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right now its a circumaural earpad sandwich with the stock ones and a pair of Monitor 10-II pads on top of them and a 60mm foam ring insert around the driver enormous soundstage and very very clean/detailed oh, and the small supra aural pads were removed ...wait, are you talking about the SS-100 or the SS-35
Sansui's dynamic monitor headphone from 1975.   This is a unique headphone in that it is the only one (AFAIK) that is convertible from circum-aural to supra-aural. The circumaural pads provide better comfort while the supra aural pads provide stronger bass response.   These headphones are very easy to drive and very clean sounding. They work very well as a portable in supra mode as they are almost DT1350-sized and isolate extremely well.    Condition is good. The...
My guess is $Hell.No
I really really need to stop modding things   1: Sansui SS-100 (stock) - - - 2: Pioneer Monitor 10-II (modded: dual entry, damping, new cable) - 3: Sansui SS-35 (modded: supra earpads removed, new circumaural pads, foam frontwave damping, removed driver grilles)
wow, thats actually nice looking   finally gave it a padded headband too   I wonder how much less awful than the older stock version it is (if at all...)
actually I do want to try the HD650 the 540 doesnt interest me much, the 560 measures like a significantly brighter HD600 and I doubt lower models would be much different, but idk maybe
I explicitly said that I heard it that way in comparison, not that it was that way on its own, sorry for the confusion but it seems you didn't read what I said either
because yes, it can't just be that the other headphone is better, it absolutely has to be that I didn't use the right source equipment. sure. okay.
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