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I don't really see how someone could say the SP2500 is lacking in bass. Actually any decent 2.1 setup for that matter; I mean, you have a dedicated subwoofer. I have the Klipsch Promedia 2.1, the newer one that I believe has a weaker sub(?), and I have the bass dial turned down to less than 1/4 of it's full travel. When I turn the dial all the way up, there is so much bass that I can feel the back of my eyes vibrating and it gets me feeling a bit nauseous. Of course the...
I have the DT770 32ohm (2012 LE) and i'm just wondering if/how switching to velour pads will affect the sound signature. I already find these to be very bassy (can't imagine how bassy the 80ohm would be if it's much bassier) but the mids are a bit recessed and the treble a bit bright. Would switching to velours change this? I suppose i already knew it would have this kind of sound signature due to this resource but yeah... gotta try something out for yourself sometimes.  
i've had my galaxy s2 fly out of my jacket pocket while i was biking (i was doing a 180 on my mountain bike so my phone literally flew out of my pocket) and hit the pavement before. thought my phone was done for and picked it up expecting a shattered screen but it only suffered a couple scratches and a dent. pretty amazed that my phone even survived that. just updated to 4.1.2, pretty fast and smooth.
The DT770's I believe have the boomier bass and are closed, not open. The DT990 have peaky treble as i've heard and are open-back. If you're looking for something with emphasis on bass, DT770's are probably the better choice. I have a DT770/32ohms and the bass is fairly boomy, but I don't believe it overpowers the mids and highs that much. It is still a very very good sounding headphone.  
  I'm going to end up spending the rest of my life doing this... but atleast i'm improving
  I can get the Barrio San Miguel and Beautiful Love song right everytime by just listening to the sample in Step 2 for 3 seconds and choosing the right one, but I honestly can't tell the difference in the Hard Lovin Woman clip and end up guessing it wrong.
In the 2012 holiday gift guide, Jude says the's are just shy of neutral and that the treble is just north of neutral and I agree with that 100%. The are just a tad leaning towards bass-light with bright, very detailed, and clear treble, if that helps. Isolation is also very good and comes with some nice accessories as well. Out of the mentioned earphones here, I also think the looks the nicest, if anyone cares about that
well they have KRK's at Best Buy, but those will probably be way out of your budget at 300$ per speaker. They also have the Audioengine A2's which i think are supposed to be bassy, though i've never heard them. Those are around 200$ for a pair. This is off the canadian site by the way.
in my opinion, i think the speakers will sound better, but that's just cause i LOVE surround sound. the hd800 have a very wide soundstage, but i don't think it can beat a good 7.1 set-up.
yeah, play-asia
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