm noticing a lot more on the SS-100 than the HD700.
Sure. They're really crude, but whatever.  I eyeballed the shape of the inner earcup, sans mesh.  The idea is that, when this is dynamat and not felt, there will be no bare, hard plastic exposed for sound waves to reflect off of. This should in theory reduce ringing and make things more coherent sounding. However, I'm worried about the metal mesh, which is exceptionally dense and probably highly reflective. I'm probably going to have a secondary damping material in the...
New Posts  All Forums: