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Frozen is nice ._. Well, not the ending. So Disney - like ending. Find myself singing the songs in my mind specially "For the first time in forever" not sure why pretty catchy. I'd say 9/10 mostly because of music
Indeed!!! Will there be a gain switch for the iDSD micro as suggested or the amp doesn't really need one? @.@
and I though discontinued stuff should go cheaper :( but oh well~ at least those who bought it when its under $200 get better resell value? 
Love your taste! Grado is just very unique in signature <3
I like it... Well... when I have to keep things simple and portable xD Otherwise, I use the H6 and Annie the most 
Hello, The DT880 is a tube thing. Best to pair it with a tube amplifier for warmth and to fix the brightness. There are plenty of budget friendly tube amp/DAC from Anue, Bravo, xDuoo. Do you currently have an amp? Are isolation essential? Hope it helps Billson
Thanks! Didn't listen to them for awhile already but it didn't fail to impress me last night when I pulled it out of the pouch xD
Noontec Zoro HD & iPhone 4.
Excellent design! We can still listen to music while it's charging right, iFi?
Welcome aboard!    I see you have 3 IEMs costs the same price. I believe they are specifically targeted to some users?    Thumbs up for your story as well xD Good head start    Wish you a successful business!  Billson 
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