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Since when has any ultrasone been worth its asking price? OT:    Pioneer Monitor 10-II. Industrial design x retro x class. I have no idea how it makes a combination like that look good, but it does. The cups have leather strung over them, the yoke assembly is champagne metal, and they have dual suspension headbands. And damn, is it sexy on the head:  Sounds about 10x as good as it looks, too. 
Exactly my thoughts on the stock dampening scheme of these. I actually did a driver transplant with these for my friend's birthday and ended up with a really nice headphone. I used a Bang & Olufsen U70, with the center bass port of the driver opened, one of the two damping discs from each side of the headphone sandwiched firmly against the back of the driver, and a blutak reflex dot on the cup behind that. This evens out the sound and makes it sound like a slightly less...
Wow, I didn't know that can actually existed outside of old catalogs.  I recognize those transducers. 55mm Fostex-made 32 ohm dynamics, if I'm not mistaken. They were OEM'd out a lot, and I've seen them show up in several different headphones. They can sound quite nice in the right implementation, though they have a bit of bass roll off and some distortion problems.
So yet another HiFiMAN released with crippling pads... damnit. Now I have to get a pre-production version.
wait what where did the Z7 go, and why is the HE-500 so low on this list when it was at the top before (also, you have a K1, I am now infinitely jealous)
Disappointing. Are they as good or worse than the DT1350?
To me that just says it's really pretentious, but as was said before: to each his own.
Old wires get corroded and oxidized over time, and in cases of low impedance headphones it's very possible to hear noticeable differences when they're replaced. The 4AAA used poor wires, but it had high impedance transducers so the only thing you should be noticing is more volume.
1: Pioneer Monitor 10-II: Immensely articulate and refined. Transparent and clear. Has the same "pioneer smoothness" present in almost all of their old gear. Flawless treble.  A little bit of weirdness in the bass that I simply cannot explain. Poor build quality and a very resonant enclosure. Reliant on a perfect seal; not glasses-friendly. Supremely comfortable; almost enjoyable to wear. Astonishingly good for their time period; probably the best headphone in the world at...
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