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But it was unopened, brand new, it couldn't have been done by the original owner.  And absolutely not misuse; he's meticulously careful with every single one of his possessions. Every single headphone of his I've sold looked brand new, despite several years of ownership. They just started buzzing and distorting out of one side shortly after he got them; it wasn't even a week iirc.
Lol. Updated lists: Overall:1: Sony DR-Z72: Pioneer Monitor 10-II3: Pioneer Monitor 104: Fostex TH6005: Pioneer SE-5006: Sony MDR-6057: KOSS PRO/4AAA (heavily modified) Sound Only:1: Pioneer Monitor 10/Sony DR-Z7 (totally different but equally excellent, can't choose)2: Pioneer Monitor 10-II (lacks some of the "magic" of the 10-I; it's darker and has more prominent upper mids)3: Pioneer SE-5004: Sony MDR-6055: KOSS PRO/4AAA6: Fostex TH600 (sorry Fostex; way too farty and...
Here's some (long overdue) pictures of my Pioneer Monitor 10-II:     Don't be fooled, the yoke and headband pieces are still plastic, they're just incredibly well-chromed. Most people are convinced they're metal, but they're not.   Very precisely machined champagne aluminum cups.       One of the coolest adjustments I've ever seen; self-locking and very sturdy.     Plastic cups, angled transducers, pleather pads.     Pivotal cable strain relief,...
Every single Z7 I've ever seen show up has gone for under $200, excluding the NOS pair I dropped $500 on. One of them even went for under $100. GREQ just got a pair for ~$120 or so.
Size?  Also rather interesting, that film looks pretty thin. Maybe that's why my friend's NOS F1 died within a week...
That's actually the entire magnet. It's a very strongly magnetized proprietary alloy. Additionally, the frame of the driver is SBMC (Sony Bulk Mould Compound), a very dense non-resonant material used in their high-end turntables and such.  I do not advise messing with the driver tuning. I tried several different things with the Z5 and all I managed to do was create a nebulous cloud of bass fart. 
AKG Q701, anyone? 
Try a Sony DR-Z7. Or, more realistically, a Koss Pro/4AAA (vintage)
Yeah, FR only tells you how loud a certain frequency is, it tells you absolutely nothing about how good that frequency sounds.
The Q701 doesnt have the upper mids issue that the K70x series has, though.
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