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Keeping them in a box and never using them puts almost no wear whatsoever on them. You cannot evaluate durability without putting something through its paces; anything can survive the velvet pillow treatment. I've had four Z headphones and all of them had the cable short out, the Z5's headband slider snapped from (normally) removing the headband, my Z6 had a driver die, and I've seen several Z6s on eBay with broken yokes. You can evaluate build quality, as that is entirely...
Has jude even heard the R10
this is the first post of yours I've agreed with in quite some time every headphone CAN be portable, some are just more suited to it than others (009 on SRD-X Pro, anyone?)
Me, not yet, but my friend does (as well as the Q701). I gave them a listen and thought they were quite impressive; much more than they were out of my Pandora. 
I personally cannot stand tubes and Schiit's low end products never did it for me. Unless you find the Qs too bright I'd say skip it. A 'stronger' amp will likely increase control and extension, but by negligible amounts. The reason I said the O2 would pair well with it is because the O2+ODAC is a very transparent setup which will allow the Qs to reach their full potential. Cheers.
Unless you want a basshead headphone, you can safely scratch the HD8 DJ off too And unless you like erratic distorty treble, probably the Ultrasones (based on their previous gear); if they use a titanium driver you can remove "probably" from that sentence
The O2 would pair wonderfully with the Q701 and probably give you a noticeable quality increase (provided you get the O2 and the ODAC) But the Qs are not hard to drive at all. I HIGHLY doubt the PHA-1 can't handle them.
Guys, I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but please notice that he prefers the HD700 most people find the HD700 quite bright the Z7 may not be neutral to his ears, but given this information I would not be comfortable saying that everyone would feel the same way
I didn't say they were T50RP drivers, I said they were modified T50RP drivers, and they are (same size, shape, and mounting bracket; different diaphragm, trace, and magnets iirc) it's not so much a modification as it is a re-tweaking, but my point still stands that less work was put into these than would be put into a completely new product but again, and I cannot stress this enough: I'm not trying to say that this reflects poorly on the headphone itself. I'm sure it...
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