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wow, are you serious?  even if that ludicrous statement was anywhere close to being true, the O2 setup is nearly half the size and is fully transportable, whereas the magni is tied to the wall with a giant transformer
I really don't see what's so special about the H6, it looks kind of bland, and the headband is out of place, its like all of the design went into the cups and the headband was just sort of slapped on as an afterthought the colorschemes are kind of clashy, too
Input impedance should be somewhere in the 22KOhm range, so I assume you meant output impedance. If that spec is accurate (22 ohms), you're going to run into bass problems with the X1. However, I'd say skip the Magni/Modi, they're not good enough to warrant it unless you're using super current-hungry headphones like planars/isodynamics.  I'd say look into an Objective2 + ODAC setup. That would pair marvelously with the X1, and be transportable to boot if you got the...
All headphones are for listening, regardless of what they're "advertised as" :/ bottom left chart HD800 for comparison
The AD2000X has remarkably low distortion, lower than any other dynamic, but is highly colored, middy, and a little slow and sloppy compared to the HD800/Q701/etc. Can't speak for the non-X version.
there is a reason you're not supposed to buy gaming headsets; get a professional headset or don't get anything, period as for me, probably the Pioneer SE-700; spent ages trying to find a good condition pair, overpaid, and it sucked
I highly doubt this, even the AD2000X isn't as good as the K550, and audio-technica doesn't exactly have a good track record when it comes to their high end gear
uh, "600 ohm headphone amp"? that doesn't make sense, does it have a 600 ohm output impedance or something? also is it a desktop PC or a laptop? most laptops have good soundcards already and if so you probably wont notice a difference with a new DAC
To elaborate further, the Z5 is actually noticably faster in attack than the other Z headphones, but at a price. As you go up, the driver becomes slower in attack but much faster in decay. Basically, take a modern Grado, get rid of the warmth and soundstage, and make it isolate like crazy. It has questionable distortion figures and mediocre extension in either end, and it's a little resonant and poorly controlled. It should theoretically also be the hardest to drive to...
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