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you should consider what your priority is first. do you want really good sound with a mic attached for occasional use? if so, then get a nice pair of headphones like the ones mentioned here with some form of dac/amp and get something like a desktop mic or a ModMic. however, if you're going to be using the mic all the time for voip during games and etc, you should really just get a dedicated headset. you don't REALLY need a dac/amp to get really good sound; i believe it...
I have a G2 and i have to say i think it sounds like crap. Soundstage is pretty compressed as OP noted and it just overall has a kind of weird sound signature that I'm not fond of. I wouldn't exactly describe it as cold/analytical either. Guess i'm sticking to my ipod video. Also why does everyone hate plastic? I mean yeah the iphone and HTC One use metal and it feels and looks industrial and solid, but the LG G2 by no means feels cheap, WITH EXCEPTION OF THE BACK. I don't...
the filter isn't really replaceable, pretty sure they're glued on. you could try dipping them in hydrogen peroxide and letting them sit a for a while to disintegrate the earwax but make sure you don't dunk the whole earphones in, just dip the nozzle with the filter in.
why try to convince them? i'm quite sure most people buy beats for the look and not the sound. If they like the way it looks, then good for them. Some people also like the way beats sound, i mean what if i told you i think M-50's sound like crap? you'd probably deny it, but that's EXACTLY how someone with beats feels. just give them your opinion and if they don't listen to you then move on.
has anyone tried taking the foam ring spacers from under the pleather pads and putting them in the velour ones on an HE400?
The centre speaker is rated as 3ohm. I will try to look for something with a higher impedance then. Thank you for your reply  
I'm looking to replace the centre speaker in my surround sound set-up. It's a passive speaker that was bundled in one of those home theatre surround packages that i bought around 10 years ago. Do i have to replace it with a passive speaker specifically labeled for centre or can i just use any passive speaker?
wellp we're all hipsters so we gotta hate on the mainstream stuff. i absolutely hate apple products(mainly their computers i suppose), reason being is that they are way overpriced and when i go to lectures all i see is a wall of macbook panels. now someone who owns an apple product is gonna post after me about how i'm wrong and apple products are indeed NOT overpriced, well-built, and worth the money. and then they realize "oh wait that's how beats owners feel about...
The fostex PMO.4n are right at 199$ for a pair and i heard that they're quite good. If you can find them, there's a new version, the PMO.4d. I've been looking around, but can't seem to find them for sale yet.
I also was skeptical once of upgrading cables because everyone has such varying opinions about them so i decided to just take the plunge and decide for myself. I bought an aftermarket silver cable for my iems and before i switched the cables i listened to my pair of iems for a couple days nonstop so that when i switched i would (hopefully) be able to notice small differences immediately. When i did switch the cables, i have to say i did feel that i heard a difference in...
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