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internet went stupid and duped this lol
1:Sansui SS-100 (mods) 2:Sennheiser HD800SDR   --big gap--   3:Audeze LCD-2.2 (non fazor)     stupid lousy DR compression
Both, actually.The DR-Zx headphones have a 53mm dome driver that is a modified version of the midrange cone from the SS-G7 loudspeakers. The outer rim of the diaphragm has been truncated slightly and the driver frame is made of SBMC (Sony Bulk Moulding Compound) which is a nice dense material used in their high end turntables. The diaphragm is coated in palladium using a very interesting process which involves depositing the molten metal on the diaphragm mould directly....
One I've been meaning to get ahold of yet still haven't. :/
Always happy to see those old industrial designs... so much can be done with a piece of brushed metal and a drill aesthetics wise. Brilliant.
The original Pro/4 actually. Not even Pro/4A.   literally the first entry on the faq and I just guessed at the URL
I actually have a little infograph to show this off. Here:   Left is series 3, right is series 1. No matter what you do, do not buy a series 3. They sound disgusting. There is no clear outer distinction between series 1 and 2 drivers. You have to get lucky.
Anyone have the max output voltage (p - p) on this?
Id say the kapton RP18 is basically identical. Would love to be corrected though. The mylar version has a tenser diaphragm, which produces some... stuff, as far as sound is concerned. It has lower (measured) distortion than the SS-100, but its not as clean. 
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