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Except there's actually been meaningful progress in computing in the past couple decades. No such progress has been made with DACs. Yggdrasil maybe, but I believe that falls into the aforementioned 5kg category.
Monthly seemed a pretty reasonable increment to me... I change the mods on my **** so often it's a miracle I don't post more often as it is. 
1: Sansui SS-100 (mods) 2: Sony MDR-EX1000 3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II (extreme mods) 4: HiFiMAN HE-6 (mods) The HE-6 can slam, but its just missing something that the other three have, can't put my finger on what, but my other cans, they can all engage me in the music well. The HE-6 can't. I used to think it could, but I was actually just marveling over the bass response. It's not special sounding like the others are. At least, the 6 screw isn't. I think I'm gonna try the 4...
Sony managed just fine, just look at the MDR-D77...It's over ear and still fits in the palm of your hand when folded. Cups have some space for electronics too so its definitely not the ANC circuit causing size constraints. It also sounds pretty damn good.Just gotta be smart with the design...
yay, more not-audiophile gear HD750 and HD850 when? (seriously though these look like a solid entry, wonder if they share drivers with the other PX line headphones?)
For what it's worth, here's some quick plots of my 1960s Beyer DT48-S (5 ohm):       These have a very jarring resonance in the upper midrange, peaking at about 4kHz. Second order distortion behaves oddly, while other distortion orders remain low. This signifies low distortion but high amounts of air pressure -- as caused by the vacuum seal of the earpads. Shockingly low distortion in the bass for a dynamic headphone!! These are very tight and speedy sounding...
Faust omg I just noticed this died   I dont visit the site often but when I do it helps so much, please get this back up!
If you're looking for something cheap/no frills, and the headphone in question can handle a thicker cable: http://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=115&cp_id=11509&cs_id=1150905&p_id=601053&seq=1&format=2 This thing is absolutely indestructible. I've used this on several headphones -- most notably my Pioneer Monitor 10-II. It is very low impedance and comes in very large lengths if you so desire. It's reasonably priced, flexible, comes with a 1/4" termination and is very well...
Do you have a 4 screw you're willing to trade for the 6 screw?
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