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I should unsubscribe from this thread, I graduated last June and haven't been on head-fi in almost a year or more.    Currently studying electrical engineering, goal is hifi circuit design, thanks for the goal Head-Fi!
 I've been awfully busy with school, just started my first year of college, I'm working on an electrical engineering degree, which means a ton of work haha.
Hello old friends, long time no see! How's it going.
Oh snap I just saw the last page at which Currawong pronounced TMAC dead. Whoops! 
I'M BACK.   Hey guys, super long time no see! After a super rough year or so of schooling, things are settling down and I've decided to stop back at my favorite online community. Anyone care to fill me in on whats happened since I last stopped by in June 2014?
yeah a decent pair of sub 100 IEMS for school would ve cool too.
The horse is back! And patiently awaiting a pair of reasonable priced large comfy over ears for lying in bed... Should've snagged the hd598s when I had the amazon app open...
Tell us how you really feel?
  Eclipse TD-M1 speakers I had on loan for a week.
          Here are my photos of the speakers. Shipping them out tomorrow, will review ASAP.
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