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Well that was fast. Sold.
HEADPHONES ONLY, NO CASE.   Bought these recently off Audiomart, but decided they weren't for me, so I'm passing this deal onto the next person.   Wood has some wear; varnish has mostly worn off with time and handling. Minor cracking near the joints of the headband on either side. Condition is otherwise fantastic. See pictures for verification.   Both TRS and 4 Pin XLR cables are included, but only the balanced able is fully functional. The SE cable has a short at...
internet went stupid and duped this lol
1:Sansui SS-100 (mods) 2:Sennheiser HD800SDR   --big gap--   3:Audeze LCD-2.2 (non fazor)     stupid lousy DR compression
Both, actually.The DR-Zx headphones have a 53mm dome driver that is a modified version of the midrange cone from the SS-G7 loudspeakers. The outer rim of the diaphragm has been truncated slightly and the driver frame is made of SBMC (Sony Bulk Moulding Compound) which is a nice dense material used in their high end turntables. The diaphragm is coated in palladium using a very interesting process which involves depositing the molten metal on the diaphragm mould directly....
One I've been meaning to get ahold of yet still haven't. :/
Always happy to see those old industrial designs... so much can be done with a piece of brushed metal and a drill aesthetics wise. Brilliant.
The original Pro/4 actually. Not even Pro/4A. 
www.koss.com/support   literally the first entry on the faq and I just guessed at the URL
I actually have a little infograph to show this off. Here:   Left is series 3, right is series 1. No matter what you do, do not buy a series 3. They sound disgusting. There is no clear outer distinction between series 1 and 2 drivers. You have to get lucky.
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