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yay, more not-audiophile gear HD750 and HD850 when? (seriously though these look like a solid entry, wonder if they share drivers with the other PX line headphones?)
For what it's worth, here's some quick plots of my 1960s Beyer DT48-S (5 ohm):       These have a very jarring resonance in the upper midrange, peaking at about 4kHz. Second order distortion behaves oddly, while other distortion orders remain low. This signifies low distortion but high amounts of air pressure -- as caused by the vacuum seal of the earpads. Shockingly low distortion in the bass for a dynamic headphone!! These are very tight and speedy sounding...
Faust omg I just noticed this died   I dont visit the site often but when I do it helps so much, please get this back up!
If you're looking for something cheap/no frills, and the headphone in question can handle a thicker cable: http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=115&cp_id=11509&cs_id=1150905&p_id=601053&seq=1&format=2 This thing is absolutely indestructible. I've used this on several headphones -- most notably my Pioneer Monitor 10-II. It is very low impedance and comes in very large lengths if you so desire. It's reasonably priced, flexible, comes with a 1/4" termination and is very well...
Do you have a 4 screw you're willing to trade for the 6 screw?
Really hurting for money so I'm letting these go for super cheap. I wanted to make my own pads for these but it simply didn't work out that way for me financially.  They are very well used and have been tinkered with but are fully functional. I am the second owner. The stock pads have been modified to obstruct the driver less than they normally do. This makes them significantly more open and clear sounding. It also reduces the notorious 6kHz peak down to a more...
Oh don't worry, I've already got the perfect pads picked out for them. Prepare for the onslaught of Z7s showing up on ebay at ludicrous pricetags  
Likely against my better judgement, I bought back my mint DR-Z7 from the person I sold it to. I'll get measurements of it posted once it arrives.
AudioZenith would probably agree on the damping comment. That being said, his modded pair still has bass and treble rolloff and midrange distortion. Grain's gone though. Wow, some A/250 love? Don't see that much anymore. Definitely agreed on that comment. Actually bought one of those off eBay a month or so back and found it quite respectable... easily a viable alternative to the HD600/650 once upon a time. Alas, the right channel was blown, so to the parts box it went...
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