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Yuin OK1's are supposedly very good. I've never tried though.
klipsch image S4? they're in-ears... but i really don't know of any nice earbuds with controls
an Audi Quattro? If it is, then i would like to see some pics. If you don't mind that is.
It's not surprising that the MP4-12C beats the 458 by such a large margin on the Top Gear test track because the MP4-12C was developed on the Top Gear test track. That being said, the MP4 will probably beat the 458 on virtually any track but maybe not by such a large margin. But yeah, I like the MP4-12C more than the 458, but then again I haven't driven either so my opinion may or may not change if I'm ever privileged enough to drive them.
not too sure if many people even buy used monster beats, as there are A LOT of fakes circulating.  
I tried a pair of M-80's at a shop before (they were display units so probably broken in by then?) and I have to say that I agree with what some of the other people were saying about the bass. That is, the bass is quite overpowered and muffles the treble and mids. Before I tried them, I was actually quite excited because I had read all those rave reviews here on head-fi about how their very neutral sounding with a slight bass hump. That slight bass hump turned out to be...
"Pieces of What' - MGMT
  By the way, i wasn't directly comparing apple products to monster beats products. I was saying the SITUATION that they're in is the same, as both products get bashed and called overpriced. This is a fact. This is pretty much exactly what i meant with my earlier post. You're defending apple products for your own reasons. Some beats owners would also defend their headphones for their own reasons. The fact that you defended your (or maybe you don't own one, but that's...
mazda furai is one of the coolest sounding cars, in my opinion. though it is just a concept so maybe it doesn't count (otherwise we might as well include F1 cars). i also quite like the VQ35/37 cars. they got that certain sound to them that's just oh so good. the 787B is just a whole nother beast.    
    not exactly what i meant by my earlier post...   what i mean is that there are a lot of people that use macbooks and defend their macbooks saying their purchase was well worth it, and then go on to bash beats saying they're complete garbage and overpriced. i'm a windows user and i try my best not to hate too much on macbooks (i'm going to go with just macbooks right now as i'm fine with some of apple's products) but to be strictly honest, i really do believe that...
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