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Well latest reply in the world, but i had actually stopped using my phone as my music player for a while because i just gave up with the glitchy audio. Recently though, i think Neutron may have had an update because now the glitchy-ness is completely gone. My phone definitely sounds very good now. Compared to my ipod video, the LG G2 have a little recessed mids but a slightly wider soundstage and more dimension. Might start moving all my music back to my phone.
I have both the FXT90 and the SE215 (although the limited blue ones) and both are completely fine unamped. Out of your list of 3 earphones, I've only heard the FXT90, but I can say that they are definitely well worth the price. You most likely will not have problems with fit as most medium silicon eartips are around the same fit. The only problem I have with the FXT90 is that they do not isolate very well, but if that doesn't matter to you then they are a great pair of...
Not true. I actually used to have a Toshiba laptop with harmon/kardon branding on it and the speakers were actually really good considering they were laptop speakers. Much better than a lot of those cheap 2.0 speakers. The headphone out was also pretty good as well. Decently amped, could drive my HE-400 and sounded fairly good. I have a Xonar ST as well and while the difference is apparent, I don't think the Toshiba laptop sounded bad at all.
That's like saying i feel sorry for you for thinking that (insert headphone) is the best headphone because people here on head-fi says it sounds good. Audio is pretty subjective so different people have different tastes in sound. Don't understand why we can't all just respect each others' opinions.  On topic though, i always let my friends try my stuff out when visit and they usually don't have much to say, other than "how do i wear this without ruining my hair"
does it have to be headphones? i've tried apple earpods and i remember them to be not very good at noise isolation.
well from the criteria you've laid out, it sounds like you're looking for some supraaural (on-ear) headphones. they tend to not create that good a seal (for me anyways) so they should leak sound in and probably not too much out, though to be honest i don't have a single pair of supraaural headphones so i don't really have much to recommend
I had originally said that the G2 sounds like crap, but I've finally got it to sound actually really good (well i guess i should say that i got it to sound like most other normal DAP's). Normally the soundstage is super compressed sounding making the G2 sound very terrible, but i played around more with the settings inside Neutron and i found that disabling the Generic Driver (under the Audio Hardware section) makes the G2 sound much better and more like my ipod video. The...
First video the guy claims equalizers kill headphones and that you shouldn't colour sound with software. Second video he's all for equalization... This guy....
I'm going to assume you're using apple earPODS. Those aren't actually that bad. The slightly older apple earbuds aren't that bad either actually. The M-50 are also slightly over-rated headphones because they're so popular and most headphones that are popular are going to proportionately have more good reviews. Of course, the M-50 being popular headphones also increases how many fakes there are out there, but since you carefully examined it, I don't think it's fake. Maybe...
If you're looking to get the DT990, you should also look into the DT880. There's been many a debate as to which is the truly better, and they're both around the same price. The E10 is probably enough for most 250ohm headphones, but it doesn't have a microphone-in socket so you'll have to run the ModMic all the way to your computer.
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