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make sure you massage it quickly; the stuff dries fast. if you don't, it'll probably sag and you'll lose some of that "special sauce" it adds to your listening experience.
Oh. Stupid linear naming convention.
Really? I thought it was rather tizzy, etched, and overwhelmingly bassy. Definitely not what I'd call "easy-listening", and far too thin in the midrange for vocals. The imaging was kind of nebulous as well.YMMV, I suppose.
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A Sennheiser HD800 is probably the best thing to go with if you want neutrality.  The Beyerdynamic DT880 would be like the HD800, though slightly brighter, and less overall refinement (as one would expect at 1/5th of the cost). A Beyerdynamic DT990 would give you what the DT880 does, with extra bass and treble sparkle. The Sennheiser HD600 or HD650 might be suitable for you. HD600 is relatively laid back and bassier than the HD800. HD650 is slightly bassier/warmer than the...
Regrettably selling my YHD-1. They are not in bad shape by any means, but they do need some work. When I received them the inner headband was all but useless due to being severely stretched out, so I removed it and was going to replace it later. That is, until my roommate's dumbass cat chewed the cable. I would like to keep them, but I can't afford a project headphone right now, so I'm just gonna sell them. Check photos for condition. There are a few spots where the...
These were half of Pioneer's monitor line in 1999. Original MSRP $125. These are VERY difficult to find as they never sold in large numbers before being discontinued.   A bit plasticy in construction but durable, and very good sound. Think a less nasally/in your face ATH-M50 with much better bass and soundstaging, and you have the general idea. They also isolate a lot better and have a much more secure fit with deeper cups and a locking headband adjustment mechanism. The...
Please tell me you're not saying the SR-009 is tied with a T50RP.
1: Sansui SS-35 and Pioneer Monitor 10-II (SS-35 is cleaner, 10-II has a wider FR and larger soundstage) 2: Sony DR-Z7 and Audio-Technica ATH-5/Signet TK22 (DR-Z7 is more controlled and concise, ATH-5 is more realistic sounding (but darker) and more comfortable) 3: Sennheiser HD250 Linear II (idk, they're "missing" something) 4: Pioneer Monitor 10 5: Beyerdynamic DT48 S (for what it is, it's amazing) 6: Pioneer SE-500 (modded, still enjoyable somehow)
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