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If I recall correctly, iFi released a software option for which the unit won't drain device's batteryOtherwise, yes. Turning on the unit before connecting will force it to use in battery mode
Being out of date with recent technology makes me feels really old :/ but indeed USB-C would be an interesting implement for the audio. I have a feeling thought, it would be slower to implement it than other technologies like smartphones/camera/laptop etc IMO
A USB-C cable might do just that 🌚 Or am I wrong :/
Or a closs victim of hydraulic pressure machine that gets famous on IG out of nowhere 😂 Either way, hope to read your opinion on it!
It doesn't really matter if you're using it as a pure amp/DAC. Otherwiss, if you can still control the volume when using RCA to another amp, you are using pre-amp
I would assume the iONE will be ahead of iDAC2 and iDSD BL? And along the same class as iPRO? @.@
Please don't go political. When will you receive yours? [lets see who sends to who hehehehe]Happiest new year by the way, guys! May our ears continue to be blessed with good sound
Pardon my ignorance but only two from Malaysia? @.@*wonders about other regions*
Anyone in Malaysia received their tour unit? Can't wait for mine in a little more than a month
I think that we can put it this way. Not sure about the BL as I have never tried (yet). The Micro iDSD is a good amazing combo of DAC/amp. It offers majority of what we need all in a good package; good sound, powerful, tons of features, good build, durable. The DAC part is amazing and it really is comparable with DAC at its price. However I do agree that out of all the good part of the Micro iDSD. The "worst" part of all the good things is the amp. Yes it is above average...
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