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The hell does "hacked" even mean in this context??   Here I was thinking it was a DIY contest...
holy ****
The Oppo isn't going to be much better than your laptop most likely. You'd be better off with an OTL for those old senns; they are 2000 ohms and require a huge amount of power.
This listing is for a fully working driver from an 11k S/N K1000. This is from a pair I bought on ebay a few months ago to use as a DIY project. This listing is for the single working driver only -- no other pieces are included.   Not much more to say, really.   Asking for $200 shipped CONUS.   Pictures tomorrow.   Cheers.
Thank you for explaining this, I couldn't word it correctly. +1
Wow, can't believe they copied that design from Sansui.   Literally exactly the same as the SS-100, just moved to the strut instead of the yoke. Not like anyone cares 40 years later, hell it could even be coincidence, but still.
Gonna take a shot in the dark and say they're the same. With such a thin diaphragm, if the traces aren't very wide, the impedance will naturally be enormous.
It's a suspension headband. It's just not the adjustable type: the suspension is independent from the adjustment sliders.  This is a similar system to the Pioneer Monitor 10-II. It works well and looks nice when the headphone isn't being worn.  
Yes, and the 009, TH900, HD800 all have excellent quality control, construction, design, and longetivity. Audeze headphones like to die with no warning and you never know how one will sound compared to the next. The LCD-3 was particularly problematic but it happens with the LCD-2 too. Also, this is not a statement product like the HE90 and R10. If it was, it wouldn't come in the same non-luxurious hard case with the same cheap-ass cable as their lowest end model. I don't...
maybe the product variance will be better since it's made to order?   also, I echo TMRaven's sentiment, absolutely inexcusable. 
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