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If you're looking for an isolating pair of IEM's with foam tips, might as well get a pair of Shure IEM's as they generally come with their own foam tips. I haven't heard any of the new Shure IEM's so i wouldn't know which model to recommend, but i know that they generally isolate very well.
Yes, the E7 has been replaced by the E17 i believe, which is a very good dac/amp for the price.
i (used to) ride my hardtail DJ mtb on the street all the time and it was completely fine. I use 2inch XC tires at 50psi. chromoly steel frames are pretty flexy. I've honestly never experienced this jumping back and forth you speak of with disc brakes. I use hydro's and my fork hardly even sags. Honestly you don't need a specially super rigid for disc brakes; they aren't THAT powerful, unless your fork is really just that weak that it bends everytime you brake, which i've...
i played every generation of pokemon except ruby/saphire/emerald and i still think fire-red/leaf-green is my favourite. i really like the original r/b/y and i find the running shoes and improved graphics on fire-red/leaf-green make the game even more enjoyable. gold and silver were also very good and among one of the harder ones. the newer pokemon games are too easy (d/p and b/w). i bought black on release day and beat it quite easily with one adamant-natured haxorus...
I like that 1911 desk pad/whatever it is. M1911 is always my sidearm of choice in any fps i play. I just use a normal corsair K90. Gotta have that backlight cause i game in the dark. I like the red switches, they feel like just the right amount of actuation force. Tried black switches and they seemed too fatiguing.
  As mentioned above, it is a Coaxial/TOSlink combo output. Apparently the adapter for coaxial to optical is included.
Both the ST and STX have a S/PDIF out which supports TOSlink, though you may need that little adapter thing. It also has an internal header for HDMI audio to your video card, if you want to use that.
I haven't watched any Casshern or Ergo Proxy, but, in my opinion, Eureka 7, Evangelion, or Anohana don't evoke as much emotion as Clannad, though I agree that Anohana is more or less completely different to E7 and Evangelion. Also, by Clannad I mainly mean the last quarter or so of the second season... can't say much about the first season to be honest. Eureka 7 and Evangelion are definitely very very good shows (I'm an Evangelion fan, can't wait for Q to be released on...
I'm not sure if anyone has requested this yet, but do you plan on doing a review of the Heir Audio universals?  
i used to have a hyper 212+. honestly the best budget heatsink. decided to upgrade to a water cooler though cause my first gen i5 runs pretty warm at 1.4v, not to mention my two ati cards heating up my whole case. who needs space heaters in the winter when you got a desktop  
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