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The Master-1G and Master-1S are the same headphone. The Master-1S is the North American version/name for the SE-M10. A Master 1S showed up on eBay, new in box, some few months ago. I haven't seen one since. The Master-1G is unobtainium. Personally, what I REALLY want to find is the SE-1000 electrostat, but it's so rare that I don't know if it was ever actually produced.
because people will pay it
Got them yet?
Kinda surprised, Final usually either makes really good or really, really bad equipment; I haven't heard of any in-betweens until this point.
The 4X Plus uses the Series 3 driver, haven't heard it myself but I wouldn't be very hopeful if I were you. The series 3 4AAA was utter ****.
Still haven't found one...
The even order bass distortion is too high, making it syrupy, thick, and overbearing. The unevenness I'm referring to is the midbass hump, which is a very noticeable and common coloration that makes things sound boomy. I already have one that hits harder than the THx00 without the coloration and distortion, but as most people here could understand, I want moar.
Planars cannot push as much air as dynamics can, so I'd prefer a dynamic. Yeah no, the Fostex cans are too uneven and distorted. Thanks though.
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