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Woah. I take it the ESS Mark I used an OEM chassis... makes sense I guess.  I'll keep an eye out for these. Thanks nick.
http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/FostexTH900.pdf A 20 dB valley between 200Hz and 3kHz is quite extreme. The HD800 is not perfectly neutral (~10dB of emphasis from 3kHz and up), which is likely why you don't hear it that way. I've already started saving for mine. Hopefully they don't go out of production before I can afford one. I'll definitely send my pair to Tyll for measurements if he hasn't already gotten a pair by then.
um romantic means midrange emphasis the 009 is romantic sounding, the TH900 is a massive "V" shaped curve
Yeah the SS-100 is like that, stock, but not so much huge in the bass as it is just, low quality. The lesser cup space compressing the damping is likely what causes that.My RP18 appears to be a unique case. I bet once Tyll measures it the distortion plot will be absolutely through the roof in the upper midrange. However, I did love it with the TH600 pads, so I'm gonna give it another go. That's why I repurchased my specific pair.
I never had a kapton RP18.The Mylar I'm getting is the same one I used to have. It was grossly bright and etched sounding. That changed entirely when I put fostex TH600 pads on it. If my aural memory is to be trusted, it was like the SS-100 is now, with less bass extension and better upper range extension. Quite good sounding.We'll see when I get it. If I can find TH600 pads. Which will be a pain as fostex doesn't sell them separately.
Very few headphones have such a smooth upper range response.The Senn HD650 is the closest there is. You lose the planar bass and effortlessness to the sound. You gain soundstage and resolution, and a bit more treble.I'm getting a NAD RP18 mylar soon, I'll try that and see if it has more resolution over the Sansui. After that I'm getting an LCD2.2 to try from a friend. But I doubt the audeze has a smoother upper range response than the SS-100.
the CAL! slaughters the M50M50x is a bit of a closer call but the CAL! still has a smoother frequency response throughout
Because your money could have been better spent on something both cheaper and higher quality.
It's the 468MP adhesive. Might as well be contact cement though.
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