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Usually. Sometimes the stock cable is really cumbersome and/or ugly and you really just want to put a nicer cable on your headphones (for me, HD800). Then there are special cases like the Fidelio X1 which have extremely poorly made wires attached to a low-z transducers (which causes impedance matching problems and issues with bass control). But generally, high end cables are purely snake oil. Basically a necklace for your headphones.
It sounded highly tizzy, out of control, and etched to me, with disappointing bass extension and a thinner midrange than I was expecting. Very nice staging, good transients, good clarity, but too cold and loose for my tastes. Clean was not a term I would've used to describe them.
They're not. The HD650 will probably start sounding better pretty soon. The Sextett is kind of a "wow" headphone... surprises you at first but then its flaws become apparent. Unless, of course, the HM5 pads make a stupidly massive difference.
No, not even GREQ is lucky enough to have a YH-1000...
Can't make it unfortunately. Need to get a car/license first... maybe next year.
I was not aware that the FiiO E9 was renamed to "Valhalla 2". Perhaps you should inform Schiit of this copyright infringement. ... if there was any "hint of overdriving" the headphones would be dead. Pushing something to high SPLs is not overdriving it. Pushing something to the point that it distorts is not overdriving it either. Burning it out is overdriving it. *facepalm* Beyer does not provide the maximum output SPL in the specifications. I don't know of anyone that...
I assume by "manufacturers specified range" you mean the spec they provide, which is 100mW. Not 100mW @ any particular frequency, just 100mW, period. This means if the measurable power input exceeds 100mW, one of two things will happen: The voice coil will burn out, or the diaphragm will fracture or otherwise become separated from the voice coil. Plug a 5 ohm DT48 into a FiiO E9 and take it to about 12 o'clock... I guarantee they'll be dead.
That's not how it works. Anything can be overdriven at any frequency. Max input is electrical and has absolutely nothing to do with distortion. My Pioneer SE-700 just kept sounding better and better when I cranked them, but the second I hit 30V p-p of output... bam, fried. And again, sudden loud noises do not damage your hearing. Your eardrum will not "blow out" from a headphone. That's unscientific nonsense. Not to mention the fact that the DT48 will give up the ghost far...
What? You don't "maintain" a max input. The max input is the electrical specification that denotes the maximum amount of input power the transducer can take before failing. I was assuming you meant you were afraid you were going to overvolt the headphones. Sudden loud noises do not damage hearing. Only consistent exposure to high SPLs can permanently damage your hearing. Refer to this chart: 
What? The max input on these is low but not THAT low... unless you just mean it startled you.
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