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Yeah, I actually used a small square to attach my Elgato Game Capture HD to the back of my monitor (with a bunch of heavy cables dangling off of it) and it hasn't budged at all. Extremely strong and reliable.
Finalized mods on some headphones.   1: Sansui SS-100: Rockwool felt and stock damping in earcup. Pads replaced with modified Shure SRH-550DJ earpads. Best of the bunch by a significant margin, very flat and clear. A tiny bit smeared in detail when compared to the ER-4S, but simultaneously more neutral and realistic sounding. Not comfortable. Don't sound good without proper amplification; these might have more room to scale.   2: Etymotic ER-4S: Using the foam tips and...
Sold.   Available again.
god I love that little headphone
what the ****
This is 100% true. After I saw tyll's measurements of the SS-100 I was kind of confused, almost enraged... bottom line was I did not believe them, not one bit. So here's what I did.  I started by replacing the stock "earpads" (really not much more than a tiny leather disc after all this time) with Shure SRH-550DJ pads. These are about the same size as the stock pads and have been modified slightly: the inner foam dust covers and outer leather mounting ring have been...
Literally ******* everyone buys them as their first foray into high end headphones so we end up with a massive amount of newbies constantly spewing noise about how amazing they are. Some of them, unfortunately, never grow out of this phase. To be fair, it took me two years with my M50 to realize how awful they were. I was happy with them for a while. But I was coming from this 1972 monstrosity, so... yeah. The moment I heard something better, they were never used again.
The hell?? Are you SURE that's an MDR-V7 driver? It's supposed to be a 50mm evaporated sapphire driver. Wrong size AND wrong material seems a bit far fetched... especially when the specs come straight from Sony.
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