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yeah a decent pair of sub 100 IEMS for school would ve cool too.
The horse is back! And patiently awaiting a pair of reasonable priced large comfy over ears for lying in bed... Should've snagged the hd598s when I had the amazon app open...
Tell us how you really feel?
  Eclipse TD-M1 speakers I had on loan for a week.
          Here are my photos of the speakers. Shipping them out tomorrow, will review ASAP.
Been listening to these bad boys fro a few days, and I must say, I am quite impressed. These guys can sing.
Thank you! Ill have to give this a try if I can find the parts. Ive also seen people use a 6v with an adapter..
  New camera! Yashica Electro 35. Still looking for a good battery.
I don't know all the possible files, but anything out of Inventor will work.
if you can make me a schematic for it that I can use and pay for supplies & shipping I might be able to help a fellow headfier out.
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