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Why? More pad == more material to reflect off of == more pushed air. Are you sure you're not just experiencing more slam because of the increased distance between the ear and driver while a seal is mainained?
um the HD800 is more sensitive than the ER-4S and therefore needs less power for the same output level, but that's not the same as being hard to drive the HD800 has a massive impedance fluctuation at 100Hz, it reaches nearly 700 ohms at its peak, it needs a much better amp than the etys look at the impedance plot on tyll's measurements
Yes. The exact same amount as the stock pads on the SS-100 and other T50 variants. (Thanks again, nick.)
Alright, removed the stock pads and sealed the shure pads to the baffle. Bass extension maintained, bass clarity increased. These are resolving ridiculously well throughout the entire frequency range now, and feel a lot less unpleasant on the ears. Bass doesn't hit as hard though... I could achieve more slam with different pads but I think I'm happy with this configuration. I could try tuning the driver looser, too... but that probably will cause clarity loss. In fact it...
*decent wooden cups really just an AT ripoff
How do you figure?  I only post when something changes, and I change my descriptions every time. I also very rarely post in this thread.  As others pointed out, you are not forced to read my posts. I will post what I want, when I want, so long as it's relevant and within the forum rules. Deal with it or block me. It's your choice. 
ok I just mimicked Kabeer's mods on the Aiwas with the SS-100 and now they sound unbelievably good   sending back to tyll soon
OK. NEVERMIND. 1: Sansui SS-100 (modded): Holy crap. I added a pair of rockwool discs from a Bang & Olufsen U70 to the rear of the drivers and placed the stock damping on top of that. Then I layered a pair of Shure SRH-550DJ pads with the inner foam cut out over the stock pads. Then I voided my bowels.  Unbelievable. Now they have bass and a pair of peaks in the upper ranges (2.5kHz and 8kHz) almost completely vanished. Presentation is larger and more 3D. These sound...
I should listen to my other gear more often.   1: Sansui SS-100: Smooth as butter. Lacks a large low end; needs new pads. Fantastic soundstage and clarity. Treble is perfect. Doesn't like being driven loudly. Uncomfortable as sin.   2: Pioneer Monitor 10-II (extensive modifications): Barely below the Sansuis. More bass. Equal clarity. More 3D in presentation while being smaller in overall soundstage; hard to describe the exact differences, more of a preference thing....
I literally just puked in my mouth. 
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