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Late production Annie is using K712's pads. I have no issue with the driver rattle myself :)
These things are getting cheaper and cheaper!!
IMO, they don't look as good as PHA-2 but it does look interesting thought xD
Yet another feature packed box from iFi
Agreed with the sound, but not so sure with the cable taut. What's the length of the original cable? 
I actually have a friend waiting to order the AF with three filters as for the plastic tube, I slowly twisted mine in and it never fall again 
Awesome! Will the original Acero still be painted black?
Awesome! Any sneaky peak at the Acero mini and BT?
No worries, Bob. We know your busy with the new Kommand and probably a lot more
Keep that video to yourself, don't spoil your friend's image. IMO
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