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please reallyyy need to know
I am looking for a new phone and music player i really want high end smartphone and the sony xperia ion is free at best buy!! But how is te sound quality? I use tje music player alot with my ultrasone hfi 580 was wondering the sound quality would love to hear back!
the htc one x is now free at walmart so that is an option but how is the sound quality?
is the sony xperia ion better then the  one x and s2?
somebody please awnser about the pantech burst or samsung galaxy exhilarate pleeaasee
Do you have a list of supported devices?
cant you get voodoo from the play store though??
so nothing about the samsung exhilarate or pantech burst?
I wish i could get the s3 but i dont have 200 $$
well everybody recommended the galaxy but nobody recgonized the samsung galaxy exhiarate anybody know about it??
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