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Thanks, I never thought of going that route. Do you have a recommended site to go to, other than eBay? 
There's one little, but very important detail I forgot to include. I wear glasses, and cannot bear the feeling of contacts. Are the 1350 or any of the other headphone considered problematic for users with eyeglasses?
Like I said, I want short(er) cord, preferably detachable but not a game changer if it isn't, and something that I can feel comfortable taking to work, flying with, or relaxing at home with. Some of these models look like they're strictly studio cans.
Okay, I've checked out the recommended headphones and they all seem to have great elements that I've been looking for. I like the reviews I've read on the Sennheiser HD25-1 ii's, as well as the Fischer Audio FA-003's. I have had a hard time in locating a retailer for those though. The Shure's that were suggested don't seem to fit me, if only for the size itself. Coupled with the fact they seem to be for in-home use only, they along with a few others don't do much for...
Those look great, thanks! I love the detachable cord, but it is quite lengthy. I'm assuming that when buying a decent set of cans the 9.8' cord will probably be the average length. Secondly, with the 64 Ohms, will I need a amplifier?
I'm hoping I can get a little guidance, as I'm in over my head, and out of my league. Firstly, let me say that I am by know means an audiophile, but I am looking to get started down the right path. I'm looking for a decent set of over the ear headphones, and I'm open to any brand. I have a price that I would like to spend of $200.00 but I don't really have a budget per se.   Here's a few random details:   I love the sound of the M50's I loathe Beats ( all my...
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