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that is *very* similar  the HM5 is with my girlfriend right now but I did thought of that before but I figured since the AH-07 is relatively smaller than the HM5's earcups and the pads is quite big, even if it fits, it might just fall off easily. 
    I always had this “thing” that tells me to stay away from bluetooth headphones especially the sub $100. Not that they suck but they just don’t sound as good as the price it is selling at compared to many other headphones at its price. Whenever someone ask me for bluetooth headphones, I would usually recommend them to best avoid them as not only is the sound quality are compromised but also paying extra for cordless is unnecessary if you intend to sit stationary all...
start with the latest [2.26] if it doesn't work on your PC, then try the older version. Strangely, my windows 7 fail to install the latest version but that's long ago.  PS: Good to be back on Head-Fi, its been a year! Happy new year guysss 
It has been a long good while since I last post on Head-Fi, and even my solder gun but it's good to be back. It's short to make my desk neat
I'm looking for a dap to work with my iDSD. The condition of the device should be new and minimum cosmetic damage. I do not essentially need original box and all but I would prefer if it include the original coax cable for the iBasso DX50. Please include shipping cost to Brunei when you give me your best price :)    Billson 
Hello, I am putting up my AKG K702 65TH Anniversary with my own DIY cable that I like to call them CasqueCables for the mentioned AKG and a pair of RCA cables. Stock cable, original near-perfect condition box and the original 6.3mm jack included. ALL must go TOGETHER sorry. The shipping cost is on me. My price is at USD300 + Paypal charges for all. Selling it because I'm getting an upgrade. Items' Description: AKG K702 65th Anniversary; [USD200] Its like in new condition...
I often take resolution and how natural is the sound for the price I paid. Thanks for the offer! But the shipping is going to cost a lot getting it to where I live and your gonna hessitate more than you thought for shipping it to my place I prefer to avoid my local post office as much as I can haha
So does the HD700 worth $700? Or are there better ones? @.@
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