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I'd probably choose a pair that would keep my head warm at night  
i bought a psp just to play project diva so i might as well buy a vita to play project diva f
it'll keep your iem's minty fresh too
the HD280 pro have a nearly nonexistant soundstage, not too sure about the m50  
I might get a lot of hate for saying this, but i think the M-80's are the more over-rated than the M-50's. I feel the M-50's are atleast worth their price.
i have a 595 and a dt770 and i would say i prefer the 595 because of the larger soundstage. both are quite detailed but the dt770 has much boomy-er bass compared to the 595.
If bass is your priority, I would go with the IE80's. The iem's you listed are all fairly good and most likely won't disappoint. I have the turbine golds and i don't find them muddy sounding in the bass, infact the bass is quite tight and impactful. That being said, I'm pretty sure the IE80's have even larger bass and most likely have better detail (I've compared the turbine golds to the IE8 and that's how I felt about the comparison) so IE80's are probably the one...
If you mean to say that the Beats line are terrible products and thus the company that makes them, Monster, only make terrible products, then i have to disagree because the Turbine line of earphones are very nice. I don't think it's fair to brand Monster as a low quality brand just cause one of their product lines aren't that great.
Sony also has a new noise cancelling headphone that looks really nice, the MDR-1RNC  
Honestly, i don't think many full-sized closed backs will have the passive isolation to match a pair of headphones with active noise cancellation. That being said, the most passively isolating headphone i've tried are the sennheiser hd280, which most find uncomfortable due to the clamp, however the clamp is what makes it so isolating. If you're looking for a pair of active noise cancelling headphones, Logitech UE6000/9000 are some new noise cancelling headphones. What...
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