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midrange became cleaner and clearer, 6kHz resonance calmed down a lot. bass is entirely unaffected -- the HD800S has thicker bass because the driver is tuned looser, nothing to do with the resonator.
1: Sennheiser HD800 (SuperDupont Resonator) 2: Sansui SS-100 (various mods) -- barely below the Senns in detail and cleanliness, superior in clarity, tonality, and bass   -enormous gap-   3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II -- nasty enclosure + insanely good driver; bassiest of all by far and very resolving but also very dirty 4: Sony DR-Z7 -- cleaner than and almost as resolving as HD800SDR, but horribly bright and uncomfortable
try beyer EDT-1350V pads
If you're using the stock DT48A pads, that's likely it. Those pads never sounded good to me by any metric of the term. If you're not using those, then I secede to whoever posts ahead of me.
pretty sure that's not a whining screaming poop machine but it definitely looks like it came out of one
Brainwavz HM5 angled velour earpads, no hairscreen, sealed to baffle (no mounting rings) DHC Neucleotide cable, hardwired, terminated to 4 pin XLR Blutak mod All stock damping removed No rear mesh  No case, headphones only   Asking $700 OBO   I can include a 4 pin XLR to 3.5mm adapter for $20 extra   really tired right now, will post pictures and be less lazy about the listing tomorrow
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