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So while repainting my room I had to move my system out of it, and my speakers found a temporary home in the game room where they pounded the house with some funky Daft Punk and jammed some rock. Then we moved everything back into a much more space friendly format, making me need to purchase more speaker wire: And the rack got rearranged:
thanks! That took almost the whole show to get the shutter-lag timing correct XD I did a lot of open eye spotting, where I had one eye always through the viewfinder (70-210@185~), and the other eye spotting off camera looking for shots.
I'm gonna go ahead an post pics from the aquarium I visited, after that I'll post pics from the Air Force Museum.         End of edited shots, heres some untouched ones:                                    
Ive just realised I have 4 rolls of unprocessed film and 2 rolls of processed but not scanned in film... need to get awn that! Ill post some shots from my recent flordia vacation tomorrow!    I actually took my Minolta with me into the ocean! I hope the shot turns out well....
Great meet! Cosette, (the lovely lady I dragged with me), loved it much more than she originally thought she would. She loved the T1's out of the B22, listening to her Les Miserables CDs. I was reminded of my love of KTMs RS1's as well as treated my ears to some Q701's and have finalized my decision to purchase a pair eventually.    thanks for the complimet Maxvla! But no-no-no-no-no the RS1's didn't come home with me... yet ;)    Those LCD-3's on the B22 were simply...
Wait I just noticed it said ALL music/media, i need to change it from 500-!tb, to +1tb, ive got 4 TB in cinema-quality movies on a NAS
it could be very possible that the subject is much much closer to the camera than the background which helps a ton. My biggest gripe with that shot is how lumpy the blur is, the bokeh isn't smooth enough
D'oh! I forgot to post my favorite two from that shoot DX
Yeah I did find that weird. Her hair is quite fun to mess with in photoshop If y'all want I'll upload a RAW or two to mess with!
I hope I speak for us all when I say I'll miss him. He was quite a funny chap and brightened my day with his humor. He will be sorely missed. Goodbye Randy.
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