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Fake beats solos. Actually they were a gift for my sister. They were so awful, they made the original solos look, feel, and sound great. Thank god they were only 10$  
  I own both and I like the Ath-m50s much more, but the 8323 have a lot more price-sound value. The Ath-m50s are all around better and when amped and eq'd have a much deeper bass. I also find my m50s much much more comfortable. If your going to get the m50s make sure that you get them when they are on sale for like 110$, if they are 130+ look elsewhere (ex. ultrasone hfi-580) Along with comfort the Ath-m50s are more solid then the monoprice 8323. If you want a more...
  ath m50s win, Why? 1. They sound better (but you should get a decent amp, at least a fiio e6)   2.They are MUCH more durable, the 518s are a little flimsy   3.They are more comfy   The only con is that they cost twice the amount of the akg 518le   The 518le are still great for the price, but be careful because they are fragile   If you are looking for a portable headphone get the akgs though.   Actually there are very bassy, and all you need is an equalizer and an amp,...
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