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A good LCD-3 would SLAUGHTER the Z7
Measurements can tell you almost all of a headphones characteristics if you know what you're looking at. There are a few exceptions, the primary one being presentation (Soundstage size, placement, coherency, etc)   What they cannot tell you whether they "sound good" to you or not, you have to figure that out yourself by buying around. After you know what headphones measure like when they're "good" to your ears, you can use them to your advantage to filter your buying...
This is getting annoying :x
This is a dynamic clone of the SE-700. I've seen it several times. It's not piezoelectric and generally not interesting, so I never bought it.   No information exists, I already tried looking a long time ago.
uh where are you seeing that, I haven't seen measurements for these anywhere yet
"I listen to anime music" LOL, okay then. My sig hasn't been updated in a while; Akifumi Tada is the composer of the Bomberman 64 OST, which I had been listening to a lot at the time. Ironically, that OST is absolutely loaded with sub bass. But, if I might ask, what "music that centers on sub bass" do you listen to, o' great bass guru? 99% of all music has almost no sub bass content to begin with so I'd love to know of more. I can feel/hear 5Hz on the DR-Z7. A modern...
Alright, maybe terrible is a tad harsh, but hear me out. They're way too dark. This one is self explanatory. They have poor treble extension which causes things to sound muffled and sometimes veiled. It also takes away that sense of "air" you get from certain headphones. "Feel the air" is definitely not a good marketing slogan for these. Their bass is bad. It's at times aggressively hot and gives me headaches. It's too warm and lacks definition. Very soft and muddy. It...
One word impression of the MDR-Z7: Terrible.   More later.
Will have a 'review sample' of these some time tomorrow. Impressions will follow.
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