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They share the similar amp excelt the E07K comes with an extra WM8740 DAC that plays up to 92/24.Hope it helps!Billson
I have never tried the Alpha Dog myself but do look into the PortaTube amp or you can search around "Picture Of Your Portable Rig" threads for ideas.Gentle warning before visiting it: TONS OF MIND-BLOWING RIGS [[SPOILER]]
If I were you:Since you already have a set of FiiO X3 which uses a decently good DAC, WM8740 and plays up to 192/24. I don't see the need of upgrading the DAC. I will just get a 1/4 jack for the Alpha Dog. You will have a wider choice if you were to go for 1/4 jack.
If I want something, I usually buy on my own but I have seen some kids around 10 to 13 or even 14-17, they actually spent more on buying new smartphone whenever a new Apple iPhone or Samsung smartphone is released. Could be a hobby, but it's sad when you see their parents is actually using their son' old phone... some just dropped their phone and a small cracks *change new phone next day*
That Grado wood and design reminds me a lot of Philips L2! Nice!
I got lectured by a Beats fanGIRL last time but it was when I first started, I have nothing to defend so I just walked away pretended she's right and now everyone calls me "Headphone master' because of a small tour on some of my IEMs around the school with my friends etc no more B**** talk [but it did created some unfriendly people who owns beats].I still wish to test the new Beats range thought xDDavid, try the TekFusion TwinWoofer. It's the bass that Beats offers except...
mine will be coming back from a mini tour too (just within my friends)
The. Micro iDSD supports DSD playback, charges your phone (4800 mAh built in battery, why not?), more powerful, dual DAC, more features to play with but one tiny lil draw back that iF is working for a fix. That would be, the "Bit-Perfect" filter causes hisses but the minimum phase works perfectly fine thought. Not so sure about the Centrance thought. Otherwise, you can get another cable for the Alpha Dog that ends with 1/4 jack and then get a set of PortaTube. Hope it...
RockJaw Alfa Genus! It has three filters. One is bassy, the other is absolutely no bass with peaks at the top end but not sure about the third one yet. Maybe TrollDragon can clarify
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