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The original Pro/4 actually. Not even Pro/4A.   literally the first entry on the faq and I just guessed at the URL
I actually have a little infograph to show this off. Here:   Left is series 3, right is series 1. No matter what you do, do not buy a series 3. They sound disgusting. There is no clear outer distinction between series 1 and 2 drivers. You have to get lucky.
Anyone have the max output voltage (p - p) on this?
Id say the kapton RP18 is basically identical. Would love to be corrected though. The mylar version has a tenser diaphragm, which produces some... stuff, as far as sound is concerned. It has lower (measured) distortion than the SS-100, but its not as clean. 
Have you tried the mylar NADs? I have those and a modded SS-100, and find they sound absolutely nothing alike.
...and I was unable to get ahold of Faust via PMs. So until we hear from him, it's not coming back.
  Back in the 1970s, AKG released two different headphones under the same model number, dubbed the K270 Studio and the K270 Playback respectably. According to AKG, the Studio was intended for (predictably) mixing and mastering work, and the Playback was intended for the home listener. An intriguing concept to say the very least, using the same headphone in the studio to produce the music as the one used to listen to it at home, but with one model tuned to be more...
Unfortunately, this is the only the second vintage AKG I've messed with, and the first was the sextett (which I hated). I will say that these have the characteristic AKG midrange with some slamming, taut bass and amazing soundstage and imaging for a closed headphone. Very engaging and pleasant. Tapping my foot to 'em right now! The Studio cannot compare, and "janky" would be a good word for how they sound -- perhaps more similarities between the two than meets the eye. I...
Don't do it man! The stock pads will sound the best.
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