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These are now for sale. Bump.
Selling my Portapro. These adorable little cans are legendary. Easily the best buy below $100 and comparable to many in the $200 range, especially if you're looking for a portable. I do enjoy these headphones quite a lot but I need something with more isolation (or rather, any isolation at all) in order to protect my hearing at work.Condition is very very good, no noticeable signs of wear. 100% functional, only used occasionally and only owned for a few months. I'll...
a person whose opinion I trust absolutely adores them and she has like... every vintage headphone worth mentioning so >___>
interesting too bad it means sacrificing those gorgeous urushi cups someone should totally anodize the TH500RP cups red and do this
414 was 60s 424 was 70s430 was 80s
I'd go with this instead. 
oh wait, shoot, I didn't read this post correctly there are plenty of non-koss 70's headphones worth messing with Pioneer Monitor 10Sansui SS-100Fostex T50/NAD RP18Fostex T30Sony DR-Z5, DR-Z6, and DR-Z7 some other headphones can be recommended too, but only conditional on mods Pioneer SE-500 (close the cups with tape from the inside and put a square of felt in)Yamaha YH-1 (felt, paper, felt sandwich behind the driver)Sansui SS-35 (remove the grilles in front of the driver...
Are you SURE you have a series 2 4AAA? It's extremely rare and difficult to spot. Maybe you have a series 3 instead? Here's a guide.  [[SPOILER]]  The only reason I'm pressing the topic is because all variations of the drivers are tuned/sound the same minus the occasional product variance. ie, a series 2 4AAA should sound almost completely identical to a Reference One. The materials and drivers used are completely identical save for color variations. Even the earpads are...
it'd probably make the TH900 sound awful
no, you also said the BMF wasn't the best measuring one, which is why I proceeded to compare it to the Paradox (since none of the others up measure as good as the paradox) and hans measurements show higher distortion than what I would call "good", unfortunately I cant link them here without incurring the Gods' divine wrath
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