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I never said its bass was loose, nor did I say it was bloated. I said it was flabby. Flab == thickness == even order distortion. The entire headphone is very tightly controlled, including the bass, but the definition and clarity on the HD700's bass pales in comparison to the HD800 and my modded Sansui SS-100. The 6kHz ridge and resounding peak at 11kHz makes them sound metallic and artificial with cymbals and snare drums. Guitars aren't quite as unpleasant but the wrong...
um you do realize the channels would be completely different if they were out of phase, don't you besides, the stock cable barely works at all, ive been using the aftermarket one since I got them 
At this point I highly doubt the difference between 14 and 20 dB will matter. This is still a significant V shaped sound signature.
ok, guess I'm making a new thread for the modding worklog
EQ degrades sound quality, plus the 6kHz peak on the HD700 is accompanied by some nasty ringing, which will prevent EQ from being very effective on it. Plus, the bass could be tuned a bit tighter, and EQ can't do anything about that. I bought these specifically for modding, so... yeah.
I already have a neutral-dark-ish headphone. I want a bright headphone to complement it. I can't afford the HD800, so I'm going to try modifying the HD700 instead. Which is why I bought dirt cheap and used.
Oops. I meant 100Hz and 3kHz. Sorry for the confusion.
Ok.   Just got these.   $400 shipped, used, only stipulation is that the stock cable is shorted. An aftermarket one has been provided as a substitute.   Bass immediately sounds offensive. Rolls off too early. Flabby and thick. Wait, why do these sound dark? Aren't these supposed to be bright? Turn them up a little. Holy ****, nothing could have prepared me for that treble. These sound super metallic. Gross, wow. Everything sounds wrong. Midrange is recessed. Upper...
Welp.   Guess who just bought one.
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