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Hello, I am putting up my AKG K702 65TH Anniversary with my own DIY cable that I like to call them CasqueCables for the mentioned AKG and a pair of RCA cables. Stock cable, original near-perfect condition box and the original 6.3mm jack included. ALL must go TOGETHER sorry. The shipping cost is on me. My price is at USD300 + Paypal charges for all. Selling it because I'm getting an upgrade. Items' Description: AKG K702 65th Anniversary; Its like in new condition [PM for...
I often take resolution and how natural is the sound for the price I paid. Thanks for the offer! But the shipping is going to cost a lot getting it to where I live and your gonna hessitate more than you thought for shipping it to my place I prefer to avoid my local post office as much as I can haha
So does the HD700 worth $700? Or are there better ones? @.@
You mentioned in other thread that the HD700 is better for desktop use compared to the EL8? Since I'm planning to buy the new headphone to be for fully desktop use I guess the HD700 use then @.@As for the X2 just affraid the midrange may be still a little sucked out? Or am I just worrying too much.I have tried the T90 but its way too bright to sound natural but other than that, this is pretty good!
hmmm... I hope the EL8 does not have the bloated bass and recessed mids of X1? Those are the only problems I had with them other than that, I love those cans equally as my Annie 
Thats what I figured but in tetms of resolution?Thanks everyone for the response! I think Imma hold on a little and think overnight. (I have no chance to test before I buy but I wanted something I can listen to it with everything for anything and allow long listening sessions to take place. Both the HD700 and EL8 seems to fit into this category)
So HD700 > EL8?
What about the HD700? Where does it sit between the two headphone?
I finally found... I finally found you~ (someone who owns HE-500, HE560, HD700, EL8!) I have been on the fence between these headphones for awhile! Thank you very much for the comparison! Would like to know which headphone sound more realistic (natural) and good for all rounders? If you can rank them, that would be extremely helpful! I am currently using Garage1217 amp as well! My DAC is Micro iDSD ThanksBillson
Looks like I'm on the same boat as you but then.. I saw Audeze EL8 @.@ that kind of wanted me to hold on my wallet a lil hehe 
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