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Wow those are some sharp looking photos 
Woo congratulation guys! (Althought I didnt win haha)
Here you go:
Hmm... If your friend don't own neither, go for the BL. The extra bucks is worthwhile. Nevertheless thought, the original iDSD sound more neutral where as the BL sound more musical, warm and more natural. Switching from the BL to original makes the original sound dry. So yes, difference is apparent when compared in standalone dac/amp. Also, if your friend likes the HD598, he will like the BL better 
The iDSD original and BL have a built in iPurifier. However, it is only the gen1 iPurifier. Adding a iPurifier 2 will improve sound but by how much and what cable to use, I am uncertain as I don't own a iPurifier but you can try finding the answers in this threadHope it helpsBilson
Wow... I wish I am still fit to study when I am your age Year 1 degree student here and already cryingApplause to you btw!
Great... you make me miss the tour unit already :'( the original idsd is still good tho
Woohoo this got me hyped
Got me curious as well 🤔
Sure thang!Erm... could it mean that it have already fully charged?
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