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well you will have to check if the software for the onboard soundcard has simulated 7.1. i know that the software for my onboard did not have simulated 7.1 which is why i got a soundcard.
YO i just got the jvc fxt90 and they sound very nice considering i got them for 112$ including tax but as mentioned, their shallow fit doesn't allow for much isolation. These also have very large nozzles and none of the tips from my other earphones fit these. Anyone know of some longer tips that would fit the fxt90?  
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I've tried the X-Fi titanium HD and i have the Xonar ST and I've also tried the auzentech bravura. I honestly feel that they all sound fairly similar. If I had to choose one though, I would say the Xonar ST sounds clearer by a bit, which is why I bought it over the titanium HD.  
Personally, I would get the M50 because I have no use of the noise-cancelling function of the QC15. Unless you need a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, I'm pretty sure the M50 would be the better choice in terms of sound.  
Yeah the SGS2 has a yamaha dac, not wolfson. And don't worry about rooting, I was a first time android user when I got my SGS2 and I followed guides from google and rooted my phone with no problems.
By ninja you mean the version where the labels are on the front side of the key instead of on the face? If so, NCIX carries the majestouch ninja, which is based on canada. Though they only recently started carrying it.
I have the 595 and bought a pair of PC360 a while ago and sadly the PC360 do not sound as good as the 595. I had expected them to sound better but ah well. That being said, I still agree that the PC360 is definitely good for fps gaming and the raise-boom-to-mute-mic function is very convenient rather than fumbling for an inline switch.
I quite enjoyed the Black Cat manga over the anime because I felt that the anime was quite rushed when compared to the manga so only a few characters get good exposure. However, as stated above, this is fairly subjective as some people may prefer the faster pacing of the anime and dislike the over-exposure of side characters in the manga. Also, I find that it is unfair when people brand a movie/anime "bad" simply because it was unfaithful to the original work. I believe...
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