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Yes, please tell. It doesn't seem like it really needs the headband from a design point given that its an IEM, but it could offer several unusual ways to wear them, that's for sure.
Does this only apply to planars? The Z7 has an extremely "agile" driver, very fast attack and decay, and it has a large and extremely heavy membrane due to the palladium coating on the diaphragm.  I'd ask you not to be rude, but that'd be a bit hypocritical of me, so I'll abstain. It appears I have indeed made a mistake. The membrane thickness relative to the size of the transducer most certainly does play a part in treble reproduction, but not because it's adversely...
If you really think I'm wrong, enlighten me. My understanding of it is that simply, excursion is the movement of the diaphragm. The electric signal passed through the voice coil causes movement when immersed in a magnetic field. Since the driver is clamped at the edges, the diaphragm flexes, causing a trampoline-like movement. Having a higher thickness to size ratio should adversely affect how much the diaphragm can flex and thus how far it can excurse. 
Actually, its flat to 20Hz, look at the grid a bit more closely and you'll see the line only goes to 20.
Yes, way. If this were false then there would be absolutely no benefit to thinner substrates and the LCD-3 would sound exactly like the LCD-2.
It most certainly does. If you keep the driver membrane at the same thickness but reduce the overall surface area it will have a LOT less excursion. I highly doubt Yamaha was able to make a diaphragm thin enough to completely counteract this in the 80s. This could be the exact reason why they failed as a product and never left Japan.
What, they're not bright at all, they're literally the darkest orthodynamic ever made, just look at the FR chart, the treble is down 30dB by 10kHz:  Collector KANA has them and gave them a very poor rating on the sound... but unfortunately she gives no specifics. Assuming the measurements are accurate, I suspect that the miniscule driver has such low excursion that they can't even come close to producing proper treble. EDIT: Wow, $560, that's the cheapest I've ever seen...
Interesting, another rectangular driver. Thanks for the photos. 
Any interest in a trade or trade plus cash for a Fostex TH600?
Any interest in a trade or trade plus cash for a barely used 3-month old Fostex TH600?
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