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I don't know how many people here on head-fi use macbooks/mac computers (probably a lot), but I find the situation with the current "beats-bashing" similar to PC/Windows people hating on macbooks/macbook users praising macbooks to the sun and hating on windows.   ...just throwing this out there
i suppose it depends on the music. i've had instances where the 320kbps sounded identical to the original FLAC and some instances where the FLAC had much much better separation than the 320kbps.  
to be honest, i don't think i5's are necessary in laptops unless you're doing some hardcore encoding or some kind of processor intensive work, like playing low end games. All i5-M's are dual-core HT, which the i3-M's are anways. I have an i5 in my laptop and honestly i'd rather have an i3 as it would probably use less power, and less HEAT. The i5 in my laptop heats up quick, and yes, i'm using a laptop cooler. Also, i feel that 8gb of ram is unnecessary, again unless...
sadly, BMW is quite below the industry average of "dependability" according to the 2012 JD power's dependability chart. I don't know how much maintenance/parts would cost, but i would imagine them to be expensive i guess...? Porsche and Lexus are usually near the top, and this year they're AT the top. Toyota has always been regarded as a very reliable brand by many of my friends/relatives who are mechanics, though that is their opinion only.   I also agree that BMW...
vsonic GR06? these are very reasonably priced and supposedly have good bass  
"Black Magic" - Magic Wands
I have an asus xonar essence sound card and the fiio e10 and honestly i think that they don't sound much different. If it's mainly for music i think the better option would be the e10, besides, the e10 is some-what transportable if you bring a laptop around. I also enjoy having a physical volume knob; much more convenient than using the function keys on my laptop, though if your keyboard has a volume knob on it, it wouldn't really matter i suppose. The bass boost...
um.. shure is a fairly reputable brand i guess and their cables are usually pretty thick  
well you will have to check if the software for the onboard soundcard has simulated 7.1. i know that the software for my onboard did not have simulated 7.1 which is why i got a soundcard.
YO i just got the jvc fxt90 and they sound very nice considering i got them for 112$ including tax but as mentioned, their shallow fit doesn't allow for much isolation. These also have very large nozzles and none of the tips from my other earphones fit these. Anyone know of some longer tips that would fit the fxt90?  
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