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the only lower treble content the human voice has are consonants and sibilance, and male voices have that too the actual tone is in the midrange
what is there to agree on, TOTL means top of the line, there's no debating that: a headphone can be top of a line of products whether it sounds as good as other manufacturer's headphones or not
No, TOTL means "top of the line", meaning top of the respective manufacturer's lineup. It has nothing to do with other manufacturers or their headphones. Flagship is a bit different. The HD600 was a flagship at one point, but it is no longer TOTL. The HD800 is now the flagship instead and it is also TOTL, but sennheiser has released better headphones before (the orpheus). And then you get into larger companies (like Sony), who have several different headphone lines, and...
They are currently Sony's most expensive headphones, so yes, they are TOTL. How the sound holds up has nothing to do with this.
>upwards of $10,000 worth of headphones>disappointingly low resolution pictures also seriously I never realized how huge the HE-6 is, jesus christ
uh female vocals are centered in the upper mids, not the treble if you wanna test for treble, use cymbals, violin, harpsichord, guitar, etc
Be careful. Your first impression of the 10-II might not be positive, but keep listening to it; it's something you have to get used to.
Don't be an ass. The TH900 is literally a more refined TH600. They use the same driver design with different tolerances between the two headphones. They also measure almost identically and there are plenty of people who attest to their similarities. The TH900 has slightly less overall distortion and more controlled treble, but that's about it. You get the general gist of...
No. I'm listening to my Monitor 10-II right now and it's far more tactile than the TH600 ever was, out of the exact same gear: my laptop.  They're similarly spec'd so its not a pairing issue. The TH600/900 really just aren't all that good, just like most other modern closed headphones. Closed headphones take much more work than open headphones when it comes to getting them to that "perfect", best-they-can-be point, which is why most manufacturers stick to open for TOTL...
If the TH600 is any indication of the TH900 (it is), I disagree with this sentiment. The TH600 had too much bass, horrendous treble, and virtually no soundstaging. Gloriously constructed, amazingly comfortable, and gorgeous... but not even close to being worth it for the sound imo. Hopefully the MDR-Z7 fills the gap between closed and open headphones at that price range.
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