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wut really the TH600 was really wet and cold sounding maybe the TH900 is worth a shot after all
You guys want bass?     it starts at ~4:00 but the buildup is ridiculous, you should listen to the whole thing
Got my hands on some more rarities over the past 6 months or so, and now it's time to part ways with some of them.    Note: All potential buyers may inquire about the cans, but for now I cannot afford to ship outside of the CONUS due to restricted funds. Please keep this in mind. This should change at a later date.     [Rare]: Pioneer Monitor 8:  $65 shipped CONUS or best offer    --Used; good condition. A few spots on the cups where the chrome has faded, but...
actually the V6 is extremely flat, it just has erratic treble and poor bass extension
7000 yen ~$65 in today's money
Specifications mean nothing, the AD900X is spec'd the same as the 700X too except for the max input ^ Audio-Technica makes some of the best mics, there's no way a modmic would come even close I would gladly pay $100 for an AT mic as opposed to a $50 modmic
why is it that everyone I know has a really close birthday to mine thats so weird on a more on-topic note: hope they sound nice, enjoy.
looks like it could be an OEM of one of Kenwood/Trio's stuff; they had a lot of planars and electrets/stats (one of which was a T50v1 OEM) unfortunately thats based on appearance alone, I have no idea what that is, I have literally never seen it before care to take the plunge for us?  
Audio Technica just released a new headset recently, the ATH-ADG1:       Looks pretty nice and it's getting good reviews, I'm debating getting one for myself   I think its based off the ATH-AD900X drivers/chassis
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