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there are a couple T50RP mods that measure extremely well in FR, SWs, IR, etc there are NO T50RP mods that have good distortion plots, particularly in the midrange even BlueMonkeyGlider's T50RP, which measures better than ANY T50RP mod, has massive midrange distortion (above 1% almost entirely throughout) MagicMan's is pretty amazing too but again, the distortion stays at or above 1% for the...
Looking to sell this mint condition Toshiba HR-810. These are very good-sounding headphones but they have high amping requirements so they don't see much use on my part.   The old crumbled earpads have been replaced with non-decayed ones. I will include the old pads if they are sold.   Other than the pads they are in flawless shape. The original leather carrying case will be included, but it's very beat up.    Sound is very good. It's a little bit dark, but not by...
Bump. Price drop.
MuppetFace does. They're not as rare as you might expect. I don't think koss did much exporting (if at all) so that price might be higher than the cost in the USA.They're pretty nice if you can find them cheap, but they're not comfortable and the ESP/950 is better overall. I want one myself but finding any vintage stat with the matching energizer is a PITA.
They were first in production in 1975. Original MSRP in Japan was 16,000 JPY, ~$133.50 USD in 1975. Factoring in inflation rates, that's almost $600 USD in today's money. These were the second most expensive headphone in the world at the time, the first being KOSS's ESP/10, which was higher in cost (100,000 JPY)
LOL  nice try, fostex...
Every monitor I've used is extremely noisy and sounds awful. They do use the cheapest parts available, because they assume that only grannies who do nothing but play online poker and solitaire are going to be using the built-in speakers. I'm surprised any of them even have a headphone port, but they do.
I suspected this myself. Thanks for confirming, now I know that I can do a recable if the stock one ever goes out. Is it the mesh itself or the entire back half of the cup (mesh, plastic and all) that comes off?
This, all of this, this is extremely important just, in general in this hobby
That's the Crusher, not the Skullcrusher, they're two different models. The Crusher replaced the Skullcrusher a while ago iirc.
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