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No idea. Never heard of Assemblage. 
Hmmmm, both USB and TOSLINK is a tough one. There's the Modi 2 Uber, but that's not quite up to snuff with the Geek Out as far as performance/resolution goes. Not sure if Wyrd will do anything for it either. Does your other source have both Coaxial and TOSLINK? If it does, and if (and that's only IF) you can find one for cheap, a Sonic Frontiers TransDAC and a Gustard U12 (USB to SPDIF converter) would be good. The U12 is necessary because the TransDAC only has a coax...
Gustard H10. Does far better with planars than Lyr (2) at $100 less. I'd also go for an LH Labs Geek Out 450 over the Modi 2 as far as DACs go. The GO450 pushes quite a bit more resolution and can improve if used from a Wyrd. There's also the new Geek Out v2 to consider, though I haven't heard it yet myself. I haven't personally heard the Oppo equipment either, but that's because I've been consistently advised to stay away from it.
I just puked a little. Disgusting waste of potential engineering time and money. Luxurious doesn't have to mean pretentious.
Oh God.
It's still a tube amp that's being used with new production tubes. The stock Lyr is a bright amp. The HE-500 is borderline bright. And the Lyr's output impedance is still a mystery. Bad combination.
Yes, use a tube amp with a planar. Push a massive amount of voltage into a low impedance headphone. Don't roll tubes, either. Be sure to use the stock, new-production tubes. Then, make sure you complain a lot about bass rolloff and anemic lows, and go straight back to your glorious ATH-M50s.   Such is the way of the master race.
*pinches temples*
Some changes...   1: Sansui SS-100: No change in mods here, though I'm considering doing something to boost the upper midrange, and maybe even tuning the bass a bit looser.   2: Etymotic ER-4S: Now using yellow filters and Shure biflange eartips. General character remains unchanged but more bass and better comfort has been achieved.   3: Pioneer Monitor 10-II: earpad change to Brainwavz angled velours. More foam in front of the driver. Low bass rolls off now but...
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